ASR 2004 October: Table of Contents

Volume 69, Number 5 * October 2004


613 Are Schools the Great Equalizer? Cognitive Inequality during the Summer Months and the School Year
Douglas B. Downey, Paul T. von Hippel, and Beckett A. Broh
636 Childhood Emotional and Behavioral Problems and Educational Attainment
Jane D. McLeod and Karen Kaiser
659 Does Firm Size Matter Anymore? The New Economy and Firm Size Wage Effects
Matissa N. Hollister
677 Tightening Up: Declining Class Mobility during Russia’s Market Transition
Theodore P. Gerber and Michael Hout
704 The Economic Incorporation of Immigrants in 18 Western Societies: Origin, Destination, and Community Effects
Frank van Tubergen, Ineke Maas, and Henk Flap
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728 Group Dominance and the Myth of Racial Democracy: Antiracism Attitudes in Brazil
Stanley R. Bailey