ASR April 2009

Volume 74, Number 2 * April 2009
171 Condom Semiotics: Meaning and Condom Use in Rural Malawi
Iddo Tavory and Ann Swidler
190 Normalizing Heterosexuality: Mothers’ Assumptions, Talk, and Strategies with Young Children
Karin A. Martin
208 Does Diversity Pay?: Race, Gender, and the Business Case for Diversity
Cedric Herring
225 Legal-Political Pressures and African American Access to Managerial Jobs
Sheryl Skaggs
245 The Strength of Weak Enforcement: The Impact of Discrimination Charges, Legal Environments, and Organizational Conditions on Workplace Segregation
C. Elizabeth Hirsh
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272 The Global Dimensions of Rape-Law Reform: A Cross-National Study of Policy Outcomes
David John Frank, Tara Hardinge, and Kassia Wosick-Correa
Contemporary Hate Crimes, Law Enforcement, and the Legacy of Racial Violence
Ryan D. King, Steven F. Messner, and Robert D. Baller
Ethnic Politics and Armed Conflict: A Configurational Analysis of a New Global Data Set
Andreas Wimmer, Lars-Erik Cederman, and Brian Min
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