ASR 2005 October: Table of Contents

Volume 70, Number 5 * October 2005


729 Fatalities and the Organization of Child Care in the United States, 1985–2003
Julia Wrigley and Joanna Dreby
758 Sexual Initiation in Early Adolescence: The Nexus of Parental and Community Control
Christopher R. Browning, Tama Leventhal, and Jeanne Brooks-Gunn
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779 Through Thick and Thin: Layers of Social Ties and Urban Settlement among Thai Migrants
Kim Korinek, Barbara Entwisle, and Aree Jampaklay
801 Marriage Market Mismatches in Japan: An Alternative View of the Relationship between Women’s Education and Marriage
James M. Raymo and Miho Iwasawa
823 Social Status in an Open-Source Community
Daniel Stewart
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843 “Just Call Me Adonai”: A Case Study of Ethnic Humor and Immigrant Assimilation
Limor Shifman and Elihu Katz