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The purpose of the Section on Political Sociology is to promote the scholarly research and professional activities of those concerned with a sociological understanding of political phenomena. The phrase "sociological understanding" is interpreted to encompass the wide variety of theoretical and associated methodological approaches with which sociologists attempt to describe and explain social phenomena. The phrase "political phenomena" is interpreted to encompass the wide variety of topics that sociologists investigate, including social and cultural bases of power and authority.

Section Information

This page provides general information about our section, including by-laws, benefits, how to join, annual meeting participation, and the committees and officers responsible for the section's organization.

Awards and History

This page provides information on the winners of our section's book/article and student awards. Also included are some details on the history of our section, especially the people that have been involved in its organization and expansion.


Online versions of our section's newsletter, Political Sociology States, Power, and Societies. The newsletter includes symposia on important issues in the field; announcements of section activities; and essays.

Conferences and Calls for Papers

We are pleased to announce information and programing for the Comparative-Historical and Political Sociology Mini-Conference, CAPITALISM, THE POLITICS OF INEQUALITY, AND HISTORICAL CHANGE, on August 14th (the day after the ASA annual meeting) at Columbia University. Please see: for preliminary program scheduling, venue and registration information. Thanks to conference organizers, Catherine Lee, Julian Go, Katy Fallon, Judith Stepan-Norris, Nicholas Hoover Wilson, Chris Muller and Dylan Riley and to Kurtulus Gemici for creating the website for the mini-conference.

This page links to calls for papers and participation in a variety of conferences and/or edited volumes. Organizations and institutes dedicated to political research in sociology may also submit announcements and links.

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