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Animals and Society Section Awards Animals



Section Meeting 2012

Colorado Convention Center, Denver, CO


Section on Animals and Society Paper Session: “Importance of Looking at Animals in Sociology”

Session Organizer and Discussant: Angela G. Mertig, Middle Tennessee State University

Society and Animals Through the Lens of the Holy Trinity. Jennifer R. Kelly, Michigan State University

They Came from Ohio: Animals Monsters and Narratives of Nature/Culture Boundaries. Damien Contessa, University of South Florida

Stewardship, Dominion and Husbandry.. Colter Ellis, University of Colorado


Section on Animals and Society Paper Session: “Changing Interactions Between Humans and Other Animals”

Session Organizer and Presider: Jessica Greenebaum, Central Connecticut State University

My Best Friend and My Family: Narratives of Homeless People's Relationships with their Pets.. Leslie Irvine, University of Colorado

Resonance of Moral Shocks in Abolitionist Animal Rights Advocacy. Corey Lee Wrenn, Colorado State University

The Non-feminized Specialty of a Feminized Field: A Gendered Network Analysis of Large Animal Medicine. Jenny Reese Vermilya, University of Colorado

The Pig That Therefore I Am: Exploring the Human/Animal Boundary. Elizabeth Cherry, Manhattanville College

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