ASR 2008 August: Table of Contents

Volume 73, Number 4 * August 2008
519 Social Exchange and Micro Social Order
Edward J. Lawler, Shane R. Thye, and Jeongkoo Yoon
543 The Integration of Genetic Propensities into Social-Control Models of Delinquency and Violence among Male Youths
Guang Guo, Michael E. Roettger, and Tianji Cai
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569 Agricultural Revolution and Elite Reproduction in Qing China: The Transition to Capitalism Debate Revisited
Ho-fung Hung
589 The Colonial State as a Social Field: Ethnographic Capital and Native Policy in the German Overseas Empire before 1914
George Steinmetz
613 Managing "Spoiled" National Identity: War, Tourism, and Memory in Croatia
Lauren A. Rivera
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635 Social Movements and Organizational Form: Cooperative Alternatives to Corporations in the American Insurance, Dairy, and Grain Industries
Marc Schneiberg, Marissa King, and Thomas Smith
Democratization, Women's Movements, and Gender-Equitable States: A Framework for Comparison
Jocelyn Viterna and Kathleen M. Fallon
Ties to the Dead: Connections to Iraq War and 9/11 Casualties and Disapproval of the President
Scott Sigmund Gartner