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NSF Awarded $5.5 Million to Sociology in ’04

The National Science Foundation (NSF) is a significant source of federal funding for basic research in sociology. NSF provides approximately 41 percent of the total such support for the discipline, according to national statistics on basic R&D across disciplines. In addition to support sociologists receive for work in interdisciplinary research, science and math education research, and special initiatives such as the $22-million Human and Social Dynamics initiative (see February 2004 Footnotes, p. 5), NSF’s Sociology Program provides support for specifically sociological research.

This article lists NSF’s grants issued by the Sociology Program in fiscal year 2004. (See December 2004 Footnotes for FY 2003 grant list.) The list is organized alphabetically by the last name of the Principal Investigator and includes their affiliation, grant title, and amount of award. The Sociology Program awarded grants for basic research support and dissertation improvement, including funds for 40 new projects (including six collaborations and two workshops) and for 49 doctoral dissertation improvement proposals. The Sociology Program, together with other NSF programs and initiatives, jointly contributed $5.2 million to the grantees listed below for research projects and workshops as well as $335,444 for dissertation training grants to sociology students.

The Sociology Program holds two grant competitions annually: Regular Research (proposal deadline is August 15 and January 15) and Dissertation Improvement (proposal deadline is October 15 and February 15). The program is a major source of research funding for the sociological science community and is integral to NSF’s mission to encourage and support theoretically focused empirical investigations aimed at improving the explanation of fundamental social processes and structures.

Regular Awards

Blee, Kathleen, University of Pittsburgh, The Emergence of Social Movements, $96,573.

Brewer, Marilynn, Ohio State University, Social Identity Complexity: Antecedents and Consequence. Jointly funded with Social Psychology Program, $175,011.

Burton, Linda, Debra Skinner & Stephen Matthews, Pennsylvania State University, Family Resource Allocation in Urban & Rural Communities, $425,000.

Chase-Dunn, Christopher & Thomas Reifer, University of California-Riverside, The Social Foundations of Global Conflict and Cooperation: Waves of Globalization and Global Elite Integration Since 1840, $152,312.

Coy, Patrick, Gregory Maney & Lynne Woehrle, Kent State University, Harnessing and Challenging Hegemony During Three Wars: The U.S. Peace Movement, 1990-2004, $110,460.

Ellis, Mark, University of Washington, Collaborative Research: The Mixed Race Household in Residential Space: Neighborhood Context, Segregation and Multiracial Identities, 1990-2000. Jointly funded with the Geography and Regional Science Program, $109,829.

Fichman, Mark, Carnegie Mellon University, The Dynamics of Interorganizational Relations in the Market for Professional Services. Jointly funded by the Innovation and Organizational Change Program, $125,021.

Ghosh-Dastidar, Bonnie, Rand Corporation, Collaborative Research: College Choice and the Texas 10% Policy, $67,208.

Griffin, William, Arizona State University, Recognizing, Modeling and Simulating Coupled Processes in Dyadic Interaction. Jointly funded by the Empirical Implications of Theoretical Models and Enhancing Human Performance emphasis areas and the Methodology, Measurement and Statistics Program, $107,664.

Harton, Helen & Martin Bourgeois, University of Northern Iowa, The Dynamics of Attitudes & Public Opinion: From Individual Benefits to Cultural Norm. Jointly funded by the Empirical Implications of Theoretical Models emphasis area, $64,872.

Herrmann, Richard & Katherine Meyer, Ohio State University, Understanding Global Tensions: A Sociology and Political Science Workshop Proposal. Jointly funded by the Political Science Program, $99,723.

Holloway, Steven, University of Georgia, Collaborative Research: The Mixed Race Household in Residential Space: Neighborhood Context, Segregation and Multiracial Identities, 1990-2000, $131,950.

Jackson, James, Ronald Brown, Vincent Hutchings & Cara Wong, University of Michigan-Ann Arbor, National Study of Ethnic Pluralism and Politic. Jointly funded with the Political Science Program, $300,000.

