ASR 2005 August: Table of Contents

Volume 70, Number 4 * August 2005


541 The Independence of Young Adults and the Rise of Interracial and Same-Sex Unions
Michael J. Rosenfeld and Byung-Soo Kim
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563 Interracial Relationships and the Transition to Adulthood
Kara Joyner and Grace Kao
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582 It’s Not “a Black Thing”: Understanding the Burden of Acting White and Other Dilemmas of High Achievement
Karolyn Tyson, William Darity Jr., and Domini Castellino
606 Migration and Gender among Mexican Women
Emilio A. Parrado and Chenoa A. Flippen
633 The Legacy of Lynching and Southern Homicide
Steven F. Messner, Robert D. Baller, and Matthew P. Zevenbergen
656 Vigilantism, Current Racial Threat, and Death Sentences
David Jacobs, Jason T. Carmichael, and Stephanie L. Kent
678 Interorganizational Determinants of Promotion: Client Leadership and the Attainment of Women Attorneys
Christine M. Beckman and Damon J. Phillips
702 Gender Stereotypes, Same-Gender Preference, and Organizational Variation in the Hiring of Women: Evidence from Law Firms
Elizabeth H. Gorman
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