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October 1972 (Volume 7, Number 8) (pdf file; 5.7 MB)

·        Coser and Lenski at the Top of the Ticket (ASA Candidates)

·        Eliot Friedson Wins Sorokin Award

·        Editorial: Ten Years that Shook No World

·        Mirra Komarovsky, Barnard College, President of ASA

·        A Decade in Review and a Preview of Dues (Audit)

·        Minorities and Women in Sociology: Are Opportunities Changing (by Maurice Jackson, ASA Executive Specialist)

·        Talent Bank Still Open for Deposits

·        In-Groups and Out-Groups (New/Terminated ASA Sections)

·        White House Fellows

·        The Grilling of the Monteleone

·        ASA Establishes SAS Award for Methodology

·        Backwash from Bourbon Street: Questions and Answers from the Titles of Papers in the Annual Program

·        Annual Meeting Program Items

·        Sociologists Join Citizen Effort to Dispel Myths on Population Growth

·        Honors to the Honor Society

·        Jackson Adds Age to Sex and Minority Concerns

·        Social Indicators Center in Washington

·        Letters to the Editor (Howard J. Lewis, Harry A. Scarr, James M. Fendrich, Edgar F. Borgatta)

·        “How Many Are We?”

·        NSF Research Grants (for fiscal year ending June 30, 1972)

·        Social Forces Editor Change (Everett K. Wilson)

·        Deaths: Wayland J. Hayes, John Kosa, Mary van Kleeck, Thomas Jackson Woofter, Jr.

·        Obituaries: Lee Marshall Brooks, Donald P. Kent, Glenn Almer Bakkum, Purna Chandra Subudhi, Joseph William McGee, Thomas Johnson


The American Sociologist

November 1972 (Volume 7, Number 9) (pdf file; 6.7 MB)

·        Who Shall Govern? Know Your Council Nominees (ASA Candidates)

·        Eliot Friedson Elected to NAS Institute of Medicine

·        Publish and Perish--If You Don’t Get Permission: Guidelines to Copyright Materials

·        David Heise to Edit Sociological Methodology

·        Oligarchic Complaint Proposes Selective Constraint to Counter Editorial Ecospecies

·        Letters to the Editor (Edgar Chasteen, Davida P. Gates, M.I.A. Bulmer, Warren E. Solomon)

·        Addenda to List of PhDs

Special Section on Studies and Comments on the Profession

·        Recent Trends in Graduate Training: Preliminary Results of a Survey (Robert W, Habenstein)

·        Quantitative and Collaborative Trends in American Sociological Research (Narsi Patel)

·        Measuring Sociological Productivity: A Review and a Proposal (Frank Clemente)

·        The Failure of 100 Divided by 3 to Equal 33-1/3 (Arthur E. Nudelman and Clifford C. Landers)

·        Journal Productivity of PhD Sociologists (Richard F. Larson, Marc L. Petrowsky, and Joseph S. Vandiver)

·        Publish or Perish: Book Productivity and Academic Rank at 26 Elite Universities (Richard Doering)

·        University and Departmental Determinants of the Prestige of Sociology Departments (Walter F. Abbott)

·        Sociologists on the Move (Clyde W. Franklin, Jr., Wen L. Li and Laurel R. Walum)

·        Outcome Measures and Social Action Experiments: An Immodest Proposal for Redirecting Research Efforts (Howard E. Freeman)

·        Variations in Introductory Sociology Courses (Howard D. Schwartz and Cary S. Kart)

·        A Note on Teaching Basic Sociological Concepts (Susan O. Gustavus)


The American Sociologist

December 1972 (Volume 7, Number 10) (pdf file; 3.0 MB)

·        Westward Ho! Council Convenes in San Francisco

·        1973 Program Additions

·        Opportunities for Professors Emeriti and Graduate Students in Developing Institutions

·        Suggestions for Annual Program? 1973 Program Closed; 1974 Program Open

·        Research Probed from Policy Implications and New Directions in Graduate Training

·        Panel on Social Experimentation

·        TAS Leaves Tabloid and Returns to Journal Format

·        The Fall and Rise of the Academic Job Market for Sociologists (Kurt Finsterbusch)

·        An Anniversary: 20 Years of Sociological Abstracts

·        Minutes from August 26, 1972 Council Meeting (1972 Council)

·        Minutes from August 27, 1972 Council Meeting (1973 Council)

·        Minutes from August 31-September 1, 1972 Council Meeting (1973 Council)

·        Minutes from August 29-30, 1972 Business Meetings

·        Obituaries: John Kosa



January 1973 (Volume 1, Number 1) (pdf file; 1.6 MB)

·        Fog Lifts as Council Moves at Golden Gate

·        A Note on Footnotes

·        456 New PhDs Seek Employment

·        Committee on Freedom of Research and Teaching (COFRAT) Gets Guidelines for Go at Grievances

·        Free Sociological Inquiry

·        Sex and Publication Credit

·        Economizing Be Hanged; We Need to Add Some New Functionalities on Our Campuses

·        East Europe Turning to Sociologists for Some Answers (Robert G. Kaiser and Dan Morgan)

·        1973 ASA Committees and Representatives

·        International Sociological Association (ISA) Announces the Eighth World Congress of Sociology

·        Short Skis to Cast Editor

·        Obituaries: Thomas Jackson Woofter, Morris Gilmore Caldwell



February 1973 (Volume 1, Number 2) (pdf file; 1.8 MB)

·        Discussion Group Summary: Carmel Conference Ponders Graduate Training Options

·        Last Chance: March 1 Deadline for Directory of Members Entry

·        Annual Meeting Update: Ten Roads to Refreshment in 1973

·        Change in Nominees: Smith for Eckland vs. Thompson

·        ASA on SAS Award: Methodology Selection Committee Announced

·        Five Areas to be Probed: What Have We Learned

·        Open Forum: Howard Schuman , “Introduction to Alien Research”; Lois B. DeFleur, “Squeeze on Discipline”; Herb Costner, “Stratch a Sociologist”; Water R. Gove, “Hardnosed Journal”; Joan Aldous, “Is Anyone Listening”; Charles E. Bidwell, “Skills, Commitments, Capacities”; Kurt W. Back, “Social Value of Science”; Richard L. Simpson, “Let a Hundred Flowers Bloom” Burkart Holzner, “More Time for Doctoral Study”; W. Richard Scott, “New Organizational Forms”; Robert L. Hall, “Create C.A.S.S.”; Robert F. Winch, “A Plurality of Themes”

·        On to Montreal: 1974 Program Committee Meets

·        Interpersonal Rating Scale

·        Clarification: ASA Reprint Policies and Permission Fees

·        Socio-Crostic No. 2 (crossword puzzle)

·        Sociologists on Board: TV Political Advertising to be Collected and Catalogued for Research

·        Guide to Help Community Leaders Use 1970 Census Data

·        Presidential Box: Famous Last Words (from Lester F. Ward’s 1906 ASA Presidential Address)

·        Letter to the Editor: “Change-Agent Delighted” (Robert W. Friedrichs)



March 1973 (Volume 1, Number 3) (pdf file; 2.3 MB)

·        Coleman Prods Government and Probes: Ten Principles Governing Research

·        Facts Confirm Rumors: Training Grants to Terminate

·        Focus and Locus of: Center for Coordination of Research on Social Indicators

·        Open Forum: H.M. Blalock, Jr., “Thoughts on the Development of Sociology”; Gertrude MacFarlane, “On Canadianism”; Joan Huber, “On Criteria for Hiring, Promotion, Tenure”

·        Letter to the Editor: “Whop Drop Boomerang (Paul M. Roman); “Edgar Eats On” (Edgar F. Borgatta)

·        Presidential Box: Famous Last Words (from Albion Small’s 1912 ASA Presidential Address)

·        What’s the Message: Communications to the Executive Office

·        Deaths: Kimball Young, Thomas D. Eliot

·        Obituaries: Samuel Koenig

·        Prometheus Bound? New Archives Invites Participation by Students of Change and Social Policy

·        Notes on Votes: Youth Timid in Turnout in 1972 Presidential Election

·        Anonymous Contribution: Sociological Theorists Comment on 1972 Election

·        Minutes from December 2, 1972 meeting of 1973 Council

·        Minutes from December 3, 1972 Interim meeting of 1973 Council



April 1973 (Volume 1, Number 4) (pdf file; 1.6 MB)

·        NSF Sponsors Six Summer Institutes for Secondary School Teachers in Sociology

·        New Mandate for CSWS

·        Institute International de Sociologie

·        Structure Functions as Council and Committees Convene in Quarterly Confab

·        Open Forum: Philo Wasburn, “On Letters of Recommendation”; David R. Fendrick, “On the Modern-Day Tower of Babel

·        Call for Limericks

·        Afrikaans to Zulu: The Many Tongues of Higher Education

·        Questions and Answers: The NORC National Data Program for the Social Sciences

·        “The Limits of Growth” Explored

·        Note to Sociology Departments: How to Start a Chapter of AKD

·        Sex Semantics from The Vermont Sociologist

·        Scholars Examine Value of Social Scientists in Public Policy (William Chapman, Washington Post Staff Writer, with introduction by Harold J. Laski)

·        A Tribute to Conrad Taeuber

·        Active Amitai: The Many Roles of a Sociologist

·        Letters to the Editor: “Challenge to Council” (Dudley Duncan); Corrections on Soviet Sociology (Wesley A. Fisher)

·        Obituaries: Benjamin Kaplan



May 1973 (Volume 1, Number 5) (pdf file; 2.6 MB)

·        New ASA Publication: The Status of Women in Sociology, 1968-1972

·        How Far from Providence? Participation in the Annual Program: Preliminary Report

·        Ida Harper Simpson to Edit Rose Monograph Series

·        Undergraduate Education Asserts that “The Best is Last”--On ASA New York Program

·        Letters to the Editor: “Graduate Training Options” (Ludwig L. Geismar); “Response to Geismar” (Herbert L. Costner); “Michigan Program” (John E. Tropman); “Scale Trail” (Carl L. Harter); “A Response to Coleman’s ‘Ten Principles Governing Policy Research [March 1973]” (Ivan Chapman); “Brockinvwestrange” (Don Brockway III); “Letters of Recommendation” (Richard J. Hill); “Support Robert Bellah” (Jessie Bernard); “Undergraduate Section Newsletter” (Melvin J. Williams); “Response to Blalock” (Jiri Kolaja); “Imaginative Fee Structure” (David R. Carlin); “Purge of Radical Sociologists” (Jack Nusan Porter); “Personal Tribute to Warner E. Gettys” (Reece McGee)

·        Methodology Section Sponsors Training Institute

·        Grantsmanship and Other Matters

·        Federal Service Entrance Examinations

·        Backlash Mounts for Women and Minorities: Reverse Bias Alleged in College Hiring (Bart Barnes)

·        A Strategy for Science Education in the 1970s

·        Impressions from a Romanian Sociologist: Among Social Scientists in America (Erno Gall)

·        Pittsburgh Launches an Applied Sociology Program

·        Where Do You Publish? Sociologists to Compile Directory of Journals

·        “The American Soldier” Revisited

·        Lloyd Rogler Appointed to National Advisory Mental Health Council

·        Obituaries: Kimball Young, John J. Kane

·        Call for Syllabi and Reading Lists on World Conflicts

·        Minutes of March 3-4, 1973 meeting of the 1973 Council



August 1973 (Volume 1, Number 6) (pdf file; 6.6 MB)

·        President-Elect Peter Blau Posts Plans for 1975 Montreal Meeting

·        Presidential Perspective from New York: The Year in Review (Mirra Komarovsky)

·        Our New President Peter Blau (Peter H. Rossi)

·        Panels to Probe Publishing and Federal Research Funding

·        Election Results: Coser President, Smelser Vice President, Form Secretary

·        Change in By-Laws Proposed: Vote on Nominations Procedures Scheduled

·        Special Fund Created and Study Groups on Theoretical and Methodological Issues Authorized

·        Faulty Engineers or Neglected Experts?

·        A Mentor of Sociologists [Talcott Parsons] Retires After 42 Years at Harvard Post (Robert Reinhold)

·        Open Forum: “Reactions to Coleman on Policy Research” (LaMar T. Empey); “The Problem of ‘Policy’” (Edmund Volkart); “On Obstacles to the Development of New Fields in Sociology” (Robert C. Atchley); “Editor of ASR Responds” (James F. Short, Jr.); “Editor of Sociometry Responds” (Richard J. Hill)

·        Letters to the Editor: “Grievances” (Peter H. Rossi); “Response to Blalock” (Morton King); “Utopias, Power, Love” (Don Brockway III); “No Purge” (Nicholas J. Demerath); “GRE Scores Again” (James W. Loewen); “Urge Affirmative Action” (Marjorie G. Kelley); “Need for Data” (Joan Huber); “Letter to Skewed Association” (Marshall I. Farkas); “CSWS Protest” (Cora Bagley Marrett, Rose Laub Coser, Karen O. Mason, Shirley Nuss, Murray A. Straus, James Sweet, Lenore J. Weitzman); “Letters of Recommendation Revisited” (Philo Wasburn); “Letters Controversy” (James Boudoris)

·        The Academic Woman . . . Male vs. Female: A Bread-and-Butter Issue

·        Support and Promote Affirmative Action Programs

·        Capitol Gains

·        Obituaries: Henry Allen Bullock, Serwood Dean Fox

·        Report of the Secretary (J. Milton Yinger)

·        Report of the Executive Officer (Otto N. Larsen)

·        Report of the Executive Specialist for Minorities and Women (Maurice Jackson)

·        Editors’ Reports

·        Committee Reports

·        Minutes from the June 2-3, 1974 meeting of the 1973 Council



October 1973 (Volume 1, Number 7)

·        Million Dollar Minority Fellowship Program

·        Guidelines for Funding New Approaches to Problems of the Discipline

·        Joan R. Harris Named ASA Executive Specialist for Minorities and Women

·        Membership Categories May Be Revised As Canadian Call for Constitutional Revision Heeded

·        Open Forum: “The Sociological Condition: A Response to Blalock” (Ann E. Davis

·        Section Resurrection: Social Psychology Lives Again

·        Everything High at 68th Annual Meeting

·        $10,000 to ISA for 8th World Congress

·        ASA Presidents Parley in New York

·        Questions and Answers from the New York Program

·        Letters: “Competition for What Ales Us” (Saul D. Feldman; “ASA Membership Trends: Correction” (Robert A. Rothman); “Annual Meeting Program” (Y. Michal Bodemann)

·        Academies Elect Sociologists to Membership

·        Awards of NATO Senior Fellowships in Science

·        NIE Research Policy Announced

·        Sociologists on NIE Review Panels

·        Deaths: Erwin O. Smigel, Emory S. Bogardus

·        Obituaries: Sigurd Johansen, Warner Ensign Gettys



November 1973 (Volume 1, Number 8) (pdf file; 4.3 MB)

·        Elections Loom with Western Bloom: Blalock and Short to Vie for Presidency; Inkeles and Simon for Vice-Presidency

·        ASA Annual Awards

·        Open Forum: “The Statistician in Sociology: Some Recent Levels of Pain” (Sanford Labovitz)

·        Eight Candidates for Four Council Positions

·        Final Call for Papers: Fifteen Sessions Added to 1974 Program in Montreal

·        Americans Involved in Planning for International Meetings in Israel and Greece

·        An Easy Way to Analyze Qualitative Variables

·        ASA Council Member (Renee Fox) Selected as Visiting Scholar

·        The 1973 Academic Job Market for Sociologists (Kurt Finsterbusch)

·        Fewer Openings: Sociologists Still in Demand, but Job Outlook Is Clouded

·        Zelditch and (Helen) Hughes Appointed as New ASA Editors (Zelditch ASR, Hughes ASA Reader Series on Issues and Trends in Sociology)

·        Committee on Professional Ethics Calls for Cases

·        Massachusetts Senate Adopts Resolution for the Employment of Sociologists

·        PSAC: Last Hurrah from Panel on Youth (John Walsh)

·        Major Opportunity for Research in Washington, DC (National Institute of Law Enforcement and Criminal Justice Fellowship)

·        Postscripts to a Presidential Address (Russell Dynes, from North Central Sociological Association, May 10, 1973)

·        Call for Mimeographed Papers: New NCSA Directory Established

·        Obituaries: Emory Stephen Bogardus



December 1973 (Volume 1, Number 9) (pdf file; 3.0 MB)

·        Bennett Berger to Edit Contemporary Sociology

·        New ASA Directory of Members and Guide to Graduate Departments Available

·        Dues Billing Delayed for 1974 Membership Renewal

·        1974 ASA Committees and Representatives

·        Open Forum: “Affirmative Action in Action” (Edgar Borgatta)

·        Affirmative Action--Affirmative Results? (Maurice Jackson)

·        Letters to the Editor: “A Very Small Fable for Our Times” (Midred Seltzer); “Correspondence on Conflict Methodology between Peter M. Blau, ASA President, and T.R. Young, Director, The Red Feature Institute” (Peter Blau, T.R. Young); “Committee Calls for Aid to Chile” (Maurice Zeitlin); “Perchilda from Pullerchild, Washington” (William R. Catton, Jr.); “Kudos for Karate” (Erwin Krohl)

·        Annual Membership Dues Rates

·        Minutes from August 30, 1973 meeting of the 1974 Council

·        Minutes from August 29, 1973 Business Meeting

·        Call for Nominations for ASA Sorokin and Stouffer Awards

·        Nominations Opened and Canadians Internationalized as Members Vote to Revise ASA By-Laws

·        Auditor’s Report, June 30, 1973



January 1974 (Volume 2, Number 1) (pdf file; 1.6 MB)

·        Editorial: Footnotes, One Year Later

·        1975 Program Committee Solicits Suggestions for San Francisco Meeting

·        Sociologists Meet in Chicago for Undergraduate Workshop Organized by Hans Mauksch

·        Roster of Sociologists Available: 460 New PhDs Seek Employment

·        Certification Requirements for Teaching Psychology, Sociology, and Anthropology in Secondary Schools (Margo Johnson, APA)

·        Sociology Honor Society Invites Chapter Applications

·        A Year of Experience in Undergraduate Innovative Learning in Brigham Young Program

·        Sociologists Among Fulbright-Hays Foreign Scholars in U.S. in 1973-74

·        Sociologists Work in Agency for International Development

·        Sociology and Foreign Policy: Peter Blau Represents ASA at State Department Conference

·        PSA Call for Research Papers by Undergraduates

·        New Postdoctoral Fellowship Program Announced

·        A Modest Proposal (Et tu Sociology?) (John Condry)