Jacobs, David & Zhenchao Qian, Ohio State University, Survival on Death Row: Exploring Individual, Conflict & Political Explanations for Executions. Jointly funded with the Law and Social Science Program, $151,333

Kennedy, Michael & Genevieve Zubrzycki, University of Michigan, The Cultural Politics of Globalization and Community in East Central Europe. Jointly funded by the Office of International Science & Engineering, $79,872.

Kertzer, David & Michael White, Brown University, Explaining Very Low Fertility. Jointly funded with the Cultural Anthropology Program, $253,540.

Lawler, Edward, Cornell University, Collaborative Research on the Affective Bases of Social Order, $91,200.

Mare, Robert & Richard Berk, University of California-Los Angeles, Neighborhood Choice and Neighborhood Change: Evaluating Dynamic Models of Residential Segregation. Jointly funded by the Empirical Implications of Theoretical Models emphasis area and the Methodology, Measurement and Statistics Program, $269,135.

McCammon, Holly, Vanderbilt University, Dismantling the Patriarchal State: Women’s Rights Activism, 19th Century Married Women’s Property Acts, and 20th-Century Rights Law. Jointly funded by the Law and Social Science Program, $149,296.

Messner, Steve, Jianhong Liu & Lening Zhang, SUNY, Albany, Criminal Victimization in Contemporary Urban China: A Multi-level Analysis of Survey Data for the City of Tianjin. Jointly funded with the Law and Social Science Program, $293,580.

Morris, Theresa, Trinity College, Collaborative Research: The Extent and Underlying Cause(s) o f Corporate Malfeasance in US Corporations, $12,017.

Moaddel, Mansoor, Eastern Michigan University, Perceptions of the Past, Present & Future: A Survey of the Iraqi Public, $120,438.

Portes, Alejandro, Princeton University, Collaborative Research: The Second Generation in Early Adulthood: A Decade-long Panel Study, $63,159.

Prechel, Harland, Texas A&M University, Collaborative Research: The Extended and Underlying Cause(s) of Corporate Malfeasance in US Corporations, $100,688.

Rasinski, Kenneth & Tom Smith, National Opinion Research Center, Small Grant for Exploratory Research (SGER): A Survey to Study the Impact of the Madrid Terrorists Attack on the Spain Population, $69,409.

Ridgeway, Cecilia, Stanford University, Creating and Transferring Status Beliefs, $112,584.

Rumbaut, Ruben, University of California-Irvine, Collaborative Research: The Second Generation in Early Adulthood: A Decade-long Panel Study, $44,914.

Sanabria, Harry & Gabriele Sturzenhofecker, University of Pittsburgh, Gender, Class and the Political Economy of Reproductive Change in Puerto Rico. Jointly funded with the Cultural Anthropology Program, $175,000.

Smeeding, Timothy, Syracuse University, U.S. Participation in the Development of a Transnational Database, 2004-2007. Jointly funded with the Economics Program and Methodology, Measurements and Statistics Programs, $157,500.

Smith, David, University of California-Irvine, Collaborative Research: Globalization and the Network of World Cities, $16,409.

Spalter-Roth, Roberta, American Sociological Association, Small Grant Program for the Advancement of the Discipline, $165,000.

Stovel, Katherine, University of Washington, Hearing About a Job: Networks, Information and Segregation in Labor Market. Jointly funded by the Methodology, Measurement and Statistics Program, $148,527.

Thye, Shane, University of South Carolina, Collaborative Research on the Affective Bases of Social Order, $82,870.

Tienda, Marta, Princeton University, Collaborative Research: College Choice and the Texas 10% Policy, $176,187.

Timberlake, Michael & Jeffrey Kentor, University of Utah, Collaborative Research: Globalization and the Network of World Cities, $33,257.

Treas, Judith, University of California-Irvine, The Division of Household Labor in Three-dozen Countries, $93,470.

Watts, Duncan, Columbia University, The Structure, Evolution and Function of Large-scale Social Networks: Theory, Data and Experiment. Jointly funded by the Empirical Implication of Theoretical Models emphasis area, $211,842.

