American Sociological Association

Frequently Asked Membership Questions

What are the Membership Categories?

ASA offers four different membership distinctions:

  • Regular Members -- Persons subscribing to the objectives of the Association. Regular Members must subscribe to at least one ASA Journal . (Voting members)

  • Student Members -- Undergraduate or graduate students currently enrolled in accredited institutions may select this membership category for as long as their status as full-time student is in effect. Student Members must subscribe to least one ASA Journal . (Voting members)

  • Associate Members -- Persons subscribing to the objectives of the Association but desiring fewer membership benefits. Associate Members must subscribe to least one ASA Journal .

    This category of membership is not open to persons with full-time appointments in U.S. departments of sociology. (Non-voting members)

  • Emeritus Members -- Individuals retired from their primary place of employment who have been members of the Association for at least ten years. Emeritus members are encouraged (but not required) to subscribe to ASA journals. (Voting members)

What is the Cost of Membership?

Dues for regular members are assessed on a sliding scale based on gross annual income. Please note that membership dues do NOT include journal subscriptions. All ASA members, except Emeritus members, are required to purchase at least one journal of choice.

Member Dues Rate for 2005:

    Regular Member
    (A) Under $20,000 $21
    (B) $20,000-$29,999 $22
    (C) $30,000-$39,999 $58
    (D) $40,000-$54,999 $103
    (E) $55,000-$69,999 $143
    (F) $70,000 and over $159
    (G) Associate Member $38
    (H) Student Member $16
    (I) Emeritus Member * $38

    *(Must be retired from primary place of employment and have been an ASA member continuously for the last ten years)

How can I subscribe to ASA journals as a member?

New and renewing members may include their journal subscriptions when joining and renewing their membership. All ASA members enjoy discounted membership subscription rates and Student members are offered even deeper discounted rates. Journal subscription rates are as follows:

American Sociological Review ($40; Student $25)
Contemporary Sociology ($40; Student $25)
Contexts, a general perspectives magazine ($40; Student $25)
Journal of Health and Social Behavior ($35; Student $25)
Social Psychology Quarterly ($35; Student $25)
Sociological Methodology ($50; Student $40)
Sociological Theory ($35; Student $25)
Sociology of Education ($35; Student $25)
Teaching Sociology ($35;Student $25)>

What are the time parameters of the ASA membership year?

ASA memberships run on a calendar year cycle (January 1st to December 31st). All back issues (journals only) will be fulfilled and sent upon receipt of membership. Applications received prior to October 1 will become effective for the current calendar year. Applications received after October 1 will be processed for the next calendar year.

Has my membership been renewed?

Sometimes during the renewal process, paid memberships and renewal notices cross in the mail. If you receive a second or third renewal notice and are confident that you renewed your membership, don’t panic, as it is likely that this has occurred. Please feel free to contact the membership department to confirm your status at 202-383-9005 ext. 389 or via e-mail:

How do I report a change of address?

Address changes may be mailed directly to the Association via e-mail ( or the US Postal service. You may also call the membership customer department to report updates.

Am I eligible to renew my interdisciplinary membership at a discounted rate?

ASA members are eligible for discounted memberships in the American Political Science Association and the American Educational Research Association Members of these organizations (and selected other groups) who have not previously been ASA members may be eligible for a one-time $10 discount on Associate membership. Subsequent renewal is at the regular Associate member rate. Contact the ASA membership department for additional details.

Are memberships transferable?

Individual memberships are non-transferable.

May I add an additional section to my membership mid-year?

Yes, please contact the membership department for a form or download a printable version from this site.

May I join a section without being a member?

No, section membership is reserved for individuals with current Association memberships only.

When will I receive my benefits package?

Membership packets are mailed in bulk at the end of every month.

Do you offer lifetime memberships?

ASA does not offer lifetime memberships.

Upon request, we will send you a membership application or you can print the membership application from our website.


Last Updated on January 08, 2005