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ASA Centennial: 1905-2005

ASA Centennial Highlights . . .

As ASA prepares to celebrate its 2005 centennial year at the Annual Meeting in Philadelphia and throughout the year, watch this space for developments regarding centennial activities, events, products, and news. In the meantime, following are some current or upcoming links of relevance to the centenary.

Centennial Events
[bar chart image] Come join us for an ASA centennial reception on Capitol Hill in Washington, DC (fall 2005)
• Applications are invited for the expanded Sorokin Lecture Series
[image linking to 2004 Coupon Listing] Annual Meeting
1999–2004 online program archives
2005 Annual Meeting
1906-2007 Annual Meeting themes, dates, & locations (129 KB PDF)
Centennial Program of the 2005 Annual Meeting in Philadelphia [new item 3/2/05]

A History of the ASA: 1905-1980
• A History of the ASA: 1981-2004 [coming soon]
ASA history "in a nutshell"
• Inventory of historical ASA materials
History of the Association Archives
• "Archival Research Techniques and Disciplinary History"
Bibliography of articles about ASA's founding & history
• ASA Timeline [coming soon]
Representative Bibliography of American Sociology (860 KB PDF) [8/9/05]

A History of American Sociology, Craig Calhoun (editor), University of California Press
• ASA Section on History's Diverse Histories of American Sociology, A.J. Blasi (ed.)
Teaching Sociology, special issue [coming in 2005]
Special issues of ASA journals online
First 13 volumes of Rose Monograph Series
Footnotes newsletter issue & article title index (1972-present)
Index to papers & proceedings of the American Sociological Society: 1906-1930 [1.8 MB PDF] [3/2/05]
Centennial-themed 2005 Footnotes articles

ASA Centennial Store
ASA centennial postage stamps are available for purchase
The Sociologist's Book of Cartoons
Other ASA centennial merchandise

Research & Scholarship
ASA Data Briefs and Research Briefs on historical trends in the discipline
Labor Market chapter [225 KB PDF] from five-chapter Spivack centennial series, How Race & Ethnicity Matter
Health chapter [237 KB PDF] from five-chapter Spivack centennial series, How Race & Ethnicity Matter
• Sociology's most-cited articles through time

Histories of academic sociology departments
Famous sociology majors over the past 100 years
The Way We Live, Intelecom's distance-learning video, produced with acknowledgement of ASA members' expertise
• Early American sociology professors. Open or save a MicroSoft Access database [884 KB file], or, if you don't have Access on your PC, run (or save) an executable file [248 KB file] online. The database contains information on teaching professors who earned their degrees prior to 1960 and who taught at institutions founded before 1950.

Leadership & Awards
Past ASA Presidents and their bios
Past-Presidents listed alphabetically by last name
Past ASA Vice Presidents
Past ASA Secretaries
Past ASA Executive Officers
• Info on FAD-funded video on ASA Presidents
Past ASA major awardees

A table of membership counts since 1906
A graph of membership counts since 1906
ASA's 115 "Charter Members" in 1906

Sections & Aligned Associations
A history of ASA sections including growth data
• Data on growth of regional/state associations
History of Sociologists for Women in Society's activism
Mission statements, histories, and other aligned association information, including that of international and foreign national associations

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