Webster, Murray, Lisa Rashotte & Joseph Whitmeyer, University of North Carolina-Charlotte, Behavior Patterns, Bystanders and Performance Expectation. Jointly funded by the Empirical Implications of Theoretical Models emphasis area, $152,228.

Wright, Richard, Dartmouth College, Collaborative Research: The Mixed Race Household in Residential Space: Neighborhood Context, Segregation and Multiracial Identities, 1990-2000. Jointly funded with the Geography and Regional Science Program, $83,589

Dissertation Awards

Abbott, Andrew & Lei Jin, University of Chicago, Physician Professionalism and Rationalization of Clinical Decision-making, $6,300.

Alderson, Arthur & Jason Beckfield, Indiana University, The Consequences of Regional Political and Economic Integration for Inequality and the Welfare State in Western Europe, $7,479.

Aminzade, Ronald & Brian Dill, University of Minnesota, Democratizing Civil Society: Participation, Local Politics and Community-based Organizations in Tanzania, $7,500.

Anspech, Renee & Tasleem Padamsee, University of Michigan, Medicine and Inequality in the Welfare State: AIDS Policy-making in the United States and United Kingdom, $7,500.

Appelbaum, Richard and Joe Conti, University of California-Santa Barbara, Power through Process: Non-decision Decisions in WTO Dispute Resolution, $7,500.

Arum, Richard & Josipa Roksa, New York University, States, Schools and Students: Contextualizing Community College Outcomes, $2,860.

Bielby, William & Craig Rawlings, University of California-Santa Barbara, Dividing the Field: Credentials, Organizational Dynamics and Sex Segregation in U.S. Higher Education, 1970-2000, $5,900.

Brown, Phil & Brian Mayer, Brown University, Blue and Green Shades of Health: The Social Construction of Health Risks in the Labor and Environmental Movements, $7,002.

Calhoun, Craig & Dorith Geva, New York University, To Father or to Fight? Mass Conscription and the Politics of Masculine Citizenship, France, 1913-1939 and the United States, 1917-1944, $7,500.

Campbell, Karen & Melissa Sloan, Vanderbilt University, Emotion Management in the Workplace: Performance and Consequences, $7,476.

Chaves, Mark & Rebecca Sager, University of Arizona, The Politics of Religion’s Promise: State Implementation of Charitable Choice, $7,483.

Cook, Karen & Coye Cheshire, Stanford University, A Sociological Analysis of Generalized Information Exchange, $7,328.

Coppedge, Michael & Patricia Rodriguez, Notre Dame University, The Participatory Effectiveness of Grassroots Rural Movement: A Comparative Analysis of Brazil, Chile and Ecuador, $7,500.

Dowd, Timothy and Kathleen Liddle, Emory University, Blending Commerce and Community: Feminist Bookstores and the Negotiation of Hybrid Identity, $7,500.

Duster, Troy & Banielle Bassett, New York University, Defining the Normal Pregnancy: Knowing and Experience in Stratified Reproduction, $7,490.

Eder, Dona & Janice McCabe, Indiana University, Navigating the Social-academic Divide in College Life, $7,500.

Emigh, Rebecca & Matthew Marr, University of California-Los Angeles, Transitioning Out of Homelessness in Two Global Cities – LA and Tokyo, $7,500.

Fligstein, Neil & Seio Nakajima, University of California, Berkeley, Chinese Film Industry in the Post-Mao Era: An Organizational Analysis of the Field of Cultural Production since 1978, $7,500.

Galaskiewicz, Joseph & Brayden King, University of Arizona, Diversification, Mergers and Acquisitions in the Telecommunication Market, 1990-2002, $4,744.

Goodwin, Jeffrey & Suzanne Risley, New York University, Citizenship in Action: The Construction of Working-class Political Identity in Three Spanish Cities, 1898-1923, $7,500.

Haney, Lynne & Amie Hess, New York University, A Leap of Faith: The Politics of Implementation in Abstinence-only Sex Education, $7,483.

