ASR 2006 December: Table of Contents

Volume 71, Number 6 * December 2006


867 From Empire to Nation-State: Explaining Wars in the Modern World, 1816–2001
Andreas Wimmer and Brian Min
898 The International Women’s Movement and Women’s Political Representation, 1893–2003
Pamela Paxton, Melanie M. Hughes, and Jennifer L. Green
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921 When Do National Movements Adopt or Reject International Agendas? A Comparative Analysis of the Chinese and Indian Women’s Movements
Dongxiao Liu
943 Politics and Inequality in Latin America and the Caribbean
Evelyne Huber, François Nielsen, Jenny Pribble, and John D. Stephens
964 European Regional Integration and Income Inequality
Jason Beckfield
986 Scar Effects of Unemployment: An Assessment of Institutional Complementarities
Markus Gangl
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1014 The Limitations of Stranger-Interviewers in Rural Kenya
Alexander A. Weinreb
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