ASR 2008 February: Table of Contents

Volume 73, Number 1 * February 2008


1 Can Power from Below Change the World?
Frances Fox Piven


15 Beyond the Industrial Paradigm: Market-Embedded Labor and the Gender Organization of Global Service Work in China
Eileen M. Otis
37 The Configuration of Symbolic Boundaries against Immigrants in Europe
Christopher A. Bail
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60 Evangelicals in the Power Elite: Elite Cohesion Adavancing a Movement
D. Michael Lindsay
83 Religion and the Construction of Civic Identity
Paul Lichterman
105 Divided We Stand, United We Fall: Religious Pluralism, Giving, and Volunteering
Francesca Borgonovi
129 The Rise of Intra-Occupational Wage Inequality in the United States, 1983 to 2002
ChangHwan Kim and Arthur Sakamoto
Job Mobility and Wage Trajectories for Men and Women in the United States
Sylvia Fuller
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