Hout, Michael & Emily Beller, University of California-Berkeley, Complex Family Backgrounds: A Latent Class Approach, $2,860.

Jencks, Christopher & Jal Mehta, Harvard University, The Transformation of American Educational Policy, 1980-2001, $7,500.

Jenkins, J. Craig & Jennifer Green, Ohio State University, Collective Rape: A Cross-national Study of Political Sexual Violence, $6,830.

Kimeldorf, Howard & Rachel Meyer, University of Michigan, Working Class Transformation: Collective Action in Labor and Community Struggles, $7,500.

Kiser, Edgar & Howard Welser, University of Washington, A Theory of Status Achievement, $7,474.

Knoke, David & Francesco Granados, University of Minnesota-Twin Cities, Globalization of Markets for Technological Products and Economic Development: Cross-national Analysis and the Case of the Spanish Pharmaceutical Industry, $7,500.

Lamont, Michele & Ruben Gaztambide-Fernandez, Harvard University, Negotiating Social Identities in an Elite Independent School, $7,490.

Macy, Michael & Robert Willer, Cornell University, Testing a Status Theory of Collection Action, $7,450.

Mare, Robert & Elizabeth Bruch, University of California-Los Angeles, Dynamic Models of Race and Income Segregation, $7,489.

Massey, Douglas & Joan Mazelis, University of Pennsylvania, I’m Not Your Stereotypical Welfare Recipient: The Role of Stigma in the Formation of Social Capital among the Poor, $7,500.

Matthews, Stephen & Bina Gubhaju, Pennsylvania State University, Women’s Choice of Contraceptives: Who Decides? $7,500.

McLeod, Jane & Karen Kaiser, Indiana University, Culture, Symbolic Interaction & the Cancer Survivor, $7,500.

McLeod, Jane & Elbert Almazan, Indiana University, Stigma, Social Structure, and Adolescent Mental Health, $7,500.

Molm, Linda & David Schaefer, University of Arizona, Resource Variation in Social Exchange Networks: The Effects of Duplicability and Transferability in the Use of Power, $7,485.

Murray, Colleen, James Richardson & Mara Merlino, University of Nevada, The Social Construction of the Admissibility of Expert Testimony after Daubert v. Merrell Dow, Inc., $7,499.

Pavalko, Eliza & Kathryn Henderson, Indiana University, Ideology or Workplace Policies: A Cross-cohort Analysis of How Women Make Decisions about Work and Family, $7,500.

Ridgeway, Cecilia & Justine Tinkler, Stanford University, A Social Psychological Analysis of Resistance to Equal Opportunity Laws, $7,500.

Sandefur, Gary, Andrea Voyer & Mustafa Emirbayer, University of Wisconsin, New American Diversity in Interactions, Interpretations and Institutions, $7,408.

Sassen, Saskia & Robert Wyrod, University of Chicago, Masculinity and AIDS in Urban Uganda, $11,560. Jointly funded by the Office of International Science and Engineering.

Sassen, Saskia & Rachel Rinaldo, University of Chicago, Globalization and the Women’s Movement in Indonesia, $7,500.

Stryker, Robin & Katja Guenther, University of Minnesota-Twin Cities, Eastern German Women’s Organizations and Welfare State Transformation since German Unification, $7,500.

Waters, Mary & Natasha Warikoo, Harvard University, Bringing Culture Back In: Cultural Assimilation and the Second Generation in the Global City, $7,491.

Western, Bruce & Alexandra Kaley, Princeton University, The Effect of Employees’ Compliance with Equal Employment Opportunity and Affirmative Action Legislation on Sex and Racial Workforce Composition, $6,498.

Western, Bruce & Tara Schlesinger, Princeton University, Sentencing Reform as Anti-discrimination Policy, $6,925.

Wharton, Amy & Tori Byington, Washington State University, Veterinary Medicine: A Longitudinal Examination of Mentoring, Gender and Organizational Context, $7,500.

Wuthnow, Robert & Michael Lindsay, Princeton University, A Vision for the Center-elite Refashioning of American Evangelicalism, $7,500.