ASR 2008 June: Table of Contents

Volume 73, Number 3 * June 2008
357 The Social Production of Toxic Uncertainty
Javier Auyero and Debora Swistun
380 Risk Society and Contested Illness: The Case of Nuclear Weapons Workers
Sherry Cable, Thomas E. Shriver, and Tamara L. Mix
402 Corporate Law and the Sovereignty of States
Jason Kaufman
426 Mediation in Multiple Networks: Elite Mobilization before the English Civil War
Henning Hillmann
455 Corporate Restructuring and Sex Differences in Managerial Promotion
John C. Dencker
477 Ethnic and Gender Satisfaction in the Military: The Effect of a Meritocratic Institution
Jennifer Hickes Lundquist
Opting Out? Cohort Differences in Professional Women's Employment Rates from 1960 to 2005
Christine Percheski