·        A Tribute to Maurice Jackson by the Caucus of Black Sociologists

·        Washington University-St. Louis Launches Departmental Newsletter

·        Nutrition and and the Behavioral Sciences

·        Sociological Organizations on the Intra-Regional Level

·        How ASA Responds to Threats Against Freedom of Research and Teaching

·        ASA Announces Graduate Fellowships for Minority Students, 1974-75



February 1974 (Volume 2, Number 2) (pdf file; 2.1 MB)

·        Doubleheader in Canada: Eighth World Congress of Sociology, Canadian Sociological and Anthropological Association, and ASA Annual Meeting All to be Held in August 1974

·        Open Nominations Add 15 Candidates to 1974 Election Ballot

·        Working Papers: Innovation and Invitation (Peter Blau)

·        Open Forum: “Expanding the Labor Market for Sociologists” (Lawrence Rhoades)

·        Where in the World is ASA? (about foreign members)

·        SWS and CSWSD Announce Legislation Project for Sociologists

·        SSRC Launches Committee on Work and Personality in the Middle Years

·        Letters to the Editor: “Response to Labovitz” (Franklyn Nelson)

·        Obituaries: James D. Thompson, Erwin O. Smigel, Mason Griff, James Mickel Williams

·        Sociologists in ARI (U.S. Army Research Institute): A New Name, a New Approach to Social Research in the Army

·        Minutes of December 1, 1974 meeting of 1974 Council

·        Program for International Sociological Association Eighth World Congress of Sociology on “Science and Revolution in Contemporary Societies” (August 18-24, 1974, Toronto)



March 1974 (Volume 2, Number 3) (pdf file; 1.4 MB)

·        What is a Sociologist? U.S. Department of Labor to Revise the Dictionary of Occupational Titles

·        Request for Information: A Study of the Confidentiality of Social Science Research Sources and Data

·        Focus on Social Structure Sharpens as 25 Features are Announced for 69th Annual Meeting in Montreal

·        Social Research and Development: Notes on the Budget of the U.S. for FY1975

·        U.S. Civil Service Commission Moves to Strengthen Relations with Universities

·        No Run on RANN by Sociologists: Small Turnout Yields Large Grants for Research Applied to National Needs

·        Letters to the Editor: “Data on ASA Election” (Peter Blau); “Negative Reaction to Affirmative Action” (Pierre van den Berghe); “On Conflict Methodology” (Hin-Wai Wong); “The Statistician in Sociology” (Julia Mewes)

·        University Presidents Call for Aid to Chilean Scholars

·        Faculty Recruitment and Affirmative Action (Linda Kumi, ASA Research Assistant)

·        ASR Leads ASA Publication Circulation in 1973



April 1974 (Volume 2, Number 4) (pdf file; 1.4 MB)

·        Facts Compiled from Directory: Non-Academic Employment of ASA Members

·        ASA Council Makes New Appointments

·        G. Franklin Edwards and Ralph Turner to Represent ASA in ISA

·        Committee on Environmental Sociology Appointed

·        ASA Council Member Orville Brim, Jr., Heads Foundation for Child Development

·        Search Committee for New ASA Executive Officer

·        Open Forum: “A Possible Way to Increase Employment Opportunities for Sociologists” (Paul Snyder); “The Challenge of New Roles for Sociologists in Academic and Non-Academic Settings” (Annabelle B. Motz); “Boundary Maintenance and Shiboleths in the Grove of Academe” (B. Eugene Griessman)

·        Q’s and A’s About the ASA

·        Interdisciplinary Cooperation Brings Social Science to High Schools

·        Letters to the Editor: Letter to Leonid Brezhnev from Peter Blau; “Comment on Edgar Borgatta, ‘Affirmative Action in Action’” (Joan Huber); “Rejoinder to Joan Huber” (Edgar Borgatta); “Love, Sociological Style” (Bob Sessions); “Employment” (Arlene Kershaw); “Summation” (Werner D. von der Ohe); “Response from ISA” (Reuben Hill); “Environmental Sociology” (Joel Smith); “Footnotes Fan” (Gerald Marwell)

·        Jessie Bernard Wins Stuart Rice Merit Award

·        Institute of International Sociology Celebrates Sixth Anniversary



May 1974 (Volume 2, Number 5) (pdf file; 1.4 MB)

·        First Problems of the Discipline Grants Awarded

·        Schedule Lengthened, Fees Altered for Annual Meeting in Montreal

·        Authors to ASA Journal Articles to Share Equally in Reprint Fee Revenue

·        Council Meets for Mid-Year Review

·        Sociology, Energy, and the NSF Budget

·        1970 Census Public Use Sample Data File Available

·        SSSP Meetings in Montreal to Feature International Perspectives on Equal Rights

·        Survey Research Problems Getting Worse, Study Says

·        AKD Now 50 Years Old

·        Q’s and A’s About the ASA

·        Letter from Theodore Roosevelt to American Sociological Society for Sale at $250

·        Minutes from March 9, 1974 meeting of 1974 Council



August 1974 (Volume 2, Number 6) (pdf file; 4.3 MB)

·        President-Elect Lewis Coser Posts Plans for San Francisco Meeting

·        Presidential Perspective from Montreal: The Year in Review (ASA President Peter Blau)

·        International Flavor Marks Montreal Meeting

·        Portrait of New President Lewis Coser

·        1975 Annual Meeting: Call for Papers

·        Secretary J. Milton Yinger Sums Up Three Year Term

·        Alfred McClung Lee New President-Elect; Alex Inkeles New Vice President-Elect

·        NIMH Offers Research Opportunities at ASA

·        New ASA Appointments: William A. Anderson, Director of Minority Fellowship Program; Lawrence J. Rhoades New Executive Associate

·        Questions and Answers from the Montreal Program

·        Open Forum: “Erase Homo Sapiens” (John James); “Possible Nominees for 1973-76 ASA Offices” (Albert D. Biderman); “Sociology and Social Policy” (Pamela Roby); “A New Course Proposal: Sociology in Practice” (Jack Nusan Porter); “A Conventional Method of Extracting Eigenvalues and Eigenvectors” (Larry Chase); “Does the Ivory Tower Turn to Plastic in the Real World?” (Margaret DiCanio); “Organizing the Profession at the State Level” (Lawrence J. Rhoades)

·        Letters to the Editor: “Legal Rationale for the Sociologist’s Role in Researching Social Impacts” (Pamela Dee Savatsky); “Chilling Response” (R.P. Cuzzort); “Gouldner’s ‘Is’” (Don Martindale); “Seminal Plot” (Mary Schwab); “Response to Motz” (Stephanie Garrett); “To: Dean of Faculty” (Stanley Grupp)

·        Obituaries: Irene Barnes Taeuber

·        Report of the Executive Officer (Otto Larsen)

·        Report of the Executive Specialist for Minorities and Women (Joan Harris)

·        Editors’ Reports

·        Committee Reports

·        Representative Reports

·        Section Reports

·        Minutes of June 1, 1974 meeting of 1974 Council



October 1974 (Volume 2, Number 7) (pdf file; 2.4 MB)

·        1975 Program Supplement

·        ASA Launches Study to Improve Undergraduate Programs in Sociology

·        First 20 MFP Fellows Start Training; Applications Open for Second Round

·        Open Forum: “Colony Hutterites as Research Subjects” (S.C. Lee); “Inside the Corps of Engineers” (E. Jackson Baur)

·        Photos from 1974 Annual Meeting in Montreal

·        Social Forces Marks Golden Anniversary

·        Computer-Based Undergraduate Curriculum Materials Exchange

·        National Academy of Sciences and American Academy of Arts and Sciences Elect Sociologists to Membership

·        New Source of Info on Personalized Instructional Methods

·        Boys Town Center for Youth Development at Stanford

·        Invitation for Research on TV and Social Behavior

·        Letters to the Editor: “What Is the Use of Statistics in Sociology?” (Hung-tak Lee); “Response to RANN” (D.S. Mileti); “Affirmative Action” (Kenneth R. Temblay, Jr.); “Affirmative Action without Affirmative Results: The Irony of Affirmative Action in Action” (Bhagwati P.K. Poddar); “Scolded” (Jessie Bernard); “Constructing Social Systems” (Bernard Phillips)

·        AAAS Seeks College Teachers for Short Course Program

·        Materials Sought for Exhibits on Exemplary Social Graphics

·        Protection of the Subjects of Social Research

·        Conference on Transnational Problems

·        Sociologist David Goslin Named Executive Director of NRC Assembly of Behavioral and Social Sciences

·        Obituaries: F. Stuart Chapin, Carl Mayer, Ivan Vallier, James M. Reinhardt, Edmund deSchweinitz Brunner, Mark Benney

·        Socio-Crostic #3 (crossword puzzle, by Gerald Marwell)



November 1974 (Volume 2, Number 8) (pdf file; 2.3 MB)

·        ASA Renews Grants for Problems of the Discipline

·        ASA Committee Selects Candidates for 1975

·        Open Nominations Procedures Outlined

·        Undergraduate Study Seeks Proposals

·        Suggestions Solicited for 1976 Annual Meeting Program

·        Open Forum: “Inside the Committee on Nominations” (Richard Hall); “Cultural Lag in Sociology: A Byte of a Minority Problem” (C. Jack Gilchrist, Fred S. Halley, John Sonquist); “Toward a More Appropriate Bibliography” (Warren Hagstrom, Gerald Marwell, Kenneth Newton)

·        Otis Dudley Duncan and Leo A. Goodman Receive 1974 Stouffer Award

·        HUD Grants for Dissertation Research

·        Executive Officer Establishes New Links to Committees

·        Two Sessions Added to 1975 Program

·        Sorokin Award to Clifford Geertz and Christopher Jencks

·        Minority Fellowship Deadline Set

·        Graduate Departments Report Downward Trend in Undergraduate Enrollments

·        Graduate Departments Cite Areas of Competent Training

·        Council Takes Action on ASA Publications

·        Help for Handicapped Students Solicited

·        Pictures from 1974 Annual Meeting DAN Night

·        Obituaries: J.L. Moreno

·        Programs Offered on Western Europe

·        Questions and Answers on Areas of Sociological Competence

·        Non-Sexist Terminology

·        1975 PhD Roster Forms

·        Minutes from August 26, 1974 meeting of 1974 Council

·        Auditor’s Report, June 30, 1974



December 1974 (Volume 2, Number 9) (pdf file; 2.1 MB)

·        New Editors Appointed for ASA Journals (Doris Entwisle SOE, Allen Grimshaw TAS, Mary Goss JHSB)

·        Working Paper Sessions Retained for 1975 Annual Meeting

·        Unfunded ASA Fellows Named

·        ASA Executive Specialist for Minorities and Women Sought

·        Director for ASA Minority Fellowship Program Sought

·        Call for Topics and Presenters for 1976 Didactic Seminars

·        Open Forum: Otis Dudley Duncan Requests Reconsideration of Stouffer Award (says Leo Goodman should be sole recipient); Leo Goodman Seeks Broader Mandate for Stouffer Award

·        Letters to the Editor: “University of Karachi Needs Books” (Marvin Sussman); “African Teacher Wants Books” (Julius Chiwata)

·        NSF Announces 46 Sociology Research Grants

·        Sociologists Serve as LEAA Fellows; More Fellowships Open

·        Rutgers Searches For Non-Academic Jobs for Sociologists

·        NRC Research Associateships

·        Minority Fellowship Deadline

·        Sociologists Named Fulbright-Hays Scholars

·        Russell Sage Offers Resident Fellowships

·        Procedures Outlined for Sending Address Changes to ASA Office

·        Transfer Student Problem Cited; Action Urged

·        Record Voter Turnout Recorded for First ASA Presidential Runoff

·        Summer Fellowships in Mental Health

·        1975 Program Adds Social Indicator Session

·        Manuscripts Solicited for Rose Monograph Series

·        Sociologist Samuel Stern Writes Column for Weekly Newspaper

·        More Sociology Majors Gained Than Lost to Other Disciplines

·        Comparison of Annual Meetings Shows Stability, Change

·        Guinean Professor Seeks Correspondent (Merton Bland)

·        Nominations Sought for ASA Awards

·        Academic Job Market Report: Some Good News and Some Bad News

·        Obituaries: Harold W. Saunders

·        Training in Genetics Available Summer 1974

·        American Association for Public Opinion Research Seeks Student Papers for Competition

·        Photographs Wanted for Traveling Exhibit

·        Media Internships Offered by AAAS

·        ASA Executive Office Located at Landmark Address in Washington



January 1975 (Volume 3, Number 1) (pdf file; 2.1 MB)

·        ASA Committee Appointments and Representatives

·        NSF Program Outlined; Emphasized Areas Cited (by Larry Rhoades, ASA Executive Associate; first in a series of articles on the research mission and interests of federal agencies)

·        Plenary Sessions, Thematic Panels for 1975 Annual Meeting in San Francisco

·        NEH Summer Seminars Offered to Undergraduate Teachers

·        Job Hunting Hints Given to Undergraduate Majors

·        Open Forum: “Discriminatory Practices Against Non-Citizens Assailed” (Bradley W. Parlin and Kooros M. Mahmondi)

·        Letters to the Editor: “Wants Information on Rejected Proposals” (Donald B. Wallace); “Turnaround Time” (Daniel Koenig)

·        Elbridge Sibley Traces 50-Year History of SSRC

·        Sociological Methodology 1975 Available

·        Limits to Growth Offers $20,000 In Prizes for Research Papers

·        New PhD Roster for Sale

·        Graduate Departments Included in 1975 Guide

·        Policy Change on Page Charges May Yield Funds for ASA Journals

·        Women and Minorities in Sociology: Findings from Annual ASA Audit (Joan R. Harris, ASA Executive Specialist for Minorities and Women)

·        Call for Papers on Auto Safety

·        Social Indicator Publications Ready

·        State Associations Increase to 20

·        Sources for Information on Federal Jobs

·        New Committee on Annual Meeting Child Care Seeks Volunteers

·        Sociologists Active in ACLS

·        Nominations Invited for ASA DuBois-Johnson-Frazier Award

·        State Department Offers Internships in Intercultural Communications

·        Summary Institute in Survey Research Techniques

·        Candidates Sought for ASA Executive Posts

·        Applied Communication Research, Inc. Seeks Innovations in Disseminating Scientific, Technical Information

·        Applied Sociology Yields Environmental Awards

·        Evaluation Research Training Offered by New Sociological and Demographic Institute at the University of Massachusetts

·        Questionnaires for 1975 Directory of Members Mailed

·        International Journal on Language Problems Seeks Articles

·        NSF Publications on Programs, Grants, Rules, and Procedures

·        Fulbright-Hays Program Seeks Applications

·        Problems of the Discipline Grant Proposal Deadline: February 1



February 1975 (Volume 3, Number 2) (pdf file; 2.8 MB)

·        Council Acts on Resolutions from Annual Business Meeting

·        Open Nomination Process Adds 17 Candidates to 1975 Ballot

·        501 New PhDs Seeking Jobs

·        13 Didactic Seminars Announced for Annual Meeting in San Francisco

·        Federal Control: Debate Rates Over Rules for Research

·        Self Control: Ethics Committee Concerns Cited; Reactions Invited (Cynthia Fuchs Epstein)

·        Open Forum: “Stouffer Committee Affirms Action; Asks for Mandate Interpretation” (John A. Clausen); “Hors d’oeuvres: Threat or Menace” (Roy Lotz and Robert M. Regoli); “Comments on Issues Related to Environmental Sociology” (Patrick C. Jobes)

·        Letters to the Editor: “New Sampling Designs” (Riley E. Dunlap)

·        Rockefeller-Form Program Invites Applications for Policy Research

·        Renee Fox to Serve Second Year as Phi Beta Kappa Visiting Scholar

·        AKD Elects Officers, Adds Chapters and Contest

·        Sociological Focus Sharpens “Focus on Policy”

·        Michigan State University Holds Workshop on Visual Methods

·        NEH Supports 22 Humanistically-Oriented Projects

·        First Undergraduate Audit Compares Graduate and Undergraduate Departments (Joan R. Harris, ASA Executive Specialist for Minorities and Women)

·        Six Sociologists Visit U.S. Under Fulbright-Hays Program

·        Video Tapes, Monograph Series Issued by International Sociological Association

·        ASA Directory Mailing Rescheduled for March

·        Minorities and Women: Notes on Guidelines to Affirmative Action (Joan R. Harris, ASA Executive Specialist for Minorities and Women)

·        Immigration History Research Center at University of Minnesota Offers Research Funds to Study White Ethnic Groups

·        Social Problems Solicits Manuscripts for Special Issue on Women

·        Integrity of Federal Statistics Systems Scrutinized by ASA Committee on Government Statistics

·        Roper Center Prepares Survey Trend Data for Social Indicator Research

·        Notre Dame Council Endorses Part-Time Faculty Appointments

·        ERIC Clearinghouse on Urban Education Seeks Assessments of Four Areas in Education

·        British Survey Center Offers Fellowships

·        Journal of Social Issues Extends Call for Papers

·        Institut International de Sociologie to Hold 26th International Congress

·        Update on ASA Project on Undergraduate Education

·        Socio-Crostic #4 (William Petersen)

·        Minutes from December 7, 1974, meeting of 1975 Council

·        Obituaries: Bernard Sklar, Joseph Bram



March 1975 (Volume 3, Number 3) (pdf file; 1.5 MB)

·        Hans Mauksch Named ASA Executive Officer

·        Professional Workshops Added to 1975 Program

·        NIMH Cites Social Science Research Interests and Funding (Larry Rhoades, ASA Executive Associate)

·        Group Flights to San Francisco Meeting

·        Retired Sociologists Wanted for Registry

·        Roper Center Data Bank Provides Opportunities for Secondary Analysis

·        Minorities and Women: DuBois Conference Papers Summarized (Joan R. Harris, ASA Executive Specialist for Minorities and Women)

·        NIMH Announces Basic and Applied Grants to Sociologists for 78 Projects

·        SSRC Workshops and Fellowships Offered on Criminal Justice Indicators

·        AAAS Congressional Fellows Program Seeks Candidates

·        Travel Research Association Announces Contest for Student Papers on Travel or Tourism

·        Info on Data Banks Wanted for Footnotes Listing



April 1975 (Volume 3, Number 4) (pdf file; 2.6 MB)

·        Social R&D Study May Set Terms for National Debate

·        National Center for Public Service Internship Programs

·        Author’s Guide to Selected Journals Launches New ASA Series

·        State Associations Exploring Role in Several Areas

·        New Sections on Marxist and Environmental Sociology Forming for 1976

·        Special Vote Scheduled on ASA Constitutional Issues

·        Open Forum: “Blalock Replies to Duncan on Methodology” (H.M. Blalock, Jr.); “Metric Conversion: Study Needed” (Saul D. Feldman); “Quantification: No Substitution for Insight” (Charles P. Flynn)

·        DC Sociological Society Gives Employment Assistance to Sociology Majors (Steven Cades)

·        Arithmetical Statistics: A Different Approach (Richard G. Lefkon)

·        Undergraduate Sociology Curriculum Emphasizes “Practical” Courses

·        Black Doctorates in Sociology Total 185; 53 Added Since 1968

·        Roster of Black Doctorates Ready

·        Did ASA Start Trend to Washington?

