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NSF’s 2005 Support for Sociology Totaled $11.6 Million

The National Science Foundation (NSF) is a significant source of federal funding for basic research in sociology. NSF provides approximately 40 percent of the total such support for the discipline, according to national statistics on basic R&D across disciplines. In addition to support sociologists receive for work in interdisciplinary research, science and math education research, and special initiatives such as the multi-million-dollar Human and Social Dynamics initiative (see call for proposals at and February 2004 Footnotes, p. 5), NSF’s Sociology Program provides support for specifically sociological research.

Listed below are the Sociology Program’s awards for basic research support and dissertation improvement grants for fiscal year 2005. The list includes some projects that shared funding with a few other social science programs at NSF. NSF funded 41 new research projects (including six collaborations and two workshops) and 39 doctoral dissertation improvement proposals. The Sociology Program and other NSF programs and initiatives jointly committed $11.5 million to research projects and workshops, including continued support for the General Social Survey for four years at the level of $1,748,568 annually. The Program also spent $240,333 to fund dissertation research for sociology students.

The Sociology Program holds two grant competitions annually (Regular Research; proposal deadlines are August and January 15; Dissertation Improvement; proposal deadlines are October and February 15). The Program is a major source of sociological research funding as part of NSF’s mission to encourage theoretically focused empirical investigations aimed at improving the explanation of fundamental social processes and structures.

Regular Awards

Alexander, Karl, John Hopkins University, Life Course Patterns of Urban Youth Through the Third Decade, $150,000.

Baumer, Eric, University of Missouri-St. Louis, Community Variation in the Disposition of Criminal Cases: The Role of Social, Cultural and Political Context, $80,752.

Brulle, Robert, Drexel University, Collaborative Research: Civil Society and the Environment, $127,706.

Bushway, Shawn, University of Maryland- College Park, The Impact of Employment, Job Quality and Labor Market Context on Adolescent Problem Behavior, $124, 113. Jointly funded with the Law and Social Science Program.

Calhoun, Craig, Social Science Research Council, Sociological Theory and the Sociology of Science: A Conference on Continuing and Future Importance of the Sociology of Robert K. Merton, $44,741.

Carmin, JoAnn, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Navigating Transnational Forces: Continuity and Change in Environmental Movement Organizations in Central and Eastern Europe, $194,677. Jointly funded with the Office of International Science and Engineering.

Carrigan, William, Rowan University, Research in Undergraduate Institutions (RUI): Mob Violence against Mexicans in the United States, 1848-1928, $99,973. Jointly funded with the Law and Social Science Program.

Chaves, Mark, University of Arizona, National Congregations Study, Wave II, $104,838.

Cohn, Samuel, Texas A&M University, New Strategies for State Development Policy Under Globalization: Risk Reduction, Transnational Bargaining and Income Rationing in the Promotion of Employment in Northeast Brazil, $66,911.

Davis, James, Peter Mardsen & Tom Smith, National Opinion Research Center, A Proposal to Continue: A National Data Program for the Social Sciences, $6,961,337. Jointly funded by the Division of Social and Economic Sciences.

Duniere, Mitch, Princeton University, Small Grant for Exploratory Research: New Technologies for Ethnographic Data Collection, Storage and Dissemination, $123,250.

Grant, Don, II, University of Arizona, The Organization of Environmental Injustice, $128,858.

Grodsky, Eric, University of California- Davis, Collaborative Research: High School Exit Examinations and Labor Market Outcomes among Young Adults, $50,835.

Gullickson, Aaron, Columbia University, Collaborative Research: Socioeconomic and Kinship Factors in Infant and Child Mortality in Historical Slavonia, $32,367. Jointly funded with the Cultural Anthropology Program.

Hammel, Eugene, University of California- Berkeley, Collaborative Research: Socioeconomic and Kinship Factors in Infant and Child Mortality in Historical Slavonia, $11,339. Jointly funded with the Cultural Anthropology Program.

Hao, Linxin, John Hopkins University, Intra-generational Mobility and Social Inequality: Does Immigration Play a Role? $89,919.

Hooks, Gregory & Chad Smith, Washington, State University, Environmental Impacts of Military and Civilian Production and Consumption on Native American Homelands, $159,576.

Jenkins, J. Craig, Ohio State University, Collaborative Research: Civil Society and the Environment, $159,702.

Keister, Lisa & Randy Hodson, Ohio State University, Ownership and Innovation: Corporate Ownership and Strategy Formation During China’s Transition, $86,355. Jointly Funded with the Innovation and Organizational Change Program.

Lamont, Michele, Harvard University, Workshop on Interdisciplinary Standards for Qualitative Research, $47,122. Jointly funded by the Political Science, Law and Social Science and Cultural Anthropology Programs.

Latourneau, Elizabeth, Medical University of South Carolina, Offender Registration: Examination of Intended and Unintended Effects on Juvenile Offenders, $200,001. Jointly funded with the Law and Social Science Program.

