ASR 2004 August: Table of Contents

Volume 69, Number 4 * August 2004


473 When Do Movements Matter? The Politics of Contingency and the Equal Rights Amendment
Sarah A. Soule and Susan Olzak
498 Abortion, Race, and Gender in Nineteenth-Century America
Nicola Beisel and Tamara Kay
519 All the Rioting That's Fit to Print: Selection Effects in National Newspaper Coverage of Civil Disorders, 1968–1969
Daniel J. Myers and Beth Schaefer Caniglia
544 "Generations and Collective Memory" Revisited: Race, Region, and the Memory of Civil Rights
Larry J. Griffin
558 The Treadmill of Destruction: National Sacrifice Areas and Native Americans
Gregory Hooks and Chad L. Smith
576 How Culture Mattered at Vatican II: Collegiality Trumps Authority in the Council's Social Movement Organizations
Melissa J. Wilde
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603 Comment: Spurious Causation in a Historical Process: War and Bureaucratization in Early China
Dingxin Zhao
608 Reply: Early Chinese Bureaucratization in Comparative Perspective
Edgar Kiser and Yong Cai