·        NIE Provides Funding for 27 Sociology Projects

·        University of Chicago Expands Post-Doc Program

·        SWS Seeking Input for Publications

·        Salisbury State College Offers Academic Credit to Students Attending Annual Meeting

·        New Volume Relates Social Policy to Sociology

·        Letters to the Editor: “Cussler Legal Defense Fund” (Herbert Blumer, Lewis A. Coser, Alfred McClung Lee, Albert J. McQueen, Stanton Wheeler, Charlotte Wolf, Arlene Kaplan Daniels, Carelton W. Smith); “SWS Pleased with Child Care” (Judith Lorber); “Affirmative Action Column Draws Comment” (Edgar F. Borgatta); “Parsons Restates View on Research Needs” (Carole W. Parsons); “Journal Editor Replies on Turnaround Problem” (Gary H. Winkel); “Taiwan Department Seeks Ties with U.S. Counterparts” (Daniel Ross)

·        Minorities and Women: Report on Roster Workshop (Joan R. Harris, ASA Executive Specialist for Minorities and Women)

·        NEXU.S.: Only a Phone Call Away!

·        World Health Organization Offers Travel Funds

·        Texas Christian University Establishes Data Center on Drug Abuse

·        Obituaries: Leonard Reissman, Thomas F. O’Dea, Joseph H. Bunzel, John F. O’Rourke, Joseph Kelly Johnson, Frank J. Cannavale, Jr., Miron Constantinescu, Carl Martin Rosenquist

·        Researchers Seek Info on Legal Regulation of Life Styles

·        ISI Offers Philadelphia Tours to Scientists During Bicentennial

·        Social Science Quarterly Seeks Manuscripts for Special Issue on Society and Scarcity

·        New Section on World Conflicts in Formation

·        Japan Society Announces Grants



May 1975 (Volume 3, Number 5) (pdf file; 2.7 MB)

·        39 ASA Minority Fellows Named; Some Funding Needed

·        Council Establishes 12-Week Reporting Rule for Editors

·        ASA Runoff Election Required for President, Vice President

·        Undergraduate Project Attracts 75 Volunteers

·        First Annual ASA “Roast” Set for San Francisco Meeting

·        ASA in 1980: Counsel to Council on Planning (Otto N. Larsen, ASA Executive Officer)

·        Open Forum: “Sewell Responds to Proxmire on NSF Funding of Basic Research” (William H. Sewell); “Comments on Multiple Submissions Policy” (A. Emerson Smith); “Training Needs for Non-Academic Jobs Cited” (Edward E. Harris)

·        ASA Committee Seeks Information from Non-Academic Sociologists (Leonard I. Pearlin)

·        Ethnographic Study Proposals Sought

·        Foundation Center Provides Information on Funding by Foundations

·        Child Care Committee Reports on Arrangements for San Francisco Meeting (Jerome H. Skolnick)

·        Assembly Charged with Relating Social Science to Government Policy

·        Professional Workshop Participants Announced

·        NEH Wants Proposals for Summer Seminars

·        Planned Change Proposals Sought for Award Competition

·        Committee on Status of Women in Sociology Schedules Open Session for Annual Meeting

·        German Marshall Fund Offers Fellowships for Work on Industrial Societies

·        Letters to the Editor: “Change Proposed in ASA Ballot” (Ithiel de Sola Pool); “Would You Respond to This Vacancy Ad?” (Charles Burton); “ISA Deviance Committee Outlines Major Goals” (Jim Hackler); “Wants Tables, Figures Inserted in Text” (Warren O. Hagstrom)

·        Regional Science Association Announces Dissertation Award

·        Minutes from March 8, 1975, meeting of 1975 Council

·        AAAS Seeks Papers for Psychological-Social-Cultural Prize

·        Call for Papers for Third Conference on Behavior Research and Technology in Higher Education

·        Deaths: Ely Chinoy, Caroline Rose

·        Second Round of Proposals on Teaching Undergraduate Sociology Due in October



August 1975 (Volume 3, Number 6) (pdf file; 3.8 MB)

·        Sociology for Whom? President-Elect Alfred McClung Lee States 1976 Program Theme

·        Conflict and Dissensus: President Lewis Coser Underscores Program Theme for San Francisco

·        Amnesty Statement Endorsed; Members Split on ASA Action

·        Registry of Retired Sociologists Available

·        Special Phone Number for San Francisco Meeting

·        Study in Contrasts: Portrait of New ASA President Alfred McClung Lee

·        70th Annual Meeting Sets Participation Records

·        Open Forum: “ASA Editors Not Paradigm Enforcers; Mirror Work of Profession” (Lee Freese); “Calls for ASA Initiatives on Research Rules” (John R. Maiolo)

·        Deadlines and Procedures Posted for 1976 Annual Meeting in New York

·        1975 ASA Directory of Members Available

·        SSSI Notes Newsletter

·        ASA Author’s Guide to Selected Journals Available

·        Lucy W. Sells Named ASA Executive Specialist for Minorities and Women

·        Proposals Wanted by ASA Undergraduate Sociology Project

·        Phillip Carey Named ASA Minority Fellowship Program Director

·        ISA 9th World Congress to be Held in Uppsala, Sweden

·        Pacific Sociological Association Adopts Bicentennial Theme for 1976 Meeting

·        Bicentennial Youth Debates Program Invites Participants

·        Social Science Information Service Seeks Research Findings on Pending Legislation

·        New Journal, Sociological Practice, Announced

·        Richard Yinger Seeks New Specialty Based on Extraterrestrial Life

·        Wilson Fellowships Offer Support for Major Scholarly Undertakings

·        RANN Offers Disaster Research Funding

·        Quizzical Guide to San Francisco Program Sessions

·        Report of the ASA Executive Officer (Otto N. Larsen)

·        Report of the Secretary (William Form)

·        Committee Reports

·        Editors’ Reports

·        Section Reports

·        Representative Reports

·        Special Report of the Investigation of the Commitment to Affirmative Action by the University of California-Berkeley Department of Sociology

·        Obituaries: Carl Cleveland Taylor, Caroline B. Rose, Oliver Cromwell Cox

·        Runoff Vote Elects J. Milton Yinger ASA President and Suzanne Keller Vice President

·        Problems of the Discipline Grants Announced

·        Minority Program Strengthened by Spivack Fellowship Grants

·        First ASA President Lester Frank Ward Memorialized in Cathedral



October 1975 (Volume 3, Number 7) (pdf file; 1.3 MB)

·        Sorokin Award Presented to Immanuel Wallerstein; Stouffer Award Presented to Harrison White

·        Council Ruling Requires Membership for Program Participation

·        R&D Funding at State Level Quadruples

·        About the 1975 Meeting Held in San Francisco

·        1976 RANN Objectives Outlined

·        Open Forum: “Sociologists Need to Address Foundational Issues of Discipline” (Stephen Turner)

·        A Glossary of Sociological Terms (Arthur E. Nudelman, Donald H. Smith, Barbara E. Nudelman, James B. Haugh)

·        New Social Indicators Edition Adds Three Areas

·        High School Students Given College Introduction to Social Sciences

·        NAS Admits One Sociologist Among 14 New Candidates

·        NSF Programs Provide Support for Student Research Projects

·        Student Assistants Provided by AID

·        Letters to the Editor: “Suggests Career Option: Management Consultant” (Linda Pappas); “Quantification Needed in Sociology as Well” (David F. Greenberg)

·        Talmon Competition Wants Manuscripts

·        Invitation for Proposals on Teaching Undergraduate Sociology

·        A Note from the New Editor of The American Sociologist (Alan D. Grimshaw)

·        American Academy of Arts and Sciences Honors Seven Sociologists

·        Guggenheim Grants Awarded to Nine Sociologists



November 1975 (Volume 3, Number 8) (pdf file; 1.2 MB)

·        Sessions Added for 1976 Program

·        Candidates Selected for 1976 Elections

·        Open Nominations Procedure

·        Open Forum: “On Publishing” (Helena Z. Lopata)

·        Letters to the Editor: “In Memory of Oliver C. Cox” (Edward Harris and Rhoda Lois Goldstein); “Sociologists Gay Caucus” (Steering Committee)

·        Order Form for 1975 Convention Cassettes

·        Obituaries: Rupert Bayless Vance, Lathrop V. Beale, Benjamin F. McLuckie, Floyd Nelson House, Tilman M. Cantrell

·        Auditor’s Report, June 30, 1975

·        ASA Publication on Sociologists in Non-Academic Employment Available

·        Invitation to Participate in Program of Undergraduate Teaching Recognition



December 1975 (Volume 3, Number 9) (pdf file; 1.5 MB)

·        Council Changes Fiscal Year to Calendar Year; Begins Long Range Planning

·        New Policies for ASA Publications

·        1976 Program Reminder

·        Political Scientists Give American Sociological Review High Ratings

·        Open Forum: “Justice and Affirmative Action” (Paul Riedesel); “Affirmative Action and Principled Ethics” (Stephen K. Sanderson); “Affirmative Action Continued” (Richard D. Alba)

·        Obituaries: Ely Chinoy

·        Minority Fellowship Program Application Deadline

·        Sociologists Elected to Institute of Medicine

·        Minutes from August 30, 1975, meeting of 1976 Council



January 1976 (Volume 4, Number 1) (pdf file; 1.5 MB)

·        Reaction to ASA Report on Integrity of Federal Statistics

·        Mathematics, Minorities and Women (Lucy W. Sells, ASA Executive Specialist for Minorities and Women)

·        Survey Conducted on Teacher Development in Sociology (Bill Ewens, Diane Emling)

·        Inaugural Remarks by ASA President Alfred McClung Lee (from 1975 Annual Meeting Business Meeting)

·        Deaths: Arthur J. Field

·        Open Forum: “In Response to Helena Lopata” (Bernard Goldstein, Arlene Kaplan Daniels); “A Journal of Abstracts” (Lee H. Bowker)

·        Workshop on Faculty Development to be Held in Philadelphia

·        State Department Seeks Qualified Consultants



February 1976 (Volume 4, Number 2) (pdf file; 1.5 MB)

·        Council Meetings to be Open to Members

·        NSF Issues Guidelines for New Program on Research Initiation and Support

·        National Science Board Notes Social Science Deficiencies

·        Minority Fellowship Program Enters Third Year

·        Council Takes Action on Ethics, Conditions of Research and Teaching

·        Notes from the International Sociological Association

·        1976 ASA Committees and Representatives

·        Presidents of State Associations Recommend Actions

·        Mental Health Postdoctoral Training Program in Quantitative Anthropology (at University of California-Berkeley)

·        Nominations Invited to 1976 ASA Awards (Sorokin, Stouffer, and DuBois-Johnson-Frazier)



March 1976 (Volume 4, Number 3) (pdf file; 2.6 MB)

·        Special Election Issue: Biographies of Candidates for ASA Office

·        Petition Candidates

·        Petition Received to Change Constitution and By-Laws

·        Minutes from December 5, 1975, meeting of 1976 Council

·        Conference on Measurement of Social and Economic Data and Public Policy

·        Appeal Procedures Outlined by NSF

·        The Decline of Academic Morality

·        Nominations Invited to ASR and CS Editorships

·        Alex Inkeles and David Norton Smith Receive Hadley Cantril Memorial Award

·        The Year the Annual Meeting Stood Still (Otto Larsen)



April 1976 (Volume 4, Number 4) (pdf file; 2.5 MB)

·        In Favor of Referendum Proposals (Alfred McClung Lee, Pamela Roby, Carol A. Brown, Leo P. Chall, Ted Goertzel, William Kuvelsky, Elizabeth Briant Lee, S.M. Miller, John Moland, Jr., Dorothy K. Newman, Kurt H. Wolff)

·        Reasons for ASA Council Opposition to the Petition

·        Interpretation of Proposed Changes to Constitution and By-Laws

·        New Editors Appointed for Three ASA Publications in 1977 (Robin M. Williams, Jr., Rose Monograph Series; Howard M. Schuman, Sociometry; Karl F. Schuessler, Sociological Methodology)

·        Council Task Group Seeks Volunteers

·        ASA Renews Grants for Problems of the Discipline

·        Cornell Journal of Social Relations Publishes Special Issue in Memory of Leonard Reissman

·        Open Forum: “Replies to Riedesel, Sanderson, and Alba” (Joan Huber); “Opportunities for Sociologists through U.S. Department of Labor” (William F. Whyte)

·        Teacher Development Workshop Planned, Applications Invited



May 1976 (Volume 4, Number 5) (pdf file; 2.4 MB)

·        ASA Council and Committees to Hold Open Meetings in New York

·        ASA Election Districts, Elections, and Representation

·        Three Sociologists Elected to NAS

·        ASA Teacher Development Project Funded by Lilly

·        Correspondence Received in Response to Forthcoming Referendum (Arlene Kaplan Daniels, et al., for SWS; Alfred McClung Lee, et al.; Jay Demerath; David Knoke; Sheldon Stryker; John Peace; Barbara Hetrick, et al.)

·        To the Friends of the Late Ely Chinoy

·        Sociologists Named Recipients of Guggenheim Fellowships

·        Higher Education in the Nation’s Consciousness

·        Census Bureau Seeks Suggestions on 20th Decennial

·        Clearinghouses Offer Sociologists Variety of Services

·        Open Forum: “Saints Stink While Whores Smell Good: A Lesson from the Social Theories of Robert Merton” (Don Martindale)

·        Letters to the Editor (J.L. Fischer; Ann Arlov; Charles M. Unkovic and W.T. Austin)

·        Eastern Sociological Society Honors Paul Lazarsfeld

·        Auditor’s Report, December 31, 1975

·        Undergraduates Report Observations of 1975 Annual Meeting

·        Minutes from March 6, 1976, meeting of 1976 Council



August 1976 (Volume 4, Number 6) (pdf file; 3.1 MB)

·        Valedictory: A Report on the Year 1975-76 (by outgoing ASA President Alfred McClung Lee)

·        Shared and Divergent Perspectives: President-Elect J. Milton Yinger Announces Theme

·        Report of the Secretary (William Form)

·        Portrait of New President J. Milton Yinger

·        1977 Program: Call for Papers (Sessions and Organizers)

·        Report of Executive Officer Hans Mauksch

·        Presidential Election Unresolved--Runoff Ballot Mailed; Alice Rossi Elected Vice President, James Short Secretary

·        ASA Revises Reporting Dates

·        Teaching Undergraduate Sociology Project Newsletter

·        Sue Titus Reid Appointed ASA Executive Associate

·        Open Forum: “Recruiting and Job Hunting Through Footnotes” (William Bruce Cameron, Raymond H. Wheeler); “Translation Guide to Reading Letters of Reference” (John J. Hartman)

·        Increases in Social Science Degrees Anticipated

·        NSF Gets Committee Report

·        Letters to the Editor (William Foote Whyte; Jackson Toby; Thomas M. Kando; A Student Member; Dirk Hoerder; Amitai Etzioni)

·        Social Systems Research Center Program in Innovative Teaching

·        ASA Teacher Development Workshop in Texas

·        ADAMHA Sets Grant Application Deadline

·        ASA Employment Bulletin to Become Separate Publication

·        Peace Research Abstracts Journal Seeks Abstractors



October 1976 (Volume 4, Number 7) (pdf file; 1.7 MB)

·        ASA Major Awards Announced in New York: Jeffrey Paige and Robert Bellah Win Sorokin Award; Hylan Garnet Lewis Wins DuBois-Johnson-Frazier Award; Selection of Stouffer Recipient Delayed Due to Award Selection Committee Chair Paul Lazarsfeld’s Death

·        Amos Hawley is New ASA President Elect

·        1977 Program Additions

·        Proposed Amendments to Constitution and By-Laws Rejected in Referendum Vote

·        Search Authorized for New ASA Executive Officer

·        Cornerhouse Fund Provides Dissertation Fellowships

·        Meeting with Representatives of Latin American Sociological Association

·        Sociologists Appointed to NSF Posts: Herbert Costner Appointed Director of Social Sciences Division; H. Laurence Ross New Director of Law and Social Sciences; William A. Anderson Appointed Program Manager in RANN

·        Teacher Development Workshop Held at Boston College

·        National Graduate University Offers Courses on Grants

·        AID Internship Applications Invited

·        Institutions Currently Under AAUP Censure

·        ACLS Travel Grants Available



November 1976 (Volume 4, Number 8) (pdf file; 1.3 MB)

·        Council Reviews Long Range Planning

·        Candidates Selected for 1977 Elections

·        Council Reinstates Full Section Day

·        MFP Reception Held During Annual Meeting

·        ASA Council Meeting Schedule

·        Federal Funds for Social Science Research

·        Open Forum: “Making Sense of Affirmative Action” (William Austin); “The Annual Meetings for Whom?” (Kenneth Wilson and Christa Reiser); “A Divergent Perspective from the ‘Shared and the Divergent Perspectives . . . Theme’” (John R. Maiolo)

·        Programs in NSF’s Division of Social Sciences

·        The Editorial Policy of the American Sociological Review (Morris Zelditch, ASR Editor)

·        Letters to the Editor (James S. Coleman; Joe Feagin; Alexander D. Blumenstiel; Harold S. Stamm; Charles P. Flynn; Carol Van Steenberg; Robin Karasik; Kenneth H. Reichstein; George Floro)

·        Paul Williams New ASA MFP Director

·        Privacy Study Commission Hearing

·        Social Indicators 1976 Seeks Papers

·        News from the International Sociological Association

·        Obituaries: Donald Winston Ball, Yoon Hough Kim, Samuel Harman Lowrie, Maurice Manel, Charles H. Newton, Thomas Lynn Smith, Shirley A. Staff (and editor’s note that obituaries which had been moved to TAS will be published in Footnotes again)



December 1976 (Volume 4, Number 9) (pdf file; 1.5 MB)

·        Additional Candidates for 1977 Ballot

·        Study of Nontraditional Careers Planned

·        ASA Experiments with Programs Newsletter

·        EOB Committee Follows Council: Reviews Executive Office Staff

·        Council Confronts Crunch for Space at Annual Meeting

·        1977 Program Additions

·        Teaching Column

·        Minutes of September 1, 1976, meeting of 1976 Council

·        Minutes of September 4, 1976, meeting of 1977 Council

·        Section Reports

·        Obituaries: Paul F. Lazarsfeld, Dinko A. Tomasic, Joyce O. Hertzler



January 1977 (Volume 5, Number 1) (pdf file; 1.6 MB)

