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Major Activities for Department Leaders

The Annual Meeting affords a special opportunity for ASA to work with leaders of the profession, especially Department Chairs, Directors of Graduate Study, and Undergraduate Advisers.

ASA Chair Conference

The 12th annual ASA Chair Conference theme is “The Big Picture: Trends in Higher Education and How They Affect Sociology Departments.” Designed for new and current chairs at all types of institutions, the conference provides “briefings” on issues of critical importance for departmental leadership. Panels, roundtables, and informal conversation facilitate sharing information and advice. Attendees also meet with chairs from similar institutions to discuss common issues. In addition, the ASA Research Program on the Discipline and Profession will present data on important trends.

The conference begins on Thursday, August 10, at 8:30 AM and concludes at 12:10 PM on Friday, August 11. Preregistration and fee payment are required. Fees for the Chair Conference are $65 for chairs from Department Affiliate departments, $85 for Chairs from non-affiliate departments. The registration fee includes all conference materials and continental breakfast each morning (lunch is not included).

Conference for Directors of Graduate Study

Directors of Graduate Study (DGS) are important leaders in shaping department policies and opportunities for effective graduate programs. To assist sociologists in the DGS role, the ASA Academic and Professional Affairs Program has planned a series of events at 1:30 – 5:30pm on Thursday, August 10, which will dovetail with Chair Conference activities and permit interaction between attendees of both conferences. DGS sessions will focus on such issues as data trends in graduate education, effective mentoring and professional development, preparing graduate students for the job market, the MA degree in sociology, and more.

Access to these special activities for Directors of Graduate Study requires preregistration and fee payment. Fees are $30 for DGS from Department Affiliate department, $50 for non-affiliate DGS. The registration fee includes all conference materials and afternoon beverage break(s).

Undergraduate Advisers and Their Students Take Note!

Poster Resource Area Showcasing Graduate Programs

Located near ASA Bookstore, this poster area features exhibits on graduate training from over 30 graduate programs. Representatives from these institutions will be available to talk to undergraduate advisors, undergraduate students, MA-level students, and other interested meeting attendees at 2:30–4:15 PM on Friday, August 11. The department posters will be available for viewing through the four days of the Annual Meeting. All attendees are welcome to drop by anytime during Exhibit hours to see these displays about graduate programs.