Amanda M. Shigihara

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Affiliation: University of Colorado at Boulder

Dissertation Title: A “Professional Back Place�: An Ethnography of Restaurant Workers

Committee: Dr. Patricia Adler, Dr. Leslie Irvine (Chair), Dr. Stefanie Mollborn, Dr. Bryan Taylor, Dr. Amy Wilkins

Areas of Specialization: Social Psychology, Deviant Behavior, Work and Occupations, Life Course.



Dissertation Abstract: My dissertation is both a study of restaurants in general and of how the restaurant setting influences the identities and behavioral processes of the employees.  Specifically, I investigate how the structure and organization of restaurant work shapes employees’ identities, life choices, goals, feelings, decisions, conventional and unconventional behaviors, and whether these are regarded as appropriately or inappropriately situated in the life course.  I also consider how the workers negotiate and justify the incongruence with their current and purported self-concepts.

Bio: Amanda M. Shigihara is a doctoral candidate in the sociology department at the University of Colorado at Boulder.  Her M.A. is in sociology from San Jose University, and her B.A. is in anthropology/sociology from Saint Mary’s College of California.  She is a Graduate Instructor and has taught Deviance in U.S. Society and Social Problems. © Webmaster Jessica Leveto 2011