Pinar Guran

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Pinar Guran

University of Exeter, UK

Dissertation Title: Music and Cultural Memory in the Diaspora: Berlin Experience

Chair/Committee: First supervisor: Prof. Tia DeNora Second supervisor: Matthias Zick Varul

Areas of Specialization: Music sociology, ethnomusicology, cultural memory, migration



Dissertation Abstract:

My PhD research explores the relationship of “music and cultural memory�. The role of music in relation with cultural memory has many aspects in today’s globalized world. Music provides a dynamic connection with the past both at a personal and cultural level. On the other hand music has a uniting character as for it can help keep a cultural heritage alive and also it serves as a medium for adaptation to new cultures, geographies by listening and producing the music of that land. There are many migrant communities from Turkey in Europe since the labour migration starting in 1960's, and today there are three different generations in these communities, each having experienced different socialization processes. The research focuses on how music has been preserving and constructing a cultural memory for one of these communities living abroad, in Berlin, touching upon the different aspects of 'musicalization' between generations. © Webmaster Jessica Leveto 2011