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2013 ASA Meeting Information

Sponsor: Section on Sex & Gender

Session number: 1 of 7
Session type: Open
Session title: Sex & Gender Roundtables
Session organizers: Jessica Fields, San Francisco State University,; Anna Sorensen, University of California Santa Barbara,

Session number: 2 of 7
Session type: Invited
Session title: After Intersectionality: Lessons Learned and Challenges Ahead
Session organizers: Nikki Jones, University of California Santa Barbara,; Betsy Lucal, Indiana University South Bend,

Session number: 3 of 7
Session type: Open
Session title: Gender & Reproduction in a Global Context
Session organizers:Chien-JuhGu, Western Michigan University,; Susan Markens, Lehman College,

Session number: 4 of 7
Session type: Open
Session title: Legal Perspectives on Gender
Session organizers:Tey Meadow, Princeton University,; ChristinMunsch, Cornell University,

Session number: 5 of 7
Session type: Open
Session title: Gender, (Dis)Abilities& (In)Visible Bodies
Session organizers: Jessica Barnett, University of Windsor,; Tom Gerschick, Illinois State University,
Co-sponsors: Section on Disability & Society, Section on Bodies & Embodiment

Session number: 6 of 7
Session type: Open
Session title: When the Professional Becomes Political: Responding to the New Family Structures Survey
Session organizers: CJ Pascoe, Colorado College,; Nathaniel Burke, University of Southern California,

Session number: 7 of 7
Session type: Open
Session title: Trans* and Genderqueer Perspectives on the Social World
Session organizers:Cati Connell, Boston University,; TreWentling, Syracuse University,

Announcement from Roundtable Organizers
At the 2012 ASA meetings, section members expressed the desire to bring junior scholars and graduate students into dialogue with more advanced scholars. The 2013 Roundtable Session provides one opportunity for dialogue between generations of scholars at ASA. The Roundtable organizers (Jessica Fields and Anna Sorensen) are recruiting senior scholars to moderate the roundtables, which are conveniently held the hour prior to the Section Business meeting. Last year the Sex and Gender Section hosted 15 roundtables for an hour of provocative discussion, and we anticipate a similar response in 2013.

We encourage scholars at all career stages to propose roundtable papers by the ASA January 9, 2013 submission deadline in anticipation of an intergenerational conversation.
We also encourage senior scholars to serve as discussants at the 2013 roundtables. Please email Jessica Fields ( and Anna Sorensen ( with your contact information and primary areas of research.


Page last updated: December 8, 2012