American Sociological Association

2005 Centennial Program

of the

American Sociological Association Annual Meeting
August 13-16, 2005, Philadelphia, PA

A Sampling of Centennial Program Events for the 2005 ASA Annual Meeting

The 2005 Program Committee, chaired by President Duster, created a Subcommittee on the ASA centennial consisting of Caroline Persell as chair, Troy Duster, Patricia Collins, Jill Quadagno, and Sally Hillsman. They have selected more than 20 sessions and videos specific to commemorating ASA’s centennial year. Below is a list of these planned centennial commemorations (as of November 2004):


01. A Century’s Worth of Sociology’s Contribution to the Study of Disablity
Organizer: Sharon Barnartt, Gallaudet University
02. 100 Years of American Sociology: A Theory Anthology
Organizer: Craig Calhoun
03. 100 Years of Health Policy Research: A Retrospective Assessment of Sociological Contributions
Organizer: Kathy Charmaz, Sonoma State University; and Donald Light, UMDNJ and Princeton University
04. W.E.B. DuBois and Philadelphia: The Philadelphia Negro and Beyond (co-sponsored by the ASA Section on History of Sociology)
Organizer: Donald Cunnigen, University of Rhode Island
05. Assessing the Feminist Revolution: Gender Transformations in Sociology
Organizer: Myra Ferree, UW-Madison
06. Comparative Perspectives on the Teaching of Sociology: A Century of Transmission
Organizer: Wava Haney and Diane Pike
07. The Formation of American Sociology in International Context (co-sponsored by the ASA Section on History of Sociology)
Organizer: Susan Hoecker-Drysdale
08. Assessing the Scientific Basis of American Sociology: A Century of Knowledge Claims
Organizer: Bruce Keith, U.S. Military Academy
09. The Rising and Ebbing of Sociology’s Significance in the United States (co-sponsored by the ASA Section on History of Sociology)
Organizer: Patricia Lengermann and Jill Niebrugge-Brantley
10. 100 Years of Self and Identity Research
Organizer: Timothy Owens, Purdue University
11. Curricula of the Future: What Should Students of Sociology Be Learning?
Organizer: Caroline Persell and Stephen Steele
12. Perspectives on Stigma and Mental Illness at the Centennial
Organizer: Bernice Pescosolido, Indiana University
13. Formation of Intellectual Boundaries
Organizer: Barbara Schneider, University of Chicago
14. Knowledge Accumulation in Sociology
Organizer: Barbara Schneider, University of Chicago
15. Large Data Resources in Sociology
Organizer: Tom Smith, NORC
16. Landmark Sociological Studies: Delayed Pre-War Classics (co-sponsored by the ASA Section on History of Sociology)
Organizer: Edward Tiryakian, Duke University
17. Sociology Faces the Holocaust and Genocide
Organizer: Suzanne Vromen (emerita)
18. Conventional Wisdom, Marginalizing Difference and Other Sociological Blind Spots
Organizer: David Wellman
19. A Century of Applied and Clinical Sociology (Poster session co-sponsored with SAS and SPA)
Organizer: Joan Hiller, Social Research Associates, Inc.
20. Three Decades of Social Change: Evidence from the General Social Survey (GSS)
Organizer: Robert Mare, UCLA
21. Envisioning Public Sociology in the 21st Century
Organizer: Barbara Risman, North Carolina State University


100 Years of Progress: Presidential Reflections will be presented preceeding the opening plenary session on Friday, August 12, and in ASA's centennial exhibit booth. This documentary is based upon glimpses of sociological thought expressed by the respective presidents of the American Sociological Association from 1906 to the present.

Lester Ward: A Life's Journey will premiere on Saturday, August 13, at 7:30 PM at the Marriott. This documentary chronicles the life and ideas of Ward — his staunch egalitarianism, advocacy for women, fierce resistance to the racism of the eugenics movement, and recognition of the need for public sociology.

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