ASR 2007 June: Table of Contents

Volume 72, Number 3 * June 2007

319 Selling Genes, Selling Gender: Egg Agencies, Sperm Banks, and the Medical Market in Genetic Material
Rene Almeling
341 Cultural Context, Sexual Behavior, and Romantic Relationships in Disadvantaged Neighborhoods
David J. Harding
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365 Economic Globalization and Women's Employment: The Case of Manufactoring in Mexico
Andrés Villarreal and Wei-hsin Yu
390 African American, Hispanic, and White Beliefs about Black/White Inequality, 1977—2004
Matthew O. Hunt
416 Conservative Protestant Congregations and Racial Residential Segregation: Evaluating the Closed Community Thesis in Metropolitan and Nonmetropolitan Counties
Troy C. Blanchard
434 The Structure of Charismatic Mobilization: A Case Study of Rebellion During the Chinese Cultural Revolution
Joel Andreas
459 Climbing the Dispute Pagoda: Grievances and Appeals to the Official Justice System in Rural China
Ethan Michelson
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