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Session Title: Religion, Youth, and Inequality  
Session Chair: 
Name:  Maria W. Van Ryn
              Affiliation: Yeshiva University
              Email Address:
Description (Optional): We welcome papers that examine the relationship between religion and social inequality in the lives of young people - children, adolescents, and/or those in the transition to adulthood.  


Session Title: Religion in Global Perspective
Session Chair:
Jenny Trinitapoli
              Affiliation: Penn State University
              Email Address:
Description (Optional): Papers exploring religion in cross-national perspective or examining religious processes in non-Western societies are particularly encouraged.



Session Title: Religion and Racial/Ethnic Inequality
Session Chair: Jason E. Shelton
              Affiliation: University of Texas at Arlington
              Email Address: 
Description (Optional): Please submit papers that explore the intersection of religion with racial and/or ethnic inequality.



Session Title: Open Topic in the Sociology of Religion
Session Chair: Kevin D. Dougherty
              Affiliation: Baylor University
              Email Address:
Description (Optional): Please submit a paper on any topic in the sociology of religion for this open session.



Session Title: Section on Sociology of Religion Roundtables (one-hour).
Session Chair: Patricia Wittberg
              Affiliation: Indiana University Purdue University Indianapolis
              Email Address:
Description: Session will be 1-hour in length; followed by the Section’s 40-minute business meeting.




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