Manza, Jeff & Ernest Brooks, Northwestern University, Public Opinion and Welfare State Effort in Comparative Perspective, $149,525.

Matthews, Stephen, Glenn Firebaugh & Barrett Lee, Pennsylvania State University-University Park, Collaborative Research: Measuring Spatial Segregation, $102,140. Jointly funded with the Methodology, Measurement and Statistics Program.

Mikhail, Alexseev & C.R. Hofstetter, San Diego State University, Migration and Ethno-religious Hate Crime in the Russian Federation: Risk Profiles 200-2010, $212,890. Jointly funded with the Political Science Program.

Min, Pyong Gap, City University of New York-Queens College, The Effect of Immigrant Entrepreneurship on Ethnic Attachment and Ethnic Solidarity: Koreans, the Chinese, and Indians in New York, $97,551.

Moaddel, Mansoor, Mark Tessler & Ronald Inglehart, Eastern Michigan University, Iraqis’ Perceptions of the Past, Present & Future, $144,069.

Petersen, Trond, University of California- Berkeley, Firm-Level Gender Inequalities in Traditional Societies, $88,862. Jointly funded with the Office of International Science and Engineering.

Peterson, Ruth, Lauren Krivo, Mei-Po Kwan, Christopher Browning & Catherine Calder, Ohio State University, Segregation and Local Crime: An Integrated Spatial Analysis, $250,000. Jointly funded by the Law and Social Science Program.

Peterson, Ruth & Lauren Krivo, Ohio State University, Research and Training for the Better Understanding of the Race/ Ethnicity-crime and Criminal Justice Link, $155,000. Jointly funded by the Law and Social Science Program and the Directorate for Social, Behavioral and Economic Sciences.

Reardon, Sean, Stanford University, Collaborative Research: Measuring Spatial Segregation, $135,338. Jointly funded with the Methodology, Measurement and Statistics Program.

Reuter, Peter & Shawn Bushway, University of Maryland-College Park, Small Grant for Exploratory Research (SGER): A Workshop to Build Bridges between Economists and Criminologists; College Park, MD, June 2005, $7,500. Jointly funded with the Economics and Law and Social Science Programs.

Robinson, Dawn & Jody Clay-Warner, University of Georgia, Collaborative Research: Examining the Relationship between Identity, Injustice and Emotion, $150,378.

Silby, Susan, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, What Is the Place of Safety in Science?: An Experiment in Group Ethnography, $228,240.

Smith-Lovin, Lynn, Duke University, Collaborative Research: Examining the Relationship between Identity, Injustice, and Emotion, $66,682.

Stryker, Robin, University of Minnesota- Twin Cities, The Politics of Social Science in Government Regulation of Equal Employment Opportunity, $169,745.

Sullivan, Daniel, Portland State University, Planning Grant: Invasion- Succession or Welcome Mat? Examining Race and Ownership Status in Long-term Residents’ Reactions to Gentrification, $37,706.

Tolnay, Stewart, University of Washington, A New Database for the Study of Southern Lynchings, $149,935.

Walker, Henry, University of Arizona, Collaborative Research: Impact of Legitimacy by Endorsement on Coalition Formation in Power Structures, $19,776.

Warren, John, University of Minnesota- Twin Cities, Collaborative Research: High School Exit Examinations and Labor Market Outcomes Among Young Adults, $55,124.

Willer, David, University of South Carolina, Collaborative Research: Impact of Legitimacy by Endorsement on Coalition Formation in Power Structures, $125,874.

Zuo, Jiping, St. Cloud State University, Understanding Married Women’s Domestic Role Orientation in Urban China: The Role of the Changing Workplace, $139,593.

Dissertation Awards

Aldrich, Howard & Ana Teixeira, University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill, Organizational Legitimacy Processes in the Southern California Tuna Industry, $7,490.

Attewell, Paul & Thurston Domina, City University of New York-Graduate School, Educational Segregation in the United States, $4,200.

Beauregard, Robert & Sookhee Oh, New School University, Immigrant Communities and Ethnic Linkages: Suburban Koreans in the New York-New Jersey Metropolitan Area, $7,780.

Bearman, Peter & Emily Erikson, Columbia University, Structure and Growth: English Trade in the East Indies, 1601-1835, $7,366.

Buckley, Cynthia & Jennifer Barrett, University of Texas-Austin, Religion and Maternal and Child Health in Uzbekistan, $6,600.

Clemons, Elisabeth & Sohar Lechman, University of Chicago, Women in American Politics, $6,210.

Conley, Dalton & Rebecca Glauber, New York University, Gender, Parenthood, Employment and Health, $4,350.

Conley, Dalton & Kate Strully, New York University, Does Money Beget Health? A Search for Exogenous Variation, $1,115.

Cook, Karen & Alexandra Gerbasi, Stanford University, Attribution and Commitment in Different Types of Exchange, $7,471.

