ASR 2006 October: Table of Contents

Volume 71, Number 5 * October 2006


699 Is Telling Stories Good for Democracy? Rhetoric in Public Deliberation after 9/11
Francesca Polletta and John Lee
724 Movements and Memory: The Making of the Stonewall Myth
Elizabeth A. Armstrong and Suzanna M. Crage
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752 The Dynamics of Protest Diffusion: Movement Organizations, Social Networks, and News Media in the 1960 Sit-Ins
Kenneth T. Andrews and Michael Biggs
778 How Cultural Tastes Shape Personal Networks
Omar Lizardo
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808 The Institutionalization of Fame: Achievement, Recognition, and Cultural Consecration in Baseball
Michael Patrick Allen and Nicholas L. Parsons
826 Navigating Dangerous Streets: The Sources and Consequences of Street Efficacy
Patrick T. Sharkey
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847 The Dynamics of Economic Disadvantage and Children’s Life Chances
Robert L. Wagmiller, Jr., Mary Clare Lennon, Li Kuang, Philip M. Alberti, and J. Lawrence Aber