ASR 2007 October: Table of Contents

Volume 72, Number 5 * October 2007

659 Block, Tract, and Levels of Aggregation: Neighborhood Structure and Crime and Disorder as a Case in Point
John R. Hipp
681 Working for the Woman? Female Managers and the Gender Wage Gap
Philip N. Cohen and Matt L. Huffman
705 Unneccessary Roughness? School Sports, Peer Networks, and Male Adolescent Violence
Derek A. Kreager
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725 Movement Framing and Discursive Opportunity Structures: The Political Successes of the U.S. Women's Jury Movements
Holly J. McCammon, Courtney Sanders Muse, Harmony D. Newman, and Teresa M. Terrell
750 The Implications of Racial Misclassification by Observers
Mary E. Campbell and Lisa Troyer
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766 Corporate Demography and Income Inequality
Jesper B. Sørensen and Olav Sorenson
784 Dynamics of Political Polarization
Delia Baldassarri and Peter Bearman
812 Population Aging, Intracohort Aging, and Sociopolitical Attitudes
Nicholas L. Danigelis, Melissa Hardy, and Stephen J. Cutler
831 Comment: Right-Wing Parties and Anti-foreigner Sentiment in Europe
Rima Wilkes, Neil Guppy, and Lily Farris
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841 Reply: On the Relations Between Right-Wing Parties and Anti-foreigner Sentiment
Moshe Semyonov, Rebeca Raijman, and Anastasia Gorodzeisky