DiMaggio, Paul, Sara Curran & Filiz Garip, Princeton University, From Migrant Social Capital to Community Development: A Relational Account of Migration, Remittance and Inequality, $4,613.

Fernandez, Roberto & Brian Rubineau, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Network Influences on Persistence in Engineering Programs, $7,500.

Galaskiewicz, Joseph & George Hobor, University of Arizona, Plugging into the Global Economy: A Study of the Economic Development in Smaller, Industrial Cities, $7,500.

Gocek, Fatema & Deniz Erkmen, University of Michigan-Ann Arbor, Deciphering the Professional: the Culture of Transnationalism in Comparison, $7,500.

Greenberg, David & Jeffrey Lin, New York University, Exploring the Impact of Institutional Placement on the Recidivism of Delinquent Youth, $3,855.

Griswold, Wendy & Terence McDonnell, Northwestern University, AIDS Streetscapes: The Imagery of Campaigns against HIV in Chicago & Accra, $7,500.

Guthrie, Doug & Junmin Wang, New York University, Central State Monopoly, Local State Competition and Global Market Engagement: The Dynamics of the Chinese Tobacco Industry in the Post-Communist Era, $7,480.

Haveman, Heather & Geraldine Wu, Columbia University, The Interdependence of Organizational Knowledge and Financing - Three Papers on Technological Innovation,Learning, and Corporate Restructuring, $7,429.

Jacobs, David & Daniel Tope, Ohio State University, The Political Context of Union Certification Elections, $6,784.

Jenkins, C. Craig, Marianne Abbott, Ohio State University, Humanitarian Security in Assistance Context, $2,100.

Karabel, Jerome & Thomas Medvetz, University of California-Berkeley, Merchants of Expertise: The Transformation of American Think Tanks, 1960-2002, $5,600.

Kleinman, Daniel & Abby Kinchy, University of Wisconsin-Madison, Science and Transnational Activism: The Controversy over Genetically Modified Maize in Mexico, $7,500.

McCarthy, John & Edward Walker, Pennsylvania State University, The Institutionalization of Social Movements and the Growth of Grassroots Lobbying, $7,472.

McManus, Patricia & Claudia Geist, Indiana University, Consequences in Context: Labor Market Effects of Entry into Marriage and Cohabitation for Men and Women in Comparative Perspective, $7,500.

Macy, Michael & Stephen Benard, Cornell University-Endowed, Intergroup Conflict and Emerging Social Structure, $7,450.

Molm, Linda & Jessica Brown, University of Arizona, Third-Party Intervention and Perceptions of Fairness: Extending Social Exchange, $7,464.

Molm, Linda, Lynn Smith-Lovin & Steven Nelson, University of Arizona, Criminal Deviance as Affect Control, $7,500.

Nathanson, Constance & Nadia Islam, Columbia University, Negotiating Strategies: Immigrant Non-profit Organizations as Social Movement Actors, $6,810.

Pescosolido, Bernice & Sigrun Olafsdottir, Indiana University, Medicalizing Mental Health: A Comparative View of the Public, Private, and Professional Construction of Mental Illness, $6,200.

Portes, Alesandro & Adriana Abdenur, Princeton University, Urban Government and Residential Segregation in Brazil, $3,900.

Rieker, Patricia & Michelle Poulin, Boston University, Strategies for Avoiding Risk: The Behavioral Autonomy among Adolescent Girls in Rural Malawi, $7,340.

Seidman, Gay & Landy Sanchez, University of Wisconsin-Madison, Permeable Walls? Residential Segregation and Local Labor Markets in two Mexican Cities, $2,215.

Silver, Beverly & Baris Eren, John Hopkins University, The Trajectory of Democracy: The Social Roots of Political Change in Turkey, 1946-2004, $6,250.

Small, Mario & Laura Shark, Princeton University, Evaluating Research in the Age of Human Subjects Regulations, $5,166.

Soule, Sarah & Alan Schussman, University of Arizona, Making Real Money: Local Currency and Social Economies in the United States, $5,227.

Stryker, Robin & Pamela Wald, University of Minnesota-Twin Cities, Bringing Welfare State Theories to the States: How Ideas, Actors and State Structures Affect Welfare Reform Trajectories in Minnesota & Wisconsin, $7,500.

Swidler, Ann & Lisa Stampnitzki, University of California-Berkeley, Terrorism Discourse and the Rise of the Terrorism Expert, 1972-2002, $5,455.

Szasz, Andrew & Douglas Bevington, University of California-Santa Cruz, The Role of Small Social Movement Organizations in Federal Conservation Policy Since 1989, $7,300.

Troyer, Lisa & Reef Youngreen, University of Iowa, Innovation and Influence in Group Problem Solving, $5,235.

Voss, Kim & Teresa Sharpe, University of California-Berkeley, Innovation, Revitalization & Organizational Change in the American Labor Movement, $7,406.