ASR December 2009

Volume 74, Number 6 * December 2009

Culture and Mobilization: Tactical Repertoires, Same-Sex Weddings, and the Impact on Gay Activism
Verta Taylor, Katrina Kimport, Nella Van Dyke, and Ellen Ann Andersen 

891 Voting to Ban Same-Sex Marriage: Interests, Values, and Communities
Rory McVeigh and Maria-Elena D. Diaz 
916 Hispanics and Organized Labor in the United States, 1973 to 2007
Jake Rosenfeld and Meredith Kleykamp
938 Movements, Aesthetics, and Markets in Literary Change: Making the American Labor Problem Novel
Larry Isaac
966 When Work Interferes with Life: Work-Nonwork Interference and the Influence of Work-Related Demands and Resources
Scott Schieman, Melissa A. Milkie, and Paul Glavin 

Gender Differences in Sleep Disruption among Retail Food Workers
David J. Maume, Rachel A. Sebastian, and Anthony R. Bardo
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