·        Due Date Extended for MFP Applications

·        Information Discussion Sessions Planned for 1977 Annual Meeting

·        Second Dues Renewal Mailed

·        The Editorial Policy of Sociological Methodology

·        Call for 1978 Program Suggestions

·        ASA Signs Contract with Cambridge University Press to Publish Rose Monograph Series

·        Letters to the Editor: Charles C. Moskos, Jr., and Morris Janowitz Respond to Kenneth Reichstein; Irwin Deutscher; Alexander D. Blumenstiel

·        AAAS Symposium on Behavioral Research Training in Medicine and Health

·        Books and Journals for Asia

·        Committee Reports

·        Representative Reports



February 1977 (Volume 5, Number 2) (pdf file; 2.0 MB)

·        Changes in Tax Law Affect Faculty Members

·        Variety of Government Agencies Support Research for Funding

·        Herbert Gans Added to Committee on Publications Slate

·        ASA Answers Privacy Commission Proposals

·        Search for Executive Associates Started

·        Boys Town Center for the Study of Youth Development Opens

·        New AKD Officers

·        Nominations Invited for Sorokin, Stouffer, and DuBois-Johnson-Frazier Awards

·        Undergraduate Field Research Planned Again for 1977 Meeting

·        Committees and Representatives

·        Open Forum: “Dissminating Sociological Knowledge Through Teaching Function” (Lawrence J. Rhoades)

·        NSF Highlight: Law and Social Sciences Program

·        Letters to the Editor: DC Chapter of SWS; John Mogey; Ralph H. Turner

·        Obituaries: Myron Herbert Levenson, Louise Ann Johnson

·        Research and Instructional Resources for the Social Sciences

·        LEAA Exemplary Projects Information Available

·        Privacy Commission Policy and Program Recommendations

·        Commitee Reports



March 1977 (Volume 5, Number 3) (pdf file; 2.1 MB)

·        The President at Mid-Year (J. Milton Yinger)

·        Russell R. Dynes Named ASA Executive Officer

·        International Issues Permeate Council Deliberations

·        ASA Election Issue: Candidate Biographies

·        National Labor Surveys

·        Petition Candidates

·        Editors’ Reports

·        Job Market for College Grads Brighter

·        Federal Summer Jobs for Students



April 1977 (Volume 5, Number 4) (pdf file; 1.6 MB)

·        Russell Dynes Chairs NAS Committee on International Disaster Assistance

·        ASA at Faculty-Publishers Symposium

·        Annual Meeting Program Continued (J. Milton Yinger)

·        Increase in Academic Employment

·        Schuman on Sociometry (Howard Schuman)

·        New from the ISA

·        New Data on Marriage and Divorce

·        Open Forum: “Uses and Abuses of the Terms ‘Racism’ and ‘Racist’” (H. Goodrich)

·        Minutes from January 7, 1977, meeting of 1977 Council

·        Statistical Abstract Available from Bureau of the Census



May 1977 (Volume 5, Number 5) (pdf file; 2.2 MB)

·        Council Ponders New ASA Journal for Non-Specialists

·        Rita J. Simon New ASR Editor

·        Norval Glenn New CS Editor

·        Problems of the Discipline Grants Announced

·        Sociology and Related Disciplines: Shared and Divergent Perspectives (Annual Meeting Plenary and Thematic Sessions)

·        Sociometry Becomes Social Psychology

·        Change Magazine to Feature Teaching of Sociology

·        Open Meetings Planned by ASA Committees on Women and Minorities

·        NSF Seeks Minorities, Women, and Handicapped

·        NEH Seeks 1978 Summer Program Directors

·        Letters to the Editor (Charles Powers; Daniel Lerner; Joan Huber; Francis D. Glamser; William Falk and Forrest A. Deseran; Irene R. Kiernan)

·        Robert Merton and Seymour Spilerman Join Russell Sage Foundation as Distinguished Scholars

·        Changes in 1977 Committees and Representatives

·        Call for Papers for Special Issue of TAS on “Alternative Theoretical Perspectives”

·        Open Forum: “The Gift: A Typology of Responses from Editors and Reviewers to Unsolicited Papers Submitted for Publication” (Walter Abbott); “Advocates Further Development of State Associations” (Lawrence J. Rhoades); “An Historical Sketch of the Relationship Between the Regional Sociological Societies and the ASA, 1934-1977” (John Pease, Barbara Hetrick)

·        John Scanzoni New ASA Representative to Journal of Consumer Research

·        Obituaries: Charles H. Anderson, San Schulman, Eileen Markley Znaniecki, Harry Braverman



August 1977 (Volume 5, Number 6) (pdf file; 4.2 MB)

·        Report of the ASA President (J. Milton Yinger)

·        President Elect Amos H. Hawley Announces Theme for 1978 Program: Societal Growth Processes and Implications

·        Special Supplement on the Status of Minorities

·        An Introduction to Amos Hawley, ASA President 1977-78 (Everett K. Wilson)

·        Program Call for Papers

·        Officers of Regional Societies and ASA Meet to Improve Cooperation

·        Hubert Blalock President-Elect, Charles Glock, Vice President-Elect

·        Two Executive Office Appointments: Doris Wilkinson is Executive Associate for Careers, Minorities and Women; Larry Rhoades Chosen as Executive Associate for Program

·        Report of the Executive Officer (Hans Mauksch)

·        ASA Council Revises Employment Bulletin Procedures for 1978

·        ASA Testimony Before Commission for the Protection of Human Subjects

·        Sociologists to Participate in 1977-78 NSF Chautauqua-Type Short Courses

·        Allen Grimshaw Reflects on The American Sociologist

·        Early Mailing for 1978 Dues Renewals Announced

·        Annual Meeting Child Care Program Set

·        Obituaries: Dorothy Swaine Thomas, Donald Ramsey Young, Leonard Z. Breen, Robert F. Winch

·        Minutes of March 25, 1977,  meeting of 1977 Council

·        COFRAT Report on the Case of Dr. Paul J. Nyden and the Department of Sociology, University of Pittsburgh



October 1977 (Volume 5, Number 7) (pdf file; 1.3 MB)

·        ASA Project on Undergraduate Sociology Receives Funds for Follow-Up Project

·        ASA Committee on Expanding Employment Opportunities Makes Recommendations

·        Council Sets Guidelines for ASA Journals

·        Council Approves $10 Processing Fees for ASA Journals

·        Spivack Fellowships Available for 1977

·        ASA Award Winners: Kai Erikson and Perry Anderson Win Sorokin Award; Mirra Komarovsky Wins First Jessie Bernard Award; Otis Dudley Duncan Wins Stouffer Award

·        Annual Meeting Program Changes for 1978

·        Open Forum: “Urges Revision of Ethic Code to Include Teaching and Student Rights” (John F. Galliher); “Introductory Sociology” (Ruth Harriet Jacobs; poem)

·        Amos Hawley, Herbert Hyman, Norman Ryder, and Arthur Stinchcombe Elected to AAAS Membership

·        Eight Sociologists Win Guggenheim Awards

·        World Congress Set for Uppsala in August

·        Undergraduate Project Adds More Resources; Revised Annotated Bibliography and Books

·        NEH Sets Deadline for Teacher Fellowships

·        Notre Dame Planning Student Convention

·        Massachusetts Sociological Association Celebrates 10th Anniversary

·        Obituaries: James McElvoy III, Virlyn A. Boyd, Stephen Schafer

·        Minutes of June 10, 1977, meeting of 1977 Council



November 1977 (Volume 5, Number 8) (pdf file; 1.4 MB)

·        Travel Arrangements Set for World Congress in Uppsala

·        ADAMHA Places Emphasis on Post-Doctoral Fellowships

·        Program Committee Seeks Suggestions

·        Teaching Resources Group Becomes Operational

·        Nominations Committee Announces 1978 President, Vice President Candidates

·        Commission Supports Confidentiality of Data

·        Candidates Sought for SOE and JHSB Editorships

·        Yale Project Links Social Sciences to Energy

·        Letters to the Editor: “Questions Use of Photographs, Need for Date of Terminal Degree” (Paul M. Roman); “Emphasizes Goals of Social Psychology” (Howard Schuman); “Wants to Reduce Application Materials” (F.C. Rochte); “Need Applied Emphasis in Graduate Programs” (Alexander D. Blumenstiel); “Opposes Changing Name of Section” (Pawel Horoszowksi); “Supports Broadening Concept of Racism” (Darnell F. Hawkins); “Defends Broader Definition of Racism” (Kenneth Reichstein)

·        Sorokin Collection at University of Saskatchewan

·        Pre-Service Workshop Scheduled for Sacramento by ASA Project

·        NORC Cumulative Survey Data Set Available

·        Research by Students Funded by NSF

·        NSF Announces New Fellowships

·        NEH Offers Summer Seminars for College Teachers

·        Change Magazine Publications Available from Project Office

·        Undergraduate Education Section Orders Second Printing of Syllabi Set

·        Third New England Undergraduate Research Conference in Sociology

·        Eugene Griessman Receives Fulbright Lectureship

·        George F. Bishop Awarded Grant

·        Educational Testing Service Seeks Social Scientist to Develop Research Program

·        Obituaries: Sanford Labovitz, Louise E. Dotson, Jaroslav G. Moravec, Ronald C. Engle, June Sklar

·        Postdoctoral Grants Available for East European Studies

·        Ken Dossar Receives Mass Media Internship from AAAS

·        Changes for 1978 Program

·        Council Adopts Petition Guidelines

·        Editors Receive Grant to Develop Association

·        Eastern Sociological Society Receives Grant from Falk Fund

·        University of Minnesota Names Building for Sociologist Malcom Macdonald Wiley



December 1977 (Volume 5, Number 9) (pdf file; 1.3 MB)

·        Minority Fellowship Program Funds 28

·        National Institute of Law Enforcement and Criminal Justice Seeks Proposals

·        Committee on Executive Office and Budget Urges Prompt Payment of Dues

·        Roland Liebert to Direct NSF Program

·        Sociological Follies Slated for San Francisco Meeting

·        Commission Urges Removal of Identifiers

·        ASA Suggests FAD Donation for Gift Givers

·        Council, Committee Candidates Announced for 1978 Election

·        Center on Youth Development Dedicated at Catholic University

·        Changes Announced for 1978 Meeting

·        Sociologists Receive Fulbright Awards

·        Requirements for Fulbright Award Applications

·        First “Inter-Nos” Column from Executive Officer Russell Dynes

·        Alabama-Mississippi Sociological Association Meeting Accents Teaching, Draws Large Turnout

·        Obituaries: Benjamin Nelson, Peter P. Klassen, Eleanor E. Carroll, Martin W. Davis, C. Edward Noll

·        Minutes of September 7, 1977, meeting of 1977 Council

·        Minutes of September 10, 1977, meeting of 1978 Council

·        Percentage of Women Doctorates in Sociology Increases (Doris Wilkinson)

·        Nathan Keyfitz Elected to NAS

·        Deaths: Harry Alpert



January 1978 (Volume 6, Number 1) (pdf file; 2.9 MB)

·        Is Sociology Relevant to the “Real” World? Yes, but . . .

·        Minority Fellowship Program Compiles Impressive Four Year Record

·        Teaching Workshop Scheduled for Midwest Meeting

·        Committee Structure Revised by ASA Council

·        Sociologist Andrew Lind’s Classroom on Wheels

·        Commission Addressed Conditions at Disclosure

·        Aging Symposium Set for AAAS Meeting

·        Minority Fellowship Program Offers Applied Fellowships

·        Ode to Boston: Center of the Universe (a poem by Spencer Condie)

·        Open Forum: “Recommends Specific Training for Federal Careers” (Ronald Manderscheid)

·        ASA Committee on Expanding Employment Opportunities Seeks Sociologists in Non-Academic Settings

·        Applied Sociology Workshop Slated for Pacific Meeting

·        Danforth Program Offers Fellowships

·        Sale of Teaching Materials Shows Substantial Increase

·        NIA Seeks Health Scientist Administrator

·        Inter Nos (Russell Dynes)

·        SPSSI Announces Dissertation Prizes

·        Obituaries: T. Earl Sullenger

·        The American Sociologist Features New Perspectives

·        Family Impact Survey Underway

·        NCJRS Offers Free Services

·        Preparing Worldwide Report on Health Systems Researcg



February 1978 (Volume 6, Number 2) (pdf file; 8.6 MB)

·        Decline in Social Science Majors

·        Candidates for ASA Election

·        Non Academic Settings Supportive of Research

·        New ASA Publications: Careers in Sociology, 1978 Guide, Directory of Members, Directory of Departments

·        Committee Structure for 1978

·        ICPSR Programs Provide Training Opporrtunities

·        Sociologists Head Seminars for College Teachers

·        Obituaries: John M. Foskett

·        Elizabeth Briant Lee Elected President of Association for Humanist Sociology

·        World Congress of Sociology Theme, Travel, Grants

·        Eastern Sociological Society Forms Lectureship Committee

·        Social Indicators Issued by Commerce Department

·        Teaching vs. Research: Everett Wilson Calls for Revision of Teaching Role in Sociology

·        Occupational Data File Available

·        Eastern Sociological Society Meeting Schedules Innovative Sessions

·        Emory University Program Studies English Health Care

·        Committee on Alternative Resources Seeks Support

·        Proposals Sought on Institutional Racism

·        Conference on Meta-Theory

·        Inter Nos (Russell Dynes)

·        Forum Debates Business Responsibility

·        Paul Chalfant Elected Mid-South Sociological Association President

·        NIH Forum Seeks Sociologists

·        AAAS Seeks Congressional Fellowship Applicants

·        Committee Appointments

·        New HRAF Improves Potential for Worldwide Theory Testing

·        Council Seeks Advice on Election Procedures



March 1978 (Volume 6, Number 3) (pdf file; 5.4 MB)

·        Council Approves Continuation of Problems of Discipline Program

·        Non-Academic Settings: Breadth and Depth Needed in Graduate Training

·        Workshop Held on Opportunities in Federal Employment

·        Midwest Sociological Society Examines Structural Paradigm

·        Southern Sociological Society Special Sessions

·        NIE Plans New Programs and Expands Others

·        Election Edition: Candidate Biographies

·        Notre Dame Research Convention

·        On Verses Versus Boston (a poem by Suzanne Fleming)

·        Open Forum: “Seeks More Effective Organization of Sociologists” (Wade H. Andrews); “Cites Need to Notice How Much Learning is Taking Place” (Reyes Ramos)

·        Inter Nos (Russell Dynes)

·        Information Sought on Memorial Session Held to Honor Harry Braverman

·        Obituaries: Harry Alpert, Henry A. Bowman, Carroll D. Clark, Norman S. Hayner

·        Committee on Publications Report

·        Editors’ Reports

·        Letters to the Editor: “Piener Rgues 4 Reformd Spelling” (S. Colum Gilfillan); “Photos Provide Data for Voting Decisions” (Cecelia E. Sudia); “Request Fewer Letters of Reference” (Phyllis C. Barrins)

·        Survey on Ethical Issues in Evaluation Research

·        ASA Project Plans Workshops in Florida and Colorado



April 1978 (Volume 6, Number 4) (pdf file; 4.0 MB)

·        ASA Teaching Newsletter Seeks Subscribers

·        ASA Creates New Award Structure

·        Several ABASS Studies Underway

·        Departmental Role Focuses on Undergraduate Teaching

·        NSF Reorganizes RANN Program

·        Alternative Career Opportunities Outlined by Sociologists

·        ISA Travel Information

·        Spivack Fellowship Deadline Set for June 1

·        Nominations Sought for Myrdal Prizes

·        Percent of Social Science Degrees Decreases in 1970s

·        Second Edition of Inquiries in Sociology Published

·        Pennsylvania Sociological Society Officers

·        Open Forum: “Assets Minority Employment Prospects Bright” (Phillip Carey); “Seeks Questions for Practical Research Bank” (Donald E. Allen)

·        Inter Nos (Russell Dynes)

·        Election Studies Given Long-Range Funding

·        Center for Rape Prevention Offers Three Categories of Grants

·        Center Seeks Proposals on Reproductive Behavior

·        Proposals Sought on Social Factors Related to Oral Health

·        Sociological Follies Need Volunteers

·        Mount Vernon College Offers Facilities for Summer Programs

·        Visual Sociologists Invite Participation

·        Obituaries: Robert L. Kanter, Paul L. Wuebben, Morton DeCorcey Nachlas

·        Minutes of January 13, 1978, meeting of 1978 Council

·        More Editors’ Reports

·        More Committee Reports

·        Section Reports

·        After Thoughts; Final Words

·        Departments Attend ASA Teaching Workshop

·        NCSA Focuses on Human Rights, Undergraduate Teaching

·        New Videotape on Computer Graphics

·        ASA Award Deadlines



May 1978 (Volume 6, Number 5) (pdf file; 5.2 MB)

·        Council Debates ERA Issues and Convention Sites

·        Federal Budget Requests for Social Science Outlined

·        COGRAT Issues Recommendations on Initial Appointments

·        Plenary and Thematic Sessions Emphasize Grown Phenomena

·        First Spivack Fellowships Announced

·        ASA Committee on the Profession Seeks Information on COINTELPRO Activities

·        ASA Committee on the Profession Seeks Information on Unethical Publishers

·        Non-Academic Settings: Sociologists React to and Discuss Meaning of Labels

·        Countries Request Fulbrights in Sociology

·        Spivack Fellowship Application Deadline

·        Conference to Examine Research Regulations

·        ASA Award Deadlines

·        New National Council Soliciting Research Proposals on Soviet Union and East Europe

·        Section on Aging Seeks Members

·        Academic Advising: Full-Time Position Termed “Rewarding”

·        ASA Annual Meeting to Serve as Lab: New Sponsor Named

·        Population Policy Proposals Sought

·        Journal of Applied Behavioral Science Seeks Editor

·        AAAS Socio-Psychological Prize Competition

·        New Members Named to NSF Advisory Group

·        Citizens Willing to Fund Research

·        Research Proposals Sought on Health Costs

·        NCSA Session Focuses on Futures for Sociologists

·        ASA Problem of Discipline Grants Supporting Three Groups

·        COFRAT: Guidelines for Initiation Appointments (including suggested letter of initial appointment offer)

·        Western Massachusetts Consortium Holds First Meeting

·        Council Considering Offering Group Insurance

·        Lazarsfeld Lectures Begin; Hans Zeisel to Give First Lecture

·        Minutes of March 11, 1978, meeting of 1978 Council

·        Committee Reports

·        Time, Space Allocation Guidelines Announced for Annual Meetings

·        Award Winning Student Films

·        Auditor’s Report: December 31, 1977

·        Letters to the Editor: Difficulties in Selecting Job Applicants (Lauren H. Seiler)

·        DC Society Holds Job Conference for Undergraduates

·        Obituaries: D. Mehdi Azimi

·        New Service Provides Quick Access to Federal Statistics

·        Inter-Organizational Cooperation Produces Workshop on Introductory Sociology Course (Robert E. Kennedy, Jr., and Mohammad Tavakoli)

·        ASA Receives Funds for Abt Prize on the Conditions of Social Research

·        NIMH Wants More Research on Minority Groups

·        Inter Nos (Russell Dynes)



August 1978 (Volume 6, Number 6) (pdf file; 6.2 MB)

·        Report of the President: Amos Hawley Cites New ASA Actions

·        President Elect Hubert M. Blalock, Jr. Announces Theme for 1979 Annual Meeting

·        Peter Rossi Wins Presidential Runoff; Helen MacGill Hughes Elected Vice President

·        Monanes Make Bequest to ASA for Two Programs

·        Teaching Center Relocates to ASA Office

·        Sociologists in Non-Academic Jobs Suggest Actions

·        William Foote Whyte Heads Effort to Link Academia and Congress

·        Portrait of the New ASA President: A Bundle of Contradictions: Which is the Real Tad Blalock? (Gerhard Lenski)

·        General Sessions and Organizers Named for 1979 ASA Meeting

·        Sociological Follies Cancelled

·        ASA Developing Non-Academic Roster

·        Editors Selected for ASA Journals: Howard B. Kaplan, JHSB; Alan C. Kerckhoff, SOE; Allen Grimshaw to Remain TAS Editor While Council Considers Future

·        Effort Underway to Improve Reporting of Social Sciences

·        Mid-South Sociological Association Launches New Journal, Sociological Forum

·        Postsecondary Research Group Forms in AERA

·        Washington Forms State Association

·        Report of the Secretary: Short: Remodeling, Finances and Divisive Tendencies (James F. Short, Jr.)

·        Problems of the Discipline Grant Deadline

·        Employment Projections, Job Seeking Tips Presented for Undergraduate, Graduate Sociology Trainees (Doris Wilkinson)

·        Foundation Seeks Proposals on Current Values

·        Sociologists Receive Grants for Population Policy Studies

·        Non-Profit Organizations Fund Sociologists (Guggenheim, German Marshall Fund, ACLS/SSRC, ACLS)

·        ASA Projects Schedule Workshops for Departmental Chairs and New Teachers

·        Report of the Executive Officer: Executive Office Functions to ASA Constitution (Russell Dynes)

·        ASA Historical Materials Sought

·        What Do You Do in the Executive Office? An Empirical Answer (Russell Dynes)

·        ASA Staff: An Introduction by Person and Job Activities

·        Minority Fellowship Program: First PhD, Celestino Fernandez, Fulfilling Its Promise

·        Proposals Wanted on Health of Children

·        Minority Fellowship Program Facing Funding Reductions

·        Researchers on Western Europe Sought

·        Inter Nos (Russell Dynes)

·        Regulations for Research on Children

·        Wisconsin Association Plans Teaching Workshop

·        Section on Methodology Announces Training Institute at Annual Meeting

·        Leaflet on Information Act

·        Organizations Elect Sociologists

·        NSF Facing Large Budget Cut

·        Clinical Sociology Network Launched

·        ASA Conducts Referendum on Site of 1980 Annual Meeting (because Atlanta is not in an ERA state)

·        Sociologists Selected Woodrow Wilson Scholars

·        Recommendations for Review Board to be Published

·        Student Journal Directory Seeking Information

·        Letters to the Editor: On the New Careers in Sociology: “Unrealistic Picture on Roles, Market” (Jon Darling, Roslyn Darling); “Reads Well, Likes Gender Balance” (Charles A. Goldsmid); “An Improvement, a Disappointment” (Monica M. Morris). Other: “Must Return to a Quality System” (Pierre L. van den Berghe)

·        Open Forum: “Visions of Utopia” (Don Martindale)

·        TAS Wants Ideas on Academic Freedom

·        Obituaries: Frieda Fligelman, Winston W. Ehrmann, Hans W. Mattick, Harley O. Preston, Olive M. Stone

·        Harry Alpert Fund Established

·        Copies of National Drug Abuse Studies Available from NIDA

·        Late Charge Instituted for Late ASA Dues Payment

·        Clearinghouse on Academic Freedom Created

·        Funds Available for NIMH Grants

·        Grants Awarded for World Congress Travel



October 1978 (Volume 6, Number 7) (pdf file; 2.0 MB)

·        Editor’s Note: Continuous series on “Social Science and Government” launched

·        Social Science and Government: Study Examines Federal Investment in Social Science (Lawrence J. Rhoades)

·        Nathan Glazer: Graduate Training Needs Professional Perspective

·        Program Committee Seeks Suggestions

·        Annual Meeting Moves to New York, Result of Referendum

·        Alice Meyers, ASA Administrative Officer, to Retire

·        New ISA Officers

·        Assessing Interest in Social Aspects of Space Utilization

·        David Mechanic Resigns Council Seat; Pauline Bart Accepts Council Post (Caroline Perrucci takes Bart’s Seat on Committee on Nominations)

·        Corresponding with ASA

·        Jessie Bernard Award Guidelines Announced

·        Privacy Research Competition Seeks Proposals

·        From Social R&D to Social Knowledge P&A

·        Problems Hamper Social Organization of Social Research Effort (Lawrence J. Rhoades)

·        Oversight Institutions Named

·        Federal Funds: How Much, From Where, For What, For Whom (Lawrence J. Rhoades)

·        ASA Projects Slate Workshop for New Teachers

·        Syllabi Set on Sociology of Education Available from Teaching Resources Center

·        Supplementary Sessions

·        Undergraduate Teachers Participate in NEH Summer Seminars

·        Sociologists Teaching Chatauqua Courses: Apply Now

·        Registry of Retired Sociology Being Updated

·        Obituaries: Betty Radley Green, Hei Chu Kim, Robert Lee Sutherland

·        Lecture Series Honors Robert F. Winch

·        Minutes of June 16, 1978, meeting of 1978 Council

·        Another View of Graduate Education

·        Civil Service Commission Expands Program to Graduate Students



November 1978 (Volume 6, Number 8) (pdf file; 1.8 MB)

·        Lilly Awards Second Grant to ASA Teacher Development Project

·        Candidates for ASA Offices

·        Teaching Resources Group Expands as Demand Increases in Third Year

·        Minority Fellowship Program Receives Additional Funds

·        Participation of Sociologists in Fulbright Program Reviewed (Russell Dynes)

·        Spivack Fellowships Awarded

·        Eubank Collection Donated to Chicago

·        COINTELPRO Activities

·        Proposals Wanted on Diet and Nutrition

·        Section on Collective Behavior and Social Movements Being Organized

·        ASA Involvement in International Scene

·        Sociologists Named Fulbright Scholars for 1978-79

·        Tax Deductions for Attending Meetings in Other Countries

·        Inter Nos (Russell Dynes)

·        A Profile: Minorities in Sociology and Other Behavioral Sciences (Doris Wilkinson)

·        International Effort: Integration of Social Science Information

·        ASA Guidelines Cited for Exercising Right to Petition

·        Statisticians Honor Three Sociologists

·        New AID Division Seeks Social Science Feedback

·        SPSSI Task Force Seeks Input

·        Paper Discusses Statistical Disclosure

·        Teaching Positions Overseas

·        General Social Survey Results Available

·        Human Relations Area File Announces Summer Workshop

·        Section Organizers

·        Photos of Former ASA Presidents Available

·        Science Citation Index Data Base Leased by NSF



December 1978 (Volume 6, Number 9) (pdf file; 1.3 MB)

·        NIE Awards ASA Grant for Research Skills Institute

·        ASA Council, Committee Candidates

·        Social Science and Government: NSF Council Preparing Reports on Science Policy Issues (Lawrence J. Rhoades)

·        Sociologists to Participate in AAAS Meeting

·        Blalock: A Personal Appeal for Suggestions

·        NSF Seeks Replacement for Herbert Costner

·        Studies Wanted on Drug Abuse

·        Nominations Sought for Editors of Rose Monograph Series and SPQ

·        Open Forum: “ABS Statement Assails Book by Wilson”; “Black Sociologist Backs Wilson” (William A. Sampson); “Wants to Remove Restrictions on Meeting Papers” (Lee H. Bowker); “Suggest New Course of Action for State Sociological Associations” (Charlene Rushton Black)

·        Section on Visual Sociology Being Organized

·        Sociologists Place in SPSSI Dissertation Award Competition

·        ASA Council Opposes Proposition 6

·        MFP Invites Applications

·        Minutes of September 6, 1978, meeting of 1978 Council

·        Career Bibliography II: More Resources for Sociology Trainees (Doris Wilkinson)

·        Alternative Careers for Academics Bulletin

·        Visiting Fulbrights Open to Invitations

·        Study Project on Social Research and Development Publications Available

·        Donations to ASA Fund for the Discipline Invited



January 1979 (Volume 7, Number 1) (pdf file; 2.0 MB)

·        Science and Technology Report Shows Need for Social Sciences (Lawrence J. Rhoades)

·        DuBois-Johnson-Frazier Award Given Posthumously to Ira de Augustine Reid

·        William Foote Whyte Becomes ASA Presidential Candidate through Open Nominations Process

·        William H. Sewell Heads National Commission on Research

·        Congress Adds to R&D Funding for Fiscal Year 1979

·        Teaching/Learning Strategy Accents Citizenship Role

·        Annual Reviews: Assistance in Keeping Up with Developments; Suggestions Invited

·        ASA Solicits Proposals on Invasion of Privacy for Abt Award

·        Society for Social Studies of Science Elect Lowell Hargens and Jerry Gaston to Offices

·        Uppsala ISA Tax Forms Lost

·        FCC Children’s Television Task Force Seeks Studies

·        Journal of the History of Sociology Founded to Celebrate Centenniel of Teaching of Sociology

·        ASA Represented at APHA Meeting

·        Eleven ASA Minority Fellows Have Received PhDs

·        Research Program Proposed on Female Equity in Education

·        Samuel Leinhardt Named SM Editor

·        James McCartney Named TAS Editor

·        Three New Publishing Ventures Announced for Social Sciences

·        Council of Editors Formed to Promote Cooperation and Communication

·        British Sociological Association Assumes Control of Journal, Moves to New Offices

·        Studies Sought on Effect of Inflation and Taxation on Consumers

·        National Archives Contain Data for Research and Teaching

·        Committee on National Statistics Seeks Input on Incomplete Survey Data

·        New York State Sociological Association, South Carolina Sociological Association Announce Election Results

·        University of California-Berkeley Begins Teaching Assistant Training Program

·        Brown University Receives Grant from Henry Luce Foundation

·        Letters to the Editor: “Teach General Skills of Analysis” (Paul M. Gustafson)

·        NIMH Solicits Proposals for Fellowships

·        Obituaries: Leo G. Reeder, Buford H. Junker, C. Terence Pihlblad, Henry L. Manheim, Joseph Chiozza Lagey

·        National Research and Information Center Offers Services to Facilitate Research on Death

·        Minutes of September 9, 1978, meeting of 1979 Council

·        NSF Sets Proposal Limits

·        Language-International Studies Commission Identifies Focus; Allen Kassof is Member

·        Survey of Longitudinal Studies

·        Institutional Review Board Comments Invited



February 1979 (Volume 7, Number 2) (pdf file;1.3 MB)

·        Thematic Panels Announced for Boston Annual Meeting

·        Changes in Committee Structure Limited to Ad Hoc Category

·        William D’Antonio: Curriculum Needs to be Turned Inside Out

·        NEH Offers Summer Seminars for College Teachers

·        NIE Wants Proposals on Teaching and Learning

·        Center for Population Research Issues Call for Applications on Unwanted Pregnancy Studies

·        Merriam Professorship in Political Science at University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign

·        Success of First ASA Projects Chair Workshop Leads to Planning Another

·        Social Problems Syllabi Available from TRC

·        East-West Population Institute Sponsors Population Summer Seminar

·        Editors’ Reports

·        Committee Appointments

·        Murray Melbin Wins AAAS Socio-Psychological Price

·        Fulbright Opportunities

·        Inter Nos (Russell Dynes)



March 1979 (Volume 7, Number 3) (pdf file; 2.8 MB)

·        Referendum Slated on Membership-Dues Structure

·        Sociological Inventory: Ready for Reviews

·        Election Edition: Candidate Biographies

·        Plenary Sessions Announced for Boston Annual Meeting

·        Applications Invited for Spivack Fellowships

·        ASA Award Deadlines

·        Paris Conference on Sociology of Education

·        National Archives Offers Courses

·        Cancer Institute Seeks Proposals

·        Kenneth Prewitt Named SSRC President

·        Report of Status of Women in Sociology, 1934-1977 (Doris Wilkinson)

·        Sociologists Help Produce Handbook on Educational Planning

·        Footnotes Publishes Classified Ads

·        NCSA Workshop on Educating Applied Sociologists

·        ASA Projects Workshop Begins Development of Network for Training Graduate Students to Teach

·        Interfuture Provides Research Opportunities for Undergraduates

·        Association for Humanist Sociology Announces Election Results, New Address

·        Inter Nos (Russell Dynes)

·        Committee Reports

·        RFP Performance of Agencies Assessed

·        Council Approves Insurance Plan

·        Matilda Riley, Orville Brim Elected to Institute of Medicine

·        Survey Research Techniques Summer Seminar

·        Rose Monograph Series Enters Second Decade; 20 Titles Issued

·        Sociology and ASA Course Becomes National Honors Program

·        Employment Bulletin Encourages Non-Academic Listings

·        New 1979 Guide to Graduate Departments

·        New Edition of Registry of Retired Sociologists Available



April 1979 (Volume 7, Number 4) (pdf file; 2.8 MB)

·        Changes Made in Space Allocation at Annual Meeting

·        Committee on Sections Re-Established

·        Preferential Voting Set for ASA Election

·        Plenary Marks Symbolic Transfer of Responsibility (Lawrence J. Rhoades)

·        ASA Offers Opportunity to Form Ad Hoc Research Groups

·        Task Force on Certification/Accreditation Created

·        ADAMHA Raises Small Grant Limit

·        NSF Launches Program to Improve Management of Research Projects

·        Section Dues Increased for 1980

·        Section on Methodology Training Institute

·        Five Sessions to Focus on Teaching at ASA Meeting

·        Texas Establishes Monetary Teaching Award

·        Pennsylvania Sociological Society Elects Officers

·        Feeder System Developed by Illinois Wesleyan AKD

·        NIE Invites Proposals on Organizational Process

·        Planning Survey of PhD Nurses

·        NEH Offers Fellowships to Teachers

·        Inter Nos (Russell Dynes)

·        Youth Values Report

·        Census Experts Wanted for Project

·        Summer Program in Medical Sociology at Boston University

·        Minutes of January 23, 1979, meeting of 1979 Council

·        Section Reports

·        Criminal Justice Studies Underway at Northwestern University

·        Obituaries: James Tamplin Laing, Svend Henry Reimer

·        Biopolitical Research Center Established at Northern Illinois University

·        Problems of Discipline Program Funds Three Projects; Proposals Solicited

·        Council Expands Membership and Mission of Problems of Discipline Committee

·        Humanities Report Final Report Due



May 1979 (Volume 7, Number 5) (pdf file; 2.2 MB)

·        China Reinstates Sociology as a Branch of Science

·        Council Establishes Two Major Awards, Approves Publications Policies

·        Golden Fleece Suite Reaches Supreme Court

·        ASA President Hubert M. Blalock, Jr. Urges More Support for Minorities in Science

·        Debates on Major Theoretical Issues Set for Boston Annual Meeting

·        Edward Shils Named NEH Jefferson Lecturer

·        Committee on Profession Reports Results of Survey: Fewer Scholar/Publisher Problems than Expected

·        Milton Gordon Encourages Closer Links Between Psychology and Sociology in ESS Presidential Address

·        ASA Professional Workshop Series

·        Techniques for Teaching Concepts Available from TRC

·        Didactic Seminars Aim to Update Knowledge, Skills

·        More TRC Syllabi Sets Being Developed; Submissions Invited

·        Ethelyn Davis Receives Cornaro Award

·        California State-Northridge Course Explores Sociological Dimensions of Industrialization and Settlement of Space

·        ICPSR Summer Program on Quantitative Methods

·        Anthropology Editors Donate Royalties to Minority Fellowship Program

·        Analysis of 1971-77 Job Listings Available

·        Inter Nos (Russell Dynes)

·        Cartoon by David Adams, Ohio State-Lima

·        Letters to the Editor: “Caution Expressed on Free Services” (Thomas C. Nelson); “Underrepresentation of White Males” (Samuel Mueller); “Free Academic Use of Meeting Papers” (Bo G. Eriksson); “Urges International Approach to Sociology” (Maria Maxfield); “Social Consequences of Science and Technology” (Shirley Kolack)

·        Countries Want Sociologist Fulbright Scholars

·        Auditor’s Report, December 31, 1978

·        Obituaries: Melville Dalton, Hans Heinrich Gerth

·        Executive Associates Doris Wilkinson and Lawrence J. Rhoades Reappointed

·        Committee on Publications Report

·        Representative Reports

·        Richard Ofshe Shares Pulitzer Prize for Public Service

·        Nominations Invited for Committees on Nominations, Committees

·        New ASA Publications: Guide to Graduate Departments, Directory of Departments, Directory of Members, Federal Funding Programs for Social Scientists, Guidelines for Initial Appointments in Sociology



August 1979 (Volume 7, Number 6) (pdf file; 2.0 MB)

·        Report of the President: Hubert Blalock, Jr. Stresses Long-Term Issues

·        President-Elect Peter Rossi Recognizes Diversity in 1980 Annual Meeting Theme

·        William Foote Whyte New ASA President; Renee Fox, Vice President; Herbert Costner, Secretary

·        ASA Council Takes Actions in Support of Teaching

·        Portrait of ASA President Peter Rossi: A Robin Hooding Heavyweight at the Helm

·        Sessions, Organizers Announced for 1980 Annual Meeting

·        Clinical Sociology Association Organized

·        Inter Nos (Russell Dynes; to Alice Myers on her retirement)

·        Open Forum: “Institutional Review Boards: Legal-Administrative Bases”  (James M. Murtha, Lauren H. Seiler)

·        Tributes to Talcot Parsons, 1902-1979

·        ASA Research Skills Development Institute Held at Morgan State

·        George Bohrnstedt Named SPQ Editor

·        Suzanne Keller Named Rose Editor

·        Student Reception Scheduled for 1979 Annual Meeting

·        Report of the Secretary: James F. Short, Jr. Outlines Association Actions in Search for Equity

·        MFP Given New Grant; Dissertation Awards Made

·        ASA Projects Schedule Second Chair Workshop

·        New Teaching Resources Available at Annual Meeting

·        Sociologists Win Guggenheims

·        NEH Offers Year-Long Seminars for Teachers

·        Hospitality Suite for Teachers at 1979 Annual Meeting

·        Census Bureau Developing Workbook

·        Chautauqua Course Schedule Ready

·        Boston Meeting: Last Hurrah for Alice (on Alice Myers’ Retirement)

·        Sheldon Stryker’s NCSA Presidential Address: Identity Crisis in Sociology Calls for Common Vision of Relevance

·        Michael Schudsen, Gail Lapidus Named Rockefeller Fellows

·        Research Wanted on Immigration

·        Journalist-Sociologist (Richard Ofshe) Team Wins Pulitzer Prize

·        Support Solicited for Textbook Suite

·        Report of the Executive Officer: Russell Dynes Reviews Executive Office Activities and Restructuring

·        Problems of Discipline Grant Proposal Deadline

·        Minutes of March 10, 1979, meeting of 1979 Council

·        John and Ruth Useem Honored for Scholarship on International Exchanges

·        Orville Brim, Jr. Receives Kurt Lewin Award

·        Social Science and Government: Supreme Court Rules Researchers Are Not Public Figures (Lawrence J. Rhoades)

·        Membership Renewal Incorporates Referendum Changes



October 1979 (Volume 7, Number 7) (pdf file; 3.8 MB)

·        Council Approves Theory Annual, Constitutional Referendum

·        Social Science and Government: IRB Regulations Published by HEW

·        April 1980 Designated “Teaching of Sociology” Month by ASA Projects

·        Candidates Announced

·        Helen Fein Wins Sorokin Award

·        Valerie Kincade Oppenheimer and Nancy Chodorow Win Jessie Bernard Award

·        Last Spivack Fellows Chosen

·        IRB Regulations: An Opposing View from Ithiel de Sola Pool

·        Minority Fellowship Program Announces Spivack Dissertation Awards

·        MFP Seeks 1980-81 Applicants

·        COFRAT: Evolution of Mission During First Decade

·        COFRAT Procedures for Investigating Cases

·        IPA Positions Available at Health Research Center

·        Supplementary Sessions at 1980 Annual Meeting

·        Obituaries: Fred Cottrell, Louis Schneider, Grace Duncan Hopper, Ruth Viola Reed

·        Deaths: David V. Glass, Hillquit Linch

·        Nominations Invited for ASR, CS, JHSB, and SOE Editorships

·        Proposals Wanted on Soviet Union, Eastern Europe

·        Maurice Falk Medical Lecture Series Seeking Sociologists

·        NSF Offers Fellowships



November 1979 (Volume 7, Number 8) (pdf file; 1.5 MB)

·        Annual Meeting to Explore Frontiers of Social Inventions (William Foote Whyte)

·        Minority Fellowship Program Receives Funds for Applied Fellowships

·        Social Science and Government: Study Reports Trouble Ahead for University Research (Lawrence J. Rhoades)

·        Open Forum: “Problems of Professional Nomads Need Attention” (J. Allen Whitt and Charles Derber)

·        Sociologists Win Fulbright Awards

·        Sociological Horoscope (periodic feature by Jackie Boles)

·        Inter Nos (Russell Dynes)

·        Obituaries: William Earle Cole, Allan W. Eister, Lawrence La Fave, Paul W. Massing

·        Minutes from June 15, 1979, meeting of 1979 Council

·        Sociologists Receive Honorable Mentions for Allport Prize

·        ASA Guidelines for Exercising Right to Petition

·        New Youth Survey Added to Longitudinal Labor Force Study

·        Charles Y. Glock Honored by B’nai B’rith



December 1979 (Volume 7, Number 9) (pdf file; 2.3 MB)

·        First Common Wealth Awards Honor Robert K. Merton and Kingsley Davis

·        Poster Sessions Scheduled for 1980 Annual Meeting

·        Candidates for ASA Offices, Council, Committees

·        Historical Series Commemorating ASA’s 75th Anniversary Begins

·        Teaching Workshops Set for April 1980

·        SSRC/ACLS Grants to Sociologists for International Research

·        MFP Names 10 Research Fellows; Five More Fellows Receive PhDs

·        Second Research Skills Institute Set for UCLA

·        ASA Council Censures University of Vermont

·        Matilda Riley Heads Social Research at NIA

·        NSF Sociology Program Managers Offer Assistance to Colleagues

·        Nominations Invited for ASA Award for Distinguished Contribution to Scholarship

·        Iner Nos (Russell Dynes on Paul Chalfant)

·        NSF Equipment Grants

·        Books Wanted for China

·        Efforts to Establish ASA Section on Racial and Cultural Minorities

·        Human Resources Workshop at Howard University

·        Argentinian Worker Wants Books to Continue Study

·        Obituaries: Alex Simirenko, Karen A. Laidlaw

·        Deaths: Myron (Mike) Lewis, Everett V. Stonequist, Elijah L. White, Ernest M. Banzet

·        Minutes of August 30, 1979, meeting of 1979 Council

·        Minutes of September 1, 1979, meeting of 1980 Council

·        Referendum: Proposed Changes in ASA Constitution, By-Laws

·        Council on Social Work Education Approves Programs

·        Letters to the Editor: “Sexism in Sociology” (Barrie Thorne, Lewis Coser, Joyce Ladner, Essie Manuel Rutledge, Pepper Schwartz, Gaye Tuchman); “Sociology and NIMH Training Programs” (for Social Science Fellowship Training Committee, William T. Liu and Roberta G. Simmons)

·        Problems of Discipline Grants Support Collaborative Scholarship; Proposals Invited



January 1980 (Volume 8, Number 1) (pdf file; 2.0 MB)

·        ASA’s 75th Anniversary: Sociologists Form Separate, Independent Society (Lawrence J. Rhoades; first in a series on the history of ASA)

·        NCES Reports Unexpected Rise in College Enrollments

·        NSF Sociology Program 72 Grants in FY 1979

·        ASA Projects Invite Participation in Teaching Month Observance

·        Social Science and Government: Strategy Proposed for Preserving Research Excellence thru Year 2000 (Lawrence J. Rhoades)

·        Nominations Invited for DuBois-Johnson-Frazier Award

·        Presidential Commission Calls for Languages and International Studies

·        Health Service System Research Program Started

·        NIE Seeks Proposals on School Organization; Nine Sociologists Funded

·        Sociologists Named to Peace Commission

·        NEH Announces Summer Seminars for College Teachers

·        Chair Workshop Initiates Effort to Start Newsletter for Sociology Department Chairs

·        ASA Projects Revises Schedule for Teaching Workshops

·        Letters to the Editor: “Commends Comment on Nomads” (Helen J. Raschke); “Sociological Methodology Policies Outlined” (Samuel Leinhardt, SM Editor); “Graduate Student Comments on Faculty” (Name withheld); “Is This Your Typical Day?” (Warren R. Paap, Bill Hanson)

·        Proposed ASA Code of Ethics: Reactions Solicited

·        Obie Clayon, ASA Minority Fellow, Receives Best Graduate Student Paper Award

·        Sexual Biases in Sociological Research: Problems and Issues (prepared by the Committee on the Status of Women in Sociology)

·        Obituaries: Jerome Davis, Gino Gemani, John A. O’Donnell

·        Privacy Research Proposals Wanted

·        Inter Nos (Russell Dynes)



February 1980 (Volume 8, Number 2) (pdf file; 1.4 MB)

·        Council Actions Revamp Committee Structure for 1980

·        ASA’s 75th Anniversary: Society Aids Creation of Social Science Institutions

·        Application Deadline Set for ASA Research Skills Development Institute

·        ASA Considering Faculty Conference on Organizational Analysis

·        Six Mini-Workshops Scheduled for Teaching Sociology Month

·        Open Forum: “Language Courses Based on Social Science Content” (Magoroh Maruyama)

·        Letters to the Editor: “Questions Access to Books in China” (Werner Cohn); “Openness Reported; Encourages Support” (response by Russell Dynes)

·        Problems of the Discipline Grants Produce Two Books; Another Forthcoming

·        Efforts Continue to Organize State Sociological Associations

·        Applications Invited for Indiana University Training Program in Measurement

·        Inter Nos (Russell Dynes)

·        Committee Reports

·        AKD Announces Officers

·        Population Reports Service Changes

·        ASA Committee Appointments

·        Scholars from Nine Countries Become Visiting Fulbright Scholars



March 1980 (Volume 8, Number 3) (pdf file; 2.9 MB)

·        Council Approves Tri-Partite Editorship for Theory Annual; Other Council Actions

·        Four Monographs Added to Rose Series in 1979

·        Open Nominations Candidates Announced

·        Plenary Sessions to Focus on Critical Institutions

·        ASA’s 75th Anniversary: Society Grows in Size and Complexity in First 25 Years

·        Open Forum: “Mauksch Urges Participation in April: Teaching Month” (Hans O. Mauksch)

·        ASA Teaching Newsletter Seeks Subscribers

·        Graduate Students Win Fulbrights

·        Seventh Mini-Workshop Set for April

·        NSF Seeks Candidates for Associate Program Director in Sociology Program

·        Workshop on Developmental Transitions in the Lives of Women and Men

·        AAAS Committee Details Legal Protection for Whistle Blowing

·        NCSA Offers Employment Service

·        Guide to Graduate Departments Available

·        ASA May Offer Faculty Conference on Organizational Analysis

·        Federal Funding Level for Social/Behavioral Science Indicates Low National Priority

·        Inter Nos (Russell Dynes)

·        Obituaries: Austin L. Porterfield, Winifred Raushenbush

·        Editors’ Reports

·        Candidate Biographies

·        Applications Invited for Research Workshop at Howard University

·        Nominations Invited for ASA Award for Career of Distinguished Scholarship

·        ASA Diamond Anniversary Contest Quiz



April 1980 (Volume 8, Number 4) (pdf file; 2.0 MB)

·        Social Science and Government: Congress Urged to Support Basic Social Science Research

·        Thematic Sessions Announced for 1980 Annual Meeting

·        ASA’s 75th Anniversary: Society Experienced Major Social Change in Turbulent 1930s

·        William D’Antonio to Edit Contemporary Sociology

·        ASA Meeting Serves as Classroom for Honors Course

·        Nominations Invited to ASA Teaching Award

·        Nominations Still Open for Editorships of JHSB, SOE

·        NSF Funding Cut; Workshop on Organizational Analysis Cancelled

·        Institute on Health and Health Care Slated

·        A Synopsis: Projections for the Profession in the 1980s (Doris Y. Wilkinson)

·        Conference on Organizational Taxonomies

·        NIH Seeks Health Science Administrator

·        Minutes of January 19, 1980, meeting of 1980 Council

·        Section Reports

·        Nominations Invited for ASA Distinguished Scholarship Award

·        Guide Shjows Variety in Degree Grantors

·        Inter Nos (Russell Dynes)



May 1980 (Volume 8, Number 5) (pdf file; 2.3 MB)

·        Survey of ASA Members Scheduled for June

·        Council Launches Teaching Services Program; Other Council Actions

·        ASA Meeting Features Variety of Sessions

·        NIMH Awards 99 Grants to Sociologists in FY 1979

·        ASA’s 75th Anniversary: Currents of Change Flow Through Society as Second Quarter-Century Begins

·        Open Forum: “Applied Sociology Suggested as Best Generic Term” (Alexander Boros)

·        Summer Programs Provide Opportunities for Development

·        Peter Burger, Randall Collins, Irving Zeitlin Named Editors for Sociological Theory

·        Publish-or-Perish Policy Hurting Scholarly Journals, Says Helen Hughes in ESS Presidential Address

·        The American Sociologist Invites Papers for Possible Special Issue on “The ASA at 75”

·        ASA Reference Materials Available

·        A Summary: Sections and the Changing Structure of ASA (Doris Wilkinson)

·        Event-History Data Workshop to be Held at Columbia University

·        Council Accepts Recommendations of COFRAT

·        Nominations Invited for ASA Elected and Appointed Positions

·        Bills Support Confidentiality of Data (Bradford H. Gray)

·        Annual Meeting Child Care. Room Sharing

·        Nominations Invited for Distinguished Scholarship Award

·        Task Group on Homosexuality Questionnaire

·        Council Resolution: Privacy Due Rape Victims

·        Countries Seek Sociology Fulbright Scholars

·        Auditor’s Report: December 31, 1979

·        Problems of Discipline Awards Four Grants; Deadline August 1

·        Chautauqua Short Courses

·        NIA Expands Social Research on Aging

·        NSF Sociology Directors Describe Program, Provide Data on Projects

·        Nancy Tuma, Mayer Zald Appointed to NSF Sociology Review Panel

·        Teachers Information Exchange Telephone Referral Service

·        NSF Minority Fellowships

·        ACE Study Says College Enrollments May Not Decline as Expected

·        Committee Reports

·        More 1979 Section Reports

·        Representative Reports

·        Office of Naval Research Interested in Organizational Socialization

·        Robert Merton First Sociologist to Win Talcott Parsons Prize

·        Prixmire to Pay Settlement in Golden Fleece Libel Suit

·        Inter Nos (Russell Dynes)



August 1980 (Volume 8, Number 6) (pdf file; 3.5 MB)

·        Report of the President: Peter Rossi Expresses Concern about Diversity in Sociology

·        President Elect William Foote Whyte Aims 1981 Program at Reorientation of Research

·        Erving Goffman Elected ASA President; Joan Huber New Vice President

·        ASA’s 75th Anniversary: Major Organizational Steps Taken During Disruptive 1940s

·        William Form Named Interim Editor of ASR

·        Portrait of New ASA President: Bill Whyte: In Essence a Participant Observer

·        Otto Larsen Directs Social Sciences at NSF

·        Leonard Gordon Calls for Consensus on Rules of Evidence

·        Research Data Not Available Through Freedom of Information Act

·        A Presidential Invitation to the Annual Meeting (Peter Rossi)

·        Sessions, Organizers Announced for 1981 Annual Meeting

·        Teaching Workshops Set for November

·        Teaching Sociology Month Attracts Nationwide Support

·        Submissions Invited to ASA Teaching Newsletter

·        New TRC Products

·        Max Weber: A Spy!

·        NIMH Office of Prevention

·        Harold L.Sheppard Advises President Carter on Aging

·        Site Options for Annual Meetings Outlined by Study Committee

·        Problems of Discipline Grant Proposals Invited

·        Clinical Sociology to Hold Presentations, Workshops in New York City

·        Harvard University Seeks Full Professor in Social Psychology

·        ASA Minority Fellowship Program: The First Seven Years (Paul Williams)

·        MFP Fellows, Spivack Awards Announced

·        Students Begin Graduate Training as NSF Fellows

·        Report of the Secretary: James F. Short, Jr., Cites Changes, Remaining Problems as Tenure Ends

·        Community Section Honors Helen and Robert Lynds

·        Departmental Alumni Night Scheduled

·        Report of the Executive Officer: Russell Dynes Outlines Association Activities

·        Meeting on Indexing ASA Journals

·        NSF Program on Law and Social Sciences Invites Research Proposals

·        National Council Formed to Promote Languages, International Studies

·        Paul Freddolino Receives ASA Privacy Research Award, Funded by Abt

·        Inter Nos (Russell Dynes)

·        University of California-San Francisco Seeks Director of Program in Human Development and Aging

·        Revised Code of Ethics; Discussion Set for Annual Meeting

·        NIJ Announces Research Program in Evaluation and Research Methods

·        Student Reception Set for Annual Meeting

·        Social Survey Data Ready

·        Proposals Wanted on Substance Abuse

·        Diamond Anniversary Quiz: Questions, Answers, Winner

·        Letters to the Editor: “Rosenthal Questions COFRAT Findings” (Steven J. Rosenthal); “Support Sociology in High Schools” (James L. Wood, Phillip T. Gay)

·        Sociologists Win Guggenheims

·        Sociologists Receive Public Service Residencies

·        NSF Program on Science in Developing Countries Established

·        NSF Advisory Council Seeks Innovative Research Proposals

·        Sociologists Awarded Marshall Fund Fellowships

·        Minutes of March 15, 1980, meeting of 1980 Council

·        ISI Expands Grants Program

·        Abt Associates to Offer Applied Statistics Workshops

·        SSS Presidential Address: Peter Rossi Cites Opportunities in Applied Social Research

·        Program Changes

·        Sociologists Given Lectures on Education

·        Harvard University Seeks Non-Tenure Appointees

·        Simirenko Apple: Tribute to a Colleague



October 1980 (Volume 8, Number 7) (pdf file; 2.1 MB)

·        Sheldon Stryker Named ASR Editor

·        New Theory Annual, Sociological Theory, Ready to Receive Submissions

·        New Products Available from Teaching Resources Center

·        Nominations Invited for Rose, SM, SPQ, TAS Editorships

·        ASA’s 75th Anniversary: Society Prospers as Golden Era Gets Underway in Expansive 1950s

·        Open Forum: “Suggests Restructuring Criteria for Faculty Recruitment” (Magoroh Maruyama)

·        Doris Wilkinson Moves to Howard University

·        Careers, Minorities and Women: Skills Assessment: Marketing Our Assets (Doris Wilkinson)

·        Attend ASA Research Skills Development Institute

·        Evaluation Research Society Establishes Job Bank

·        Nominations Invited for Jessie Bernard Award

·        Sociology in China: Its Restoration and Future Role

·        TAS Article on China

·        The China Connection in American Sociology: Scholarly and Personal

·        American Sociologists Assisting Restoration in China

·        Seeming an Indigenous Form (Martin Whyte and Burton Pasternak)

·        Journal, Social Sciences in China, Started

·        Learned Societies Urged to Support Humanities

·        Students Receive NSF Research Grants

·        NEH Offers Fellowships to Undergraduate Teachers

·        Ideas for Evaluating and Tesing Students Wanted for TRC Document

·        Undergraduate Section Invites Submissions for 1981 Program

·        James J. Zuiches and Paul Burstein Named NSF Sociology Program Directors

·        Enrollment Started for Disability Insurance Plan

·        ASA Subcommittee on Certification Seeks Input

·        Marshall Sklare Named Director of Jewish Center at Brandeis University

·        Proposals Invited on Health Promotion and Disease Prevention

·        Obituaries: Read Bain, Henry D. McKay, Hae Young Lee, Robert H. Talbert

·        Deaths: Edward C. Jandy, William Jones, Carl F. Kraenzel

·        Inter Nos (Russell Dynes)

·        Sociologists Receive Fulbright Awards for Research and Teaching in 19 Countries

·        Inventory Clearance Sale on Rose Monographs



November 1980 (Volume 8, Number 8) (pdf file; 1.4 MB)

·        ASA Awards: Career of Distinguished Scholarship, Robert K. Merton; Distinguished Contribution to Scholarship, Peter M. Blau and Theda Skocpol; Contributions to Teaching, Everett K. Wilson; DuBois-Johnson-Frazier, Joseph S. Himes

·        Social Science Directorate Included in NSF Reorganization Plan

·        ASA’s 75th Anniversary: Association Reaches Zenith in Tumultuous 1960s

·        Candidates for ASA President, Vice President

·        Careers, Minorities, Women: Evaluating Graduate Education in Sociology  (Doris Wilkinson)

·        Minnesota Women’s Center Project Explores Science and Technology Careers for Women

·        James Coleman, Otis Dudley Duncan Receive 1980 Common Wealth Awards

·        Inter Nos (Russell Dynes)

·        Minority Fellowship Program Seeks 1981-82 Applicants

·        NSF Awards Applied Grants to Sociologists

·        Maurice Falk Medical Lecture Series Seeks Lecturers, Host Institutions

·        Reorganization Plan for LEAA

·        ASA Guidelines Cited for Exercising Right to Petition

·        Obituaries: David Street, Audrey Russell Jackson

·        Universities Using TRG Visits More than Colleges

·        Hans Mauksch Receives Undergraduate Education Section Award

·        Departments Given NSF Equipment Grants

·        Survey of Departments Conducted to Gather Information on Teaching Innovations



December 1980 (Volume 8, Number 9) (pdf file; 1.4 MB)

·        Committee on Nominations Completes Slate for 1981 Election

·        Freeman Outlines Major Issues Related to Applied Sociology (Howard E. Freeman)

·        Teaching Endowment Fund Receives Challenge Grants

·        ASA’s 75th Anniversary: Association Enters Period of Consolidation and Transition in 1970s

·        Leonard Pearlin Named JHSB Editor; Maureen Hallinan to Edit SOE

·        Three Study Groups Receive Problems of Discipline Grants

·        Supply and Demand Data Wanted on Sociologists by ASA Committee

·        TAS Special Issue on “The ASA at 75” to be Published in February 1981

·        Minutes of August 29, 1980, meeting of 1980 Council

·        Minutes of September 1, 1980, meeting of 1981 Council

·        TRC Issues Two-Volume Family Syllabi Set

·        Georgia Sociological Association Sponsors Teaching Workshops

·        Vita on Women Being Collected by ASA Committee on Status of Women

·        Nominations Invited for ASA Award for Distinguished Contribution to Scholarship



January 1981 (Volume 9, Number 1) (pdf file; 1.4 MB)

·        NSF Sociology Program Announces Recipients of FY 1980 Awards

·        William Foote Whyte Describes Common Culture Pattern of Annual Meetings

·        NEH Offers Summer Seminars for Undergraduate Teachers

·        Grace Henderson Assumes Responsibilities for ASA Careers, Minorities, and Women

·        MFP Deadline February 1

·        ADAMHA Funds Research through National Institutes

·        Nominations Invited for Jessie Bernard Award, Award for Distinguished Contribution to Scholarship

·        Conference on Women in the Professions to be Held at Purdue University

·        Research Workshop Scheduled at Howard University

·        Obituaries: August Hollingshead, Werner J. Cahnman, Richard E. DuWors, John James

·        Deaths: Rollin Chambliss, William Christian Lehmann

·        Memorial Planned for Martin Haskell

·        Studies in Higher Education Surveys Departments

·        Teaching Services Program Plans Workshop Series

·        Letters to the Editor: “Task Group Clarifies Surveys on Homosexuality” (John Gagnon, Joan Huber, Suzanne Keller, Ron Lawson, Patricia Miller, William Simon

·        Inter Nos (Russell Dynes)



February 1981 (Volume 9, Number 2) (pdf file; 2.1 MB)

·        NSF Merges Basic and Applied; No Social Science Directorate

·        Social Inventions Featured at 1981 Annual Meeting

·        New Staff Needed in ASA Executive Office

·        New Registry of Retired Sociologists Planned

·        National ASA Teaching Workshops Set for May 14-19

·        ASA Workshops Held on Planning and Evaluation

·        Ideas Needed for TRC: Minority Syllabi, Testing Students

·        Barriers to Support of Social Sciences: Alpert 1958

·        Fulbright awards

·        Liaison Representatives Needed for Work Areas

·        ASA Committee on World Sociology Seeks Liaison with Social Scientists Around World

·        NSF Chautauqua Courses

·        “Emile n’ Maz” (cartoon by D. Adams)

·        ASA Committee Appointments Announced

·        Jessie Bernard Award Nominations Sought

·        Graduate Students Receive 1980-81 Fulbright Awards for Overseas Study

·        Obituaries: Kingsley H. Birge, Henry J. Browne, George K. Hesslink

·        Committee Reports

·        Four Receive SSSI Awards

·        10th World Congress of Sociology to be Held in Mexico City

·        Departments Receive DOE Grants for Minorities

·        Lesley College Announces New Program in Mental Health Management

·        Problems of Discipline Grants Available: Deadline May 1

·        NIE Grant Proposals Due

·        Requests for Other Group Activities at Annual Meeting Due



March 1981 (Volume 9, Number 3) (pdf file; 3.1 MB)

·        OMB Guts NSF Social Science Budget

·        Toronto Plenaries Announced

·        Final Research Regulations Approved: Most Social Science Research Exempt

·        ASA Council Meetings; Actions Discussed

·        NEH to Hold Seminar on Language

·        System Research Program at NIMH

·        Jo Ann Ruckel Appointed ASA Administrative Officer

·        Candidate Biographies (Election Issue)

·        Petition Candidates Announced

·        NSF Director Otto Larsen: Need for Continuing Support for Social Sciences

·        Nominations Sought for ASA Career of Distinguished Scholarship Award, Award for Distinguished Contributions to Teaching

·        Duke University Department Survives “Creative Retrenchment” (Lawrence J. Rhoades)

·        Middletown” Revisited: Documentary Planned on Community Studies by Robert and Helen Lynd

·        Obituaries: Alvin Ward Gouldner, Vernon K. Dibble

·        International Conference Set for University of Pittsburgh

·        ASA Voting Study Planned

·        Inter Nos (Russell Dunes)

·        Editors’ Reports

·        National Series of ASA Teaching Workshops Planned for May 14-19

·        ASA Teaching Newsletter Subscription Form



April 1981 (Volume 9, Number 4) (pdf file; 2.1 MB)

·        Social Science Research and Training Support Cut

·        Workshops and Seminars Set for 1981 Annual Meeting

·        Sociologists Receive Grants from NIMH

·        Committee on Sections Proposes Change in By-Laws (increase in members required)

·        Seventh Annual Honors Program Scheduled

·        TRC Seeks Contributions for Handbook on Humor in Teaching Sociology

·        SSRC Plans Research on Social Indicators

·        Rockefeller Fellowships Awarded

·        Social Indicators III Issued by Commerce Department

·        Census Reports Available

·        Federal Statistics Council Opens Office

·        Panel Study Data File

·        Additional Fulbright Awards

·        Gail E. Thomas Donates Royalties to MFP

·        States Develop Programs to Improve Research Environment

·        1980 AAAS Socio-Psychological Prize Awarded to Bib Latane, Stephen Harkins, and Kipling D. Williams

·        Inter Nos (Russell Dynes)

·        Nominations Invited to Distinguished Scholarship, Teaching Awards

·        Census Data Set Available

·        Cheryl Miller, Stephen Kalberg Receive NSF Postdoctoral Fellowships

·        ASA Contributors

·        Obituaries: William C. Lehmann, Arthur Hiederhoffer

·        Social Security Administration Plans Retirement Study

·        Section Reports

·        SSRC, ACLS Fellowships Announced

·        Letters to the Editor: Irwin Deutscher, Stanford W. Gregory, Jr.

·        New Registry of Retired Sociologists Available



May 1981 (Volume 9, Number 5) (pdf file; 1.4 MB)

·        ASA Joins with Other Organizations to Establish Consortium to Support Congressional Liaison Office (COSSA)

·        NIDA and NIAAA Awards

·        MFP Fellows Selected; Support Uncertain

·        ASA Applied Sociology Conference Set for DC

·        Countries Seek Fulbrights in Sociology

·        Auditor’s Report

·        National Committee for 1980 Census Research Established

·        ICPSR to Distribute 1980 Census Data Files

·        Travel Funds Available for Grenoble Meeting

·        Minority Students Receive NSF Awards

·        Information on 1981 Annual Meeting: Air Travel, Child Care, Room Sharing

·        Inter Nos: Thoughts--Pure and Applied--on the Administration Budget for Social Science (Russell Dynes)

·        SWS Establishes Natalie Allon Defense Fund

·        ASA/SSSP To Co-Sponsor Sessions at Annual Meeting

·        TAS Invites Papers for Special Issue on Financing Sociological Research

·        Nominations Invited for ASA Elected and Appointed Positions

·        Sections Plan Annual Meeting Activities

·        Materials on Clinical Sociology Sought for Upcoming Bibliography

·        Council Minutes from January 23, 1981, meeting of 1981 Council

·        New ASA Guide, Directories Available

·        Obituaries: Robert Graham Caldwell

·        New TRC Syllabi Set on Environmental Sociology



August 1981 (Volume 9, Number 6) (pdf file; 3.8 MB)

·        Alice Rossi Wins ASA Presidency; Everett K. Wilson New Vice President

·        ASA President William Foote Whyte Calls for Practical Sociology

·        ASA Workshop on Directions in Applied Sociology

·        Search for New ASA Executive Officer

·        Gallaudet University to Sponsor Interpreters at Annual Meeting

·        ASA Biographical Directory of Members Scheduled for 1982

·        New ASA President: Presentation of Erving Goffman

·        ASA Survey Results: Members Like Services; Want More

·        Alex Inkeles, Charles Tilly Elected to National Academy of Sciences

·        New Executive Office Appointments: Carla Howery, Bettina Huber, Paul Williams

·        Lawrence Rhoades Accepts NIMY Position

·        Invitation to the Annual Meeting

·        COSSA Responds to Budget Crisis

·        Canadian Postal Strike May Affect Hotel Reservations for Annual Meeting

·        Sessions, Organizers Announced for 1982 ASA Annual Meeting

·        Program Committee Encourages Papers on Range of Methodologies

·        Report of the Secretary: Herbert Costner Reports Executive Office Activities and Changes

·        Nominations Invited for 1984-86 CS Editorship

·        Boyd Printing Company President Henry Quellmalz’s 30 Years of Service Recognized and Appreciated

·        Report of the Executive Officer: Russell Dynes Outlines Association Activities

·        Portrait of William Edward Burghardt DuBois on National Public Radio Series

·        Clinical Sociology Association to Hold Workshops in Toronto

·        Problems of Discipline Grant Deadline: November 1

·        TRC Offers Three New Products

·        TRC Seeks Submissions for Resources on Humor, Testing Students

·        Teaching Newsletter to Resume in 1982

·        Sociologists Receive 1981 Humanities Awards

·        ASA Reports on Women’s Participation Available

·        Preston Valien Receives Stuart Rice Award from CDSA

·        Cora Marrett to Chair NSF Committee

·        Samuel Heilman, Wolf V. Heydebrand, Elliott Rudwick Receive ACLS Awards

·        History of the ASA: 1905-1980 Available

·        National Scientific Associations Support Social Sciences

·        James Bjorkman and Wolfgang Teckenberg Receive German Marshall Fund Fellowships

·        Regional Officers Announced

·        John Lofland: Sociologists Need a More Activist Stance

·        Inter Nos (Russell Dynes)

·        ASA Focuses on Career Planning and Development (Grace Henderson)

·        NRC Workshop Report Released

·        ISA Invites ASA Members to 10th World Congress

·        Currency Exchange at Annual Meeting

·        ISA Library Program Expands

·        Six Receive NSF Fellowships

·        Sociological Theory Invites Manuscripts

·        Sociologists Win Guggenheims

·        Minutes of May 16, 1981, meeting of 1981 ASA Council

·        ASA Representative Reports

·        More 1980 ASA Committee Reports

·        Obituaries: Edward Wadsworth Gregory, Leonard Louis Linden, Richard T. Morris, Jane Cassels Record, David Rodnick, Paul Kecskemeti

·        Deaths: Vernon Davies

·        Data Gathering Efforts Hampered by Funding Cuts

·        Clinical Sociology Association Initiates Curriculum File

·        New ASA Insurance Plans Offered

·        Military Family Center Established

·        Letters to the Editor: Wade H. Andrews



October 1981 (Volume 9, Number 7) (pdf file; 2.6 MB)

·        ASA Awards Announced: Career of Distinguished Scholarship--Everett C. Hughes; Distinguished Contribution to Scholarship--E. Digby Baltzell and Morris Rosenberg; Distinguished Contributions to Teaching--Hans O. Mauksch; Jessie Bernard Award--Elise Boulding

·        Council to Review ASA Publications Program

·        ASA Applied Workshop Set

·        COSSA to Continue Budget Monitoring

·        COSSA Contributions Needed

·        Mayer Zald Appointed to Council as Sheldon Styker Resigns to Edit ASR

·        Two Programs Receive NSF Grants for Teaching

·        National Humanities Alliance Formed

·        New ASA Editors: Rose Series--Ernest Campbell; TAS--Robert Perrucci

·        ASA Section Sponsors New Volume on Social Psychology: Sociological Perspectives

·        Thirteen Receive Fulbright Grants

·        Congressional Committee Open to Social Sciences

·        Oliphant Cartoon on social science study (reprinted from Washington Star)

·        Twenty States Participate in New Polling Network

·        Howard Becker, Peter Blau Receive 1981 Common Wealth Awards

·        15th Century Data Files Finally Available

·        Report of the President: William Foote Whyte Reviews Term; Emphasizes Field Work

·        Annual Meeting Successful Despite “Strikes” Against It

·        Photographs from 1981 Annual Meeting

·        Changes Needed in Graduate Sociology Training for the 1980s (Edward C. McDonagh and Kent P. Schwirian)

·        Obituaries: Tamme Wittermans, Jane Alison Weiss

·        Letters to the Editor: “Human Subjects Catch-22?” (Ithiel de Sola Pool)

·        ASA Guidelines for Exercising Right to Petition



November 1981 (Volume 9, Number 8) (pdf file; 1.4 MB)

·        NIMH to Support Some Social Research

·        Candidates for 1982 ASA Offices

·        Non-Academic Employers Surveyed

·        Program Committee Invites Suggestions for Annual Meting

·        New Human Subjects Policies Announced; Exemptions Outlined (Bettina Huber)

·        Scientific and Technical Personnel Data Tapes Available

·        New International Education Register

·        Sociology Fulbrights Announced

·        William Flinn Assesses Rural Sociology

·        Harris Sourcebook Published

·        Three Receive NEH Grants

·        SSRC Fellowships and Grants Announced

·        Problems of the Discipline Grants Deadline February 1

·        SSSP Award Honors Alfred and Elizabeth Lee

·        Filmed Introductory Course Developed

·        Midwest Universities Offer Minority Fellowships

·        Regional Meeting Calendar

·        Deaths: Donald R. Baker, Wendell H. Bash, Rayman Charles Forston, Samuel Kincheloe

·        Interuniversity Institute

·        Heart Attack Victims Sought for Study

·        MFP Seeks 1982-83 Applicants



December 1981 (Volume 9, Number 9) (pdf file; 2.7 MB)

·        ASA Election Slate Announced

·        Council Unable to Act on Complaint Against Brandeis University

·        COSSA Shows Interdisciplinary Cooperation is Effective; Long-Term Commitment Needed

·        Needed Research in the Sociology of Age (Matilda White Riley)

·        Comments on ASA Handicapped Services Wanted

·        A Commentary: Gutting Affirmative Action--New Policy in Action (Bettina Huber)

·        Administration’s Budget Threatens Fulbright Program

·        NEH Publishes Application Deadlines

·        10th World Congress Set for Mexico City, August 16-21, 1982

·        New JHSB Editorial Address

·        Federal Funding for the Social Sciences: Threats and Responses (Kenneth Prewitt and David L. Sills)

·        Deaths: Rensis Likert, T. Scott Miyakawa

·        Over 50 TRC Products Available; More Being Developed

·        Teaching Services Program Announces Spring Workshops

·        Social Science Photo Exhibit at Northwestern University

·        Teaching Information Exchange



January 1982 (Volume 10, Number 1) (pdf file; 1.5 MB)

·        New ASA Editors: Peter Burke, SPQ; Nancy Tuma, SM

·        Sociologists Receive 1981 NSF Grants

·        NSF Advisory Committee

·        SOE to Publish Special Issue Focusing on Coleman Study

·        Applied Workshop Held in Washington,DC

·        Fulbrights Awarded to 24 Sociologists

·        World Congress Set for August; Travel Grants Expected

·        Inter Nos (Russell Dynes)

·        Peer Review Study Findings Spark Controversy

·        Applied Sociology Association Thrives in Sacramento

·        Archibald Haller Awarded Order of Merit

·        Annual Meeting Honors Program Attracts 23

·        Executive Office Wants Ideas on Teaching

·        Regional Teaching Workshops Scheduled for March

·        Minutes of August 27, 1981, meeting of 1981 ASA Council

·        Urban Institute to Award Minority Fellowships

·        Deaths: Dorothy Jean Young (wife of T.R. Young)



February 1982 (Volume 10, Number 2) (pdf file; 2.1 MB)

·        MFP Has 40 Graduates; Now Aids 62

·        Committees Appointed

·        NIMH Proposal Survey

·        Peace Academy Bill Introduced in Congress

·        Petition Candidates

·        San Francisco Annual Meeting Sessions Announced

·        World Congress Travel Grants

·        Sociology PhD Production Declines in Late 1970s (Bettina J. Huber)

·        Robert Nisbet Appointed to Advisory Group

·        Doonesbury Cartoon on Sociology Cuts

·        Spivack Dissertation Fellows

·        Minutes of August 29, 1981, meeting of 1982 Council

·        Section Reports

·        Deaths: David W. Craigie (mini-obitary), James E. McKeown

·        Obituaries: Morroe Berger, Carlo Caldarola, Forrest D. Dill, T. Scott Miyakawa, Douglas S. Yamamura

·        Nominations Sought for Major ASA Awards

·        How ASA Committees are Chosen (Bettina J. Huber)

·        Member Contributions



March 1982 (Volume 10, Number 3) (pdf file; 3.0 MB)

·        Special Election Issue

·        Referendum Set on Membership Requirements and Dues

·        Council Discontinues TAS; Keeps SOE, Annuals

·        COSSA Gears Up for New Budget Fight

·        SSRC Begins Series on Social Indicators

·        Update of Registry of Retired Sociologists Planned

·        Federal Agency Research Budgets: Complex and Deceptive

·        Problems of the Discipline Grants Available

·        Candidate Election Biographies

·        Inter Nos (Russell Dynes)

·        Editors’ Reports

·        ASA to Hold Workshop on Teaching Applied Sociology

·        State Association News

·        Samuel Bloom Receives Sage Award

·        Annual Meeting Space Requests: Other Groups

·        Deaths: Andrew Moore (son of Burt and Joan Moore)



April 1982 (Volume 10, Number 4) (pdf file; 1.4 MB)

·        San Francisco Plenaries, Other Special Sessions

·        Teaching Resources Group Available to Help Departments

·        Sex and Gender in the Social Sciences: New Publication Available

·        Sociological Theory Accepting Submissions for Second Annual Volume

·        Problems of the Discipline Grants Awarded

·        New NCES Publications and Data Files on High School Students Available

·        Miyakawa Fellowship Find

·        TRC Releases “Up the Job Market”

·        Linda Keller Brown Heads U.S.ICA Programs

·        Fulbright Program to Get More Money; Has New Openings

·        Sociology Editors on Writing

·        Robert Cole and Zoltan Tar Receive Grants from NEH

·        Committee Reports

·        Charles Willie to Study Desegration Plans

·        New Membership Directory, Departmental Guides Available

·        More ASA Contributors



May 1982 (Volume 10, Number 5) (pdf file; 2.1 MB)

·        New Sociology Research Grants Down Sharply at NIMH

·        NIA Supports Program in Behavioral Science Research

·        Four New Titles Added to Rose Monograph Series

·        Rose Series New Editor’s Statement (Ernest Campbell)

·        Ten Students Selected for ASA MFP Fellowships

·        Preliminary Program in the Mail

·        New Registry of Retired Sociologists Available

·        Open Forum: On the Council Proposal to Modify Membership (Charles E. King); Code of Ethics Contradiction (Donald M. Heer)

·        Inter Nos (Russell Dynes)

·        Information on Travel, Hotels, Child Care for 1982 Annual Meeting

·        Auditor’s Report

·        More Committee Reports

·        Representative Reports

·        Section Reports

·        Deaths: James A. Beaudry

·        More ASA Contributors

·        Letters to the Editor: “On Affirmative Action” (Judith Lorber); “On Professionalism” (Virginia M. Paulsen); “On the Future of Sociology” (Wayne Wheeler); “On the Use of Languages” (Jack Nusan Porter)



August 1982 (Volume 10, Number 6) (pdf file; 3.8 MB)

·        Election Results: James F. Short, Jr., is ASA President Elect; Edgar Borgatta is Vice President Elect; Theodore Caplow is Secretary Elect

·        William D’Antonio Chosen to Head Executive Office (William Form)

·        Meetings to Focus on Age and Gender; Innovative Sessions Planned

·        Robin Williams, Jr., and Shmuel Eisenstadt Elected to NAS

·        SM Submission Addresses

·        Deadline for Problems of the Discipline Grants

·        Task Force to Study Employment and Other Issues (Edna Bonacich)

·        Invitation to 1982 Annual Meeting

·        Alice S. Rossi: A Profile of the New ASA President (Joan Huber)

·        Support Urged for NEH

·        Sessions, Organizers Announced for 1983 Annual Meeting

·        Craig Calhoun, Jan Fritz Receive Kellogg Awards

·        New Annual Review of Sociology Available (Ralph Turner)

·        Census Users’ Guide

·        North Central Award Given to Russell Dynes, Butler Jones, and John Useem

·        Census Bureau Will Tabulate Data for All Zip Code Areas

·        ACLS Awards

·        Preferential Voting Used in ASA Elections

·        Federal Statistics Users Testify Before Congress

·        NICHD to Support Research on Adolescence

·        Executive Officer’s Report: Members and Staff Involved in Many Activities (Russell Dynes)

·        New Center for Women’s Research Established at Memphis State

·        Deaths: Raymond L. Hightower, Judson T. Landis, A.A. Smick

·        SWS Job Service

·        Diane Welch Vines Named White House Fellow

·        Charles Nam Focuses on Sociology and Population in Southern Sociological Society Presidential Address

·        Minutes of the January 22, 1982, meeting of 1982 Council

·        ASA Teaching Workshops Scheduled for 1982 Annual Meeting

·        Inter Nos (Russell Dynes; his farewell column)



October 1982 (Volume 10, Number 7) (pdf file; 1.6 MB)

·        Jerold Heiss, then Barbara Laslett, to Edit CS

·        Major ASA Award Recipients: Kingsley Davis, Career of Distinguished Scholarship; Stanley Lieberson, Distinguished Contribution to Scholarship; John Pock, Distinguished Contributions to Teaching; Daniel C. Thompson, DuBois-Johnson-Frazier Award

·        Charles Tilly Receives Common Wealth Award for Distinguished Service

·        Program Theme: The Social Fabric (James F. Short, Jr.)

·        Travel Grants Awarded for World Congress

·        Letters to the Editor: “Marxist Section Report Clarification” (James Geschwender); “TAS Phase-Out and Ethics” (Robert W. Friedrichs)

·        Nominations Sought for JHSB Editorship

·        Report of the Secretary: Budget Concerns Dominate Year; 1982 Outlook Uncertain (Herbert Costner)

·        Five Sociologists Win Guggenheims

·        New Insurance Plan Offerred

·        Deaths: Harold C. Hoffsommer

·        Submissions Sought for TRC Publication on Stratification and Inequality

·        Annual Meeting Registration and Attendence Continue to Decline

·        Personal Reflections on the 1982 Annual Meeting (William D’Antonio)

·        Scenes from San Francisco (photos)

·        NIMH Research Funds Available

·        June Workshop Focuses on Teaching Applied Sociology

·        CIC Minority Fellowships Offered

·        Photographs Needed as Teaching Aids for Introductory Courses

·        New Applied Sociology Career Booklets Available from ASA (Embarking/Mastering)



November 1982 (Volume 10, Number 8) (pdf file; 1.5 MB)

·        Charles Tiley Receives Common Wealth Award

·        Problems of the Discipline Grants Made to Two Groups

·        Council Considers Resolutions Passed at Business Meeting

·        Alva Myrdal Receives Nobel Prize

·        Doing Sociology in Detroit

·        NSF Announces Continuation of Graduate Fellowship Programs

·        Open Forum: “Sociologists Should Limit Criticism” (Virginia M. Paulsen)

·        Many Sociologists Communicate to “Larger Audiences” (Russell Dynes)

·        Observing (William D’Antonio; new Executive Officer’s column)

·        New Edition of Publishing Options Available

·        ASA Petition Guidelines

·        Two National Reports Highlight Need for Basic Research

·        Three Sociologists (Harriet Friedman, Lee Rainwater, Erik Wright) Receive German Marshall Fund Awards

·        Obituaries: Cecil Lynn French, Neal Gross, James E. McKeown

·        Conferences Get Grants from Problems of Discipline Fund

·        Handicapped Directory Information Sought

·        Nominations Invited for Distinguished Contribution to Scholarship Award

·        Deaths: Frana S. Wendell

·        Australian National Survey



December 1982 (Volume 10, Number 9) (pdf file; 2.1 MB)

·        Nominations Committee Announces 1983 ASA Slate

·        Erving Goffman, Past ASA President, Dies

·        A Letter from the President: Detroit: A Good Setting for an Annual Meeting (Alice S. Rossi)

·        Task Group on Homosexuality Report Published

·        Departmental Visits Program Continues to be Successful

·        Open Forum: “An Alternative Approach to Discipline’s Funding Problems” (Cynthia B. Flynn); “The Future of Sociology and the University: A Reply” (Edna Bonacich)

·        Observing: “On Consciousness Raising, and Other Matters” (William D’Antonio)

·        NCFR Honors Reuben Hill

·        New Applied Lists Available from ASA

·        Sociologists Would Benefit from More ISA Participation (Melvin Kohn)

·        John Gilderbloom, Richard Appelbaum Receive McGregor Award

·        Association of Sociologists in Business and Industry Formed by ASA Practice Section

·        Committee on Women Compiling Vitae

·        Minorities and Women in Sociology: An Update (Paul Williams)

·        Obituaries: Michael J. Hindelang

·        Russell Sage Foundation Program Announcement

·        Four Sociologists (James Coleman, Steven Del Sesto, Cynthia Fuchs Epstein, Samuel Ross Cohen) Receive Russell Sage Awards

·        The Sociology of Names: Having Fun with the ASA Directory (David O. Friedrichs)

·        Urban Theory and Policy Conference



January 1983 (Volume 11, Number 1) (pdf file; 1.3 MB)

·        Social Science Grant Proposals Down Sharply at NIMH

·        1983 Election Slate Completed

·        An Official Invitation to Detroit (Mel Ravitz)

·        January is a Good Time to Visit Representatives (Helen Rauch)

·        SOE to Publish Special Issue on Ethnographic Studies

·        A Tribute to Erving Goffman (Arlene Daniels; Russell Dynes)

·        Rabel Burdge Receivs Research Award

·        Visiting Fulbright Scholars Announced

·        Denis Johnston Lectures in China

·        Population Council Administers International Research Awards

·        Information Requested on Foreign Travelers

·        COFRAT Guidelines for Initial Appointments in Sociology

·        Suggested Letter for Initial Appointments Offer

·        Letters to the Editor: Are Women Sociologists Invisible? (Judith Lorber)

·        Herbert Kelman Receives New York Science Award

·        Minutes of September 9, 1982, meeting of 1982 Council

·        American Academy of Arts and Sciences Elects Sociologists



February 1983 (Volume 11, Number 2) (pdf file; 2.1 MB)

·        MFP in 10th Year Supports 57 Students

·        Membership Renewals Down 10 Percent

·        Publications Committee Reviews CS

·        Letter from the President: Death of Everett Hughes Evokes Celebration of His Life  (Alice S. Rossi)

·        Association Committees Appointed

·        New Congress Term Calls for Reassessment of COSSA Role (William F. Whyte)

·        New ISA Address in The Netherlands

·        Open Forum: On Teaching Introductory Sociology: A Commentary (Robert J. Hockin and Mary M. Wilkes Karraker)

·        Committee on Statistics Wants Input

·        Otto Larsen Takes New Position at NSF

·        State Societies (Pennsylvania, Arkansas) Elect New Officers

·        Special Issue of TAS on “Financing Sociological Research” Available

·        Observing (William D’Antonio)

·        Fourth Teaching Workshop Series to Start in April

·        Special Annual Meeting Sessions Will Focus on Problems Facing City of Detroit

·        NSF Supports NORC Survey

·        Bernice Neugarten Receives Gerontology Award

·        Annual Meeting Space for Other Groups

·        New Funding Opportunities at NIMH

·        David Mechanic Appointed to National Advisory Council on Aging

·        Minutes of September 11, 1982, meeting of 1983 ASA  Council

·        Letters to the Editor: ASA Urged to Report Data on Handicapped (Robert Z. Segalman)

·        Obituaries: Harold C. Hoffsommer, Judson T. Landis, Frederick B. Parker, Donald Roy (died 1980)

·        Census Bureau Offers Courses

·        1982 AAAS Election Results

·        Member Contributions



March 1983 (Volume 11, Number 3) (pdf file; 3.0 MB)

·        Special Election Issue

·        NSF Budget Increases

·        NSF Announces Sociology Grants for FY1982

·        Council Adopts 1983 Budget

·        Politics Dominate Research Programs at NIE

·        ASA Congressional Fellowship Established

·        Joanne Miller Heads Sociology at NSF

·        NSF Seeks Associate Director for Sociology

·        Observing (William D’Antonio)

·        Windsor Will Welcome ASA Visitors to 1983 Annual Meeting

·        1983 Candidate Biographies

·        Petition Candidates Announced

·        Section Reports

·        Committee Reports

·        Congressional Fellowship Provides New Insights for Sociologist (Richard K. Scotch)

·        Letters to the Editor: On Non-Academic Employment (Nina Gruen)



April 1983 (Volume 11, Number 4) (pdf file; 2.1 MB)

·        Decline in Research Support from NIMH Continues

·        Letter from the President: Detroit Center Plight Eases; Festivals Overlap Meetings (Alice Rossi)

·        Registry of Retired Sociologists to be Updated

·        New Criteria Set for Small Grants Program

·        ASA Sponsors New Workshops

·        FY1984 Research Budget Has Mixed Message

·        Annual Meeting Session to Honor Works of Erving Goffman and Everett Hughes (Alice Rossi)

·        Letter to the Editor: “Issues Regarding Ethics Code Enforcement” (Rodolfo Alvarez)

·        Four VPI Faculty Receive Fulbrights

·        World Sociology Committee Establishes Area Liaisons

·        NEH Fellowships Announced

·        ASA Insurance Plan Special Enrollment Period

·        Open Forum: “Sociologists Must Contribute to World Peace Movement” (Allen D. Grimshaw); “Report Shows Excessive Concern for Underdogs” (Thomas M. Kando)

·        Toward the 1990 Census

·        Undergraduate Overseas Plan

·        Obituaries: Everett Cherrington Hughes, Walter Phillips, Kenneth Evans

·        Procedures Proposed for Ethics Code Enforcement

·        Committee Reports

·        Representative Reports

·        TRC Wants Submissions for Computer Instruction in Sociology

·        Deaths: Barbara Snell Dorhenwend, Frank W. Notestein



May 1983 (Volume 11, Number 5) (pdf file; 1.8 MB)

·        New Research Grants fron NIA Behavioral Research Program

·        Letter from the President: Detroit Program in Final Form: Age and Gender Are in Focus (Alice Rossi)

·        Sociological Practitioners: Their Characteristics and Role in the Profession (Bettina Huber)

·        Committee on Certification Seeks Assistance

·        1983 Preliminary Program in the Mail

·        Information on 1983 Annual Meeting

·        Fulbright Applications Being Accepted

·        Observing (William D’Antonio)

·        1982 Auditor’s Report

·        Guidelines for Congressional Visits

·        Committee Reports

·        Representative Reports

·        Obituaries: Desmond M. Camacho, Rochard Marc Emerson, Gerald W. McDonald, Jeremiah Patrick Shalloo, Carle C. Zimmerman

·        Ninth Annual Honors Program Set for Annual Meeting

·        Member Contributions



August 1983 (Volume 11, Number 6) (pdf file; 13.5 MB)

·        Election Results: Kai T. Erikson is ASA President Elect; Morris Rosenberg is Vice President Elect

·        1984 Annual Meeting to Focus on “The Social Fabric”

·        Carol H. Weiss Appointed first ASA Congressional Fellow

·        American Academy of Arts and Sciences Elects Stanley Lieberson and Albert J. Reiss, Jr.

·        Members Offered Three Workshops in Spring

·        New Registry of Retired Sociologists Available

·        James F. Short, Jr.: A Profile of the New ASA President (Lois B. DeFleur)

·        Information for the Hearing Impaired

·        Sociologists Receive NEH Awards

·        Invitation to the Annual Meeting

·        Sessions, Organizers Announced for 1984 Annual Meeting

·        Open Forum: “Report from Task Group on Homosexuality Defended” (Janet Saltzman Chafetz); “ASA Should Assist More with Job Hunting” (Gregory D. Squires); “Members Need More Detailed Information About ASA Finances” (Leonard Broom)

·        New SM Editor Invites Submissions

·        Executive Officer’s Report: Association Membership Shows Continuing Decline (William D’Antonio)

·        Women in Departmental Administrative Positions (Bonnie Thornton Dill, Evelyn Nakano Glenn, Bettina Huber)

·        New MFP Fellows Selected

·        Sociologists Shaping Public Policy: Two Profiles (William Darrow and Wendell Hester profiled by Carla B. Howery)

·        Alva Myrdal, Applied Sociologist

·        Five Sociologists Receive Guggenheims

·        Editors’ Reports

·        Obituaries: Raymond F. Sletto, Margaret L. Helfrich, Carl A. Nissen, Thomas E. Ryther, Allan Sharlin, John T. Washington

·        Sociology Is Key to Orderly Change (James E. Teele)

·        Richard Suzman Joins NIA

·        Linda Grant Wins Women in Education Award

·        TRC Seeks Social Theory Syllabi

·        T. Franklin Williams New NIA Director

·        NCES Will Conduct High School Survey Followup

·        Stephen Spitzer Produces Videotape on Applied Sociology

·        GSS Board Seeks



October 1983 (Volume 11, Number 7) (pdf file; 1.4 MB)

·        ASA Major Award Recipients: Herbert Blumer, Career of Distinguished Scholarship; Orlando Patterson, Distinguished Contribution to Scholarship; David Riesman, Distinguished Contributions to Teaching; Alice S. Rossi, Jessie Bernard Award

·        Council Discusses Certification Report; Adopts Guidelines for Hiring Women

·        Sociologists’ Salaries (Bettina Huber)

·        New Problems of the Discipline Grants Deadline

·        Open Forum: “Members Should Question Publication of Anonymous Reviews” (H. Leon Abrams, Jr.)

·        William H. Sewell Receives Common Wealth Award

·        MacArthur Prize Given to Robert Merton

·        Deaths: Franz Adler, Katharine Jocher, Robert O. Richards, Herbert W. Roll

·        SWS Resolution on Appointment of Marjorie Fine Knowles as TIAA-CREF Board Member

·        Robert Roberts Receives Kellogg Award

·        Observing (William D’Antonio)

·        AKD Undergoing Change (Marie Marschall Fuller, AKD President)

·        William Kornblum, Paula Rayman Hold Seminars for Congressmen

·        Howard Freeman Elected to Institute of Medicine

·        New Sections on Asian and Asian America/Political Sociology Seek Members

·        NSF Minority Fellowships Offered

·        Alice Rossi’s SSS Presidential Address Available

·        New TRC Products

·        1984 Coupon Listing



November 1983 (Volume 11, Number 8) (pdf file; 2.6 MB)

·        NIMH Releases Behavioral Sciences Research Report

·        Nominations Committee Announces 1984 Candidates

·        Committee on Publications Evaluates JHSB

·        Reflections on a Changing Academic Job Market (Gary S. Foster, Edward W. Gregory, Jr.)

·        William R. Freudenburg Is Second ASA Congressional Fellow

·        ASA Minority Fellowships Available