ASR 2008 October: Table of Contents

Volume 73, Number 5 * October 2008
697 Classification as Culture: Types and Trajectories of Music Genres
Jennifer C. Lena and Richard A. Peterson
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719 Cultural Globalization and Arts Journalism: The International Orientation of Arts and Culture Coverage in Dutch, French, German, and U.S. Newspapers, 1955 to 2005
Susanne Janssen, Giselinde Kuipers, and Marc Verboord
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741 Hispanic Segregation in Metropolitan America: Exploring the Multiple Forms of Spatial Assimilation
John Iceland and Kyle Anne Nelson
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766 Beyond the Census Tract: Patterns and Determinants of Racial Segregation at Multiple Geographic Scales
Barrett A. Lee, Sean F. Reardon, Glenn Firebaugh, Chad R. Farrell, Stephen A. Matthews, and David O'Sullivan
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792 Spatial Dynamics of White Flight: The Effects of Local and Extralocal Racial Conditions on Neighborhood Out-Migration
Kyle Crowder and Scott J. South
813 The Effect of Sibship Size on Educational Attainment in China: Period Variations
Yao Lu and Donald J. Treiman
Immigrant Children's Educational Achievement in Western Countries: Origin, Destination, and Community Effects on Mathematical Performance
Mark Levels, Jaap Dronkers, and Gerbert Kraaykamp
Changing Relationships between Education and Fertility: A Study of Women and Men Born 1940 to 1964
Øystein Kravdal and Ronald R. Rindfuss