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Crossing the Border

ASA holds its Annual Meeting in Canada once each decade, so border crossing is an occasional occurrence for dedicated attendees. Security concerns in recent years have resulted in some changes since ASA met in Toronto in 1997.

Passports. The easiest way to avoid delays in immigration and customs when crossing national borders is to carry an official passport from your country of origin. While U.S. citizens are not yet required to carry a passport for travel between the U.S. and Canada, you must show proof of U.S. citizenship in order to cross the border back into the U.S. If you do not carry your passport, be sure to take an official copy of your birth certificate (with a raised seal) and a stateissued driver’s license. ASA does recommend that meeting attendees get passports to ensure their swift transit between countries for the 2006 Annual Meeting.

For anyone who needs additional documentation of the meeting for border-crossing purposes, ASA can provide a copy of a letter recognizing the 101st ASA Annual Meeting as a registered meeting by the Canadian government. Please contact Meeting Services staff at, or 202-383-9005 ext. 305.

International Attendees. Due to current travel restrictions, all individuals who need a visa to attend the ASA Annual Meeting are urged to begin making travel arrangements and obtaining their official documentation at least three months (preferably six months) prior to attending the meeting. Please contact ASA Meeting Services staff (, phone 202-383-9005 x305, fax 202-938-0882) to request a letter of invitation to the Annual Meeting, should you need one to acquire a visa.