ASR June 2009

Volume 74, Number 3 * June 2009
339 On the Run: Wanted Men in a Philadelphia Ghetto
Alice Goffman
358 A Pragmatist Theory of Social Mechanisms
Neil Gross
380 Model Uncertainty in Sociological Research: An Application to Religion and Economic Growth
Cristobal Young
398 Deciding to Discipline: Race, Choice, and Punishment at the Frontlines of Welfare Reform
Sanford F. Schram, Joe Soss, Richard C. Fording, and Linda Houser
423 Explaining Mexican-Immigrant Welfare Behaviors: The Importance of Employment-Related Cultural Repertoires
Jennifer Van Hook and Frank D. Bean
445 Violence, Older Peers, and the Socialization of Adolescent Boys in Disadvantaged Neighborhoods
David J. Harding
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Family and Religious Characteristics’ Influence on Delinquency Trajectories from Adolescence to Young Adulthood
Richard J. Petts
A Natural Experiment on Residential Change and Recidivism: Lessons from Hurricane Katrina
David S. Kirk