ASR 2005 June: Table of Contents

Volume 70, Number 3 * June 2005


355 Walking the Talk? What Employers Say Versus What They Do
Devah Pager and Lincoln Quillian
381 Race, Ethnicity, and Youth Perceptions of Criminal Justice
John Hagan, Carla Shedd, and Monique R. Payne
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408 Weak Ties, Information, and Influence: How Workers Find Jobs in a Local Russian Labor Market
Valery Yakubovich
422 Unequal but Fluid: Social Mobility in Chile in Comparative Perspective
Florencia Torche
451 A Clash of Capitalisms: Foreign Shareholders and Corporate Restructuring in 1990s Japan
Christina L. Ahmadjian and Gregory E. Robbins
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472 Sovereignty Relinquished? Explaining Commitment to the International Human Rights Covenants, 1966-1999
Wade M. Cole
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496 Cooperation in Microcredit Borrowing Groups: Identity, Sanctions, and Reciprocity in the Production of Collective Goods
Denise Anthony
516 Age for Leisure? Political Mediation and the Impact of the Pension Movement on U.S. Old-Age Policy
Edwin Amenta, Neal Caren, and Sheera Joy Olasky