ASR 2005 April: Table of Contents

Volume 70, Number 2 * April 2005


183 History, Commemoration, and Belief: Abraham Lincoln in American Memory, 1945-2001
Barry Schwartz and Howard Schuman
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204 A General Theory of Scientific/Intellectual Movements
Scott Frickel and Neil Gross
233 Constructing Social Problems in an Age of Globalization: A French-American Comparison
Rodney Benson and Abigail C. Saguy
260 From Poverty to Perversity: Ideas, Markets, and Institutions over 200 Years of Welfare Debate
Margaret Somers and Fred Block
288 Civic Associations and Authoritarian Regimes in Interwar Europe: Italy and Spain in Comparative Perspective
Dylan Riley
311 Suicide Determination and the Professional Authority of Medical Examiners
Stefan Timmermans
334 Aiding Peace, Abetting Violence: Third Parties and the Management of Conflict
Scott Phillips and Mark Cooney