Emotions Committees (2012-2013)


Recent Contribution Award

Amy Wharton, Chair, Washington State University 

Jody Clay-Warner, University of Georgia

Jamie Mullaney, Goacher College


Graduate Student Paper Committee

Miliann Kang, Chair, University of Massachusetts, Amherst

Richard Serpe, Kent State University

Melissa Sloan, University of South Florida


Program Committee

Clare Stacy, Kent State University Session - Emotions and Inequality Kathryn Lively, Dartmouth College, Chair’s Hour

Scott Savage, UC-Riverside - Roundtables (with Social Psychology)


Nominations Committee

Rebecca Erickson, University of Akron, Chair

Amy Kroska, University of Oklahoma

Doug Shrock, Florida State University

Alison Bianchi, University of Iowa

Kathleen M. Brennan, West Carolina


Recruitment Committee

Jordan Brown, Loyola University, Chair

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