Hillary Berk

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Hillary Berk, Ph.D., J.D.just received her Ph.D. from the Jurisprudence and Social Policy program at the University of California Berkeley in the sociology of law, with half her coursework from Berkeley Sociology. Her dissertation, "The Legalization of Emotion: Risk, Gender and Feeling Management in Contracts for Surrogate Labor," combines content analysis of a sample of surrogacy contracts with 115 in-depth interviews of lawyers who specialize in reproductive law, surrogates, intended parents, and the agencies that match them together to address the interface of law and emotions.  She was awarded both a doctoral dissertation research grant from the National Science Foundation and the University of California’s prestigious President’s Dissertation-Year Fellowship. Hillary’s other areas of scholarly expertise include the sociology of work, family, and organizational studies, particularly the intersection between the legal and medical fields.  Prior to coming to Berkeley, Hillary taught for over four years as a full-time lecturer in the Law and Society program at the University of California Santa Barbara, developing seven courses in the process, including Gender and the Law, The Legal Profession, and Law, Science, and Technology.  She came into both programs with experience as a practicing lawyer and public policy mediator.  Hillary will be the Legal Studies Postdoctoral Fellow at UC Berkeley beginning in Fall 2013, advancing her research, and teaching the Sociology of Law.  She is on the job market in search of a position to begin in Fall